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The Love Potion Murders in the Museum of Man (2009) 93 exemplares, 20 críticas
Murder in the Museum of Man (1997) 88 exemplares, 5 críticas
The Pull of the Earth (1985) 15 exemplares
Vestments (1988) 11 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Long Run of Myles Mayberry (1999) 5 exemplares
Natural Selection (2008) 2 exemplares
John Stockwell : landscapes (2003) 2 exemplares
Time Is The Fire (2016) 2 exemplares
Sugar Mountain (2021) 1 exemplar


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Alcorn, Alfred S.
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Completely incoherent: made it up to page 50 (my this is where you can quit if you really can't stand it point) and abandoned ship. Very sad comedown from "Murder at the Museum of Man".
annbury | 19 outras críticas | May 21, 2012 |
Murder in the Museum of Man is the first-person journal of Norman de Ratour, a fusspot Recording Secretary in the museum's administration team. The narrative is overall charming, with flashes of farce that serve to show Alcorn isn't taking things too seriously. I quite enjoyed this first book in the series, and will be picking up the second I'm sure!
391 | 4 outras críticas | Mar 16, 2012 |
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My first impression of this book was that the language was, for lack of a better word, annoying. The author seemed to fall into the trap of using big words just because he knew them, which simply made the prose sound dated and stuffy. My sense of annoyance eased a little bit, however, once I became better acquainted with the protagonist and first-person narrator, Norman de Ratour. He is the essence of old-fashioned trying to stay contemporary. Although his language was bothersome at first, he quickly becomes more endearing than annoying, more like a grandfather figure than one of those long-winded old men who love nothing more than to hear themselves speak. However, aside from that, I didn't find this book very original. Not generally a fan of mysteries anyway, I found very little to truly enjoy. Most of the characters are unconvincing in their performances and agendas, and the relationships are overly fluid and very superficial. The story as a whole was simply not believable, and suspension of disbelief didn't kick in at all. It's presented as something that could happen in our world, and yet somehow it just doesn't fit.… (mais)
stixnstones004 | 19 outras críticas | Feb 8, 2011 |
Lots and lots of style, based on a riveting presentation of the foibles of academe. And lots and lots of fun. Qua murder mystery, it's a bit formulaic, but the murder isn't really the point here.
annbury | 4 outras críticas | Sep 5, 2010 |

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½ 2.7

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