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The Race (2014) 183 exemplares
The Rift (2017) 155 exemplares
The Dollmaker (2019) 103 exemplares
The Art of Space Travel (2016) 42 exemplares
The Silver Wind (2019) 41 exemplares
Spin (2013) 35 exemplares
Conquest (2023) 27 exemplares
Ruby (2020) 27 exemplares
The Good Neighbours (2021) 15 exemplares
The Harlequin (2015) 10 exemplares
Microcosmos (2013) 9 exemplares
A Thread of Truth (2007) 8 exemplares

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I was led to this author by a positive review in The Guardian of a recent release. On a whim, I decided to start with her first book, The Race. It was a lucky choice - this is a seriously impressive debut.
There are four stories in the book, loosely connected/related to each other. Allan's genre, according to Wikipedia, is speculative fiction - whatever that is. The book seems slightly sci-fi, slightly fantasy, slightly dystopian future - but regardless of categkry, it grabs the reader, and makes for a highly enjoyable read.
I'll be back for more.
… (mais)
mbmackay | 11 outras críticas | Feb 15, 2024 |

Kindly given to me by the author in 2016, after it was one of the few BSFA shortlisted novels of the previous year that I did not read (I was burnt out by my first Clarke run). It’s a really good linkage of four stories, set in at least two different parallel near-contemporary Earths, with enhanced greyhounds and deep dark family secrets. Reflects on gender and gender violence, and on journeying to find yourself. Recommended.… (mais)
nwhyte | 11 outras críticas | Jul 13, 2023 |
Totally fell in love with this one. Keeps you hooked .every story is well written n holds its theme. Loved the work
soodvarunika | 2 outras críticas | Apr 1, 2023 |
Nina Allan is best known as a writer of speculative fiction, but her stylistic references and inspirations are surprisingly varied. The Art of Space Travel is a collection of stories written over a period of about fifteen years, providing an interesting cross-section of Allan’s oeuvre for fans and newcomers alike.

The title piece suggests that it is a work of science fiction. In actual fact, the references to space travel and the speculative elements are less important than the human relationships at the heart of the novella. The narrator, Emily, is a head of housekeeping at a hotel where two astronauts will be staying. Besides her work, the centre of her life is her mother, a sufferer from dementia, whom Emily cares for. As the excitement for the astronauts’ visit mounts, Emily also discovers further details about the identity of her (unknown) father. Space travel is also referenced in Flying in the Face of God which features references to “fliers”, space travellers who undergo physical transformation to enable them to travel in space.

An emphasis on human relationships is evident in the earliest stories in this collection. Amethyst, a story about aliens which also deals with the friendship between two girls and Heroes is based on an unlikely but strong bond between a boy and a man who keeps homing pigeons.

Other works are closer to traditional horror stories – for instance, A Thread of Truth about a “spider gene” which runs in the family of the narrator’s friend. Four Abstracts, which is also featured in this collection, is a sort of sequel, where the subject matter is addressed through a description of four artworks. Some of the stories are closer to mainstream horror and weird, although with a twist of the surreal and absurd. The Science of Chance and Marielena are based on a “timeslip” concept, whereas Fairy Skulls is a comedic description of a fairy infestation, with a romantic subplot.

The most recent stories in the collection show that Allan’s preoccupations have remained surprisingly consistent, although there has been a noticeable shift towards a Sebaldian blurring of fact and fiction. In The Gift of Angels, middle-aged writer Vincent tries to come to terms with the fact that his mother left him to undertake a one-way voyage to Mars. There are plenty of allusions to the classic film La Jetée – the comments and analysis of the movie are grounded in fact, the story itself is, of course, pure fiction. Cinema once again lies at the basis of A Princess of Marsan uncategorisable story which doubles as an essay about an aborted adaptation by Andrei Tarkovsky of the Aleksey Tolstoy’s science fiction novel Aelita.

This collection has a cohesive feel to it with the featured pieces having common elements and, on occasion, shared characters. At the same time, it reveals an accomplished writer’s developing style. These stories have intrigued me enough to lead me to seek out Nina Allan’s novels.

This is a full list of the stories featured in this collection:



A Thread of Truth

Flying in the Face of God


Fairy Skulls

The Science of Chance


The Art of Space Travel

Neptune’s Trident

Four Abstracts

The Common Tongue, the Present Tense, the Known

The Gift of Angels: An Introduction

A Princess of Mars: Svetlana Belkina and Tarkovsky’s Lost Movie Aelita

… (mais)
JosephCamilleri | 2 outras críticas | Feb 21, 2023 |



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