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This was an amazing book. It dives deep into the worlds that were built for several classic and new-classic sci-fi movies, from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Moon. It was fascinating to see how previous movies influenced newer ones; choosing *not* to use a certain font, for example, is a reaction to the previous movie’s influence. But it’s not just typography: it’s the other details that make the world feel believable. Each chapter ends with a relevant interview that digs into the nerdy technical issues I enjoy reading about. This book will make you want to watch your favourites again, and may cause you to watch other movies with a sharper eye for the details that may not be consciously noticed but help build up the world of the movie for you.

Note: This book contains spoilers for all the movies discussed, so you should already have seen them or not worry about spoilers.
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rabbitprincess | Jul 16, 2019 |