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Between the Land and the Sea (2011) 68 exemplares, 13 críticas
The Athena Effect (2012) 47 exemplares, 11 críticas
The Moon and the Tide (2011) 18 exemplares, 6 críticas
The Fate of the Muse (2011) 8 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Turning Tide (2012) 8 exemplares
The Mackenzie Legacy (The Athena Effect) (2013) 8 exemplares, 2 críticas
After Last Call 1 exemplar


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I got the book for free in exchange for a honest review(Lovers of Paranormal). The following review may contain spoilers.

Rating 8 of 10

Very interesting read. I loved the story. And I think the idea of the names is really sweet and funny.

The main heroine, Caledonia, is a shy teenage girl. But she knows how to take care of herself, or others, if needed. I liked her very much, mostly because she really seems to be a smart girl. I had a great time reading how she dealt with her aunt's pity excuse of a boyfriend or how she played Dr. Teddy and the escape with the sheets was just fabulous.
The second Cal in the book, Calvin, is a jerk at first but showed his good side pretty fast, so I didn't really had much time to detest him. He then turns into the perfect boyfriend. I liked the fact that we actually saw the relationship between Cal&Cal grow and it wasn't an instant love. The biker boy had to win the trust of the girl. I just didn't understand how he did the stupid thing do bring Calli to his grandparents' house when they were running. It was only logical that this is gonna be the first place for Dr. Teddy's team to check.
I sort of also liked Layla. She might grow to become a favorite of mine in the next books. For her brother thought I still don't have an opinion but he sure acted like an idiot.
Now enters the villain - Dr. Teddy. He is the typical mad scientist - he doesn't care who he hurts or even kills as long as he gets what he wants. Oh, I loved how he got played in the end.
I am curious what Max's plans are from now on. And what he wants from the twins? Is it just money or it's something else?
Altogether the book is a great read. Some things reminded me a little about [b:Firestarter|233667|Firestarter|Stephen King|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1378038479s/233667.jpg|1803] (a girl who's parents have been part of some sort of an experiment is wanted by these who'd done it for her special powers) but not too much. I would love to read the next book.
… (mais)
osobena | 10 outras críticas | Oct 27, 2020 |
This book didn't wow me like the first one did. I still liked it however, I love the story build up Ms. Anderson creates, and the character's are fantastic.

Caledonia is a very strong character, she's brave while also being naive in a lot of things still. Her love for Calvin is fantastic, though there tended to be a time or two that it was a little sugar coated for my taste, but it didn't deter me from anything in the book, so it's relatively a minor thing that I just shrugged off and kept on going.

I do enjoy the encounters with Calvin's older brother Jared that always seems to be when the good parts really start to come in.

I'm definitely intrigued to see what happens in the next book, especially with the way this book had ended, it basically made me shudder at the grotesqueness of it, but at the same shudder with anticipation for the next book.
… (mais)
hixxup79 | 1 outra crítica | Feb 23, 2020 |
This is a book I would want to read over an over. It caught my interest from the beginning, and when I say it kept my interest, I mean it kept me up all night long I think I went to sleep at 7:30 this morning, with 91% read by the time I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Then of course I finished it up this afternoon. This is a cross I feel between Young Adults, and Urban Fantasy. It's a book that older teens and Adults of all ages could enjoy.

This is about a girl name Cal (Caledonia)who lives with her parents in the middle of no where in Eureka. She was happy in ignorant of the world outside. But then her parents die in a tragic accident and she is sent to live with her aunt she never even knew about. She's overwhelmed by everything, cause not only is the world new to here, but she can see people's emotions. So she tries get through her day with her head low, disappearing into the world. Until she catches the eye of one seemingly bad boy named Cal (Calvin). Quinky dink on the names right, I think it's cute. But one night she rescues Calvin from getting beat up by some "ruffians". And from there, he was drawn to her, falling more and more in love with her each day. She made him feel alive, and made him look towards the future, and he showed her things of the world, loving the way she would light up with everything. They fell in love, and it was a great kind of love. Soul mate kind of love.

However, every story needs it's conflict, something that throws a wrench into things. Well of course this one isn't any exception. Come to find out the reason to why Caledonia is the way she is with her being able to see emotions. Her parents were part of an experiment that was supposed to messed with their genes, instead it messed with their heirs genes. So Caledonia, and this other girl Lyla both have two different color eyes and both can see and through emotions. Professor Teddy the one who has orchestrated the Athena project. He finds out about Caledonia and wants her so he kidnaps her. he's pretty weird making the children live in rooms made up like dollhouses and dressed them in like 50's styled clothing very odd. But Cali wasn't buying any of it. She wanted out, she wanted to get back to Calvin, and Calvin is trying to get Cali back. Well Calvin does find her, Caledonia climbs down a bedsheet to get to her love.

Well Max, The head of Professor Teddys guards, he had something up his sleeve, and after Cali escaped, he revealed to Professor Teddy that he wiped him out financially and has is taking the twins with him, and that he has his own plans for them. Which makes you think UH OH & YAY another book.

I cannot wait until then next book is out, this is a series I could really sink my teeth into.
… (mais)
hixxup79 | 10 outras críticas | Feb 23, 2020 |
Take one dash Twilight (for the romance), add a tablespoon of “under the sea” magic (for the not often tackled mythical creature choice of mermaids), and shake violently still you achieve a color of serene sea blue (for the action and pitfalls that befall our cast of characters). That’s what this book brings to readers. Fantastic start to a promising trilogy.

Marina really came to life on the page and I genuinely enjoyed getting to know her character. She’s not your typical teenage girl getting all swept up in popularity contests, “who’s the fairest of them all” concerns and lavish things (though she does have those things thanks to Aunt Evie …who’s not really her aunt, but that’s a story for another day). She has heart and a desire to follow it. She takes the path less traveled and does what she deems as right not because it’s what everyone is doing but because that’s how things should be. She treats those around her with respect and courtesy unless of course they need a good dose of reality of which she’ll happily oblige. Even before we discover shades of blue in her past, it’s easy to see why she becomes fast friends with Megan (quiet and artistically gifted), understands her Cousin Cruz (a fashion designer in the making), and snags the attention of one surfing Adonis named Ethan (~insert wolf whistle here~ …seriously, there is more than looks to this guy as we soon find out). She’s true to herself (once she gets past the splash from her past) and exudes confidence despite her many examples of klutziness executed in perfect form (yeah, been there, tripped over that…) which spells true beauty both inside and out.

The cast of characters surrounding her are varied in their likes and dislikes and might I say that the stereotypical mold is no where to be found when it comes to their true colors, a fact I found refreshing. The descriptions of both land and sea take you places you may never have been but will vividly see right before your eyes. Travel the coastal road and gaze down at the beach (and surfers...hehe) below. Stand on the beach and watch the wave’s crash on the shore. Cut through the water at astounding speeds and surface in the great blue beyond with only the stars to light the sky above. It’s a verbal picture waiting to be painted on the canvas of your mind….so what are you waiting for? Grab a “paintbrush” and get to work!

In summary, if you couldn’t tell…I really enjoyed this book and am eagerly anticipating the nest two books in the series. Recommended reading for Young Adult fans of all ages. Any “questionable” scenes are demure enough while still packing an emotional punch…and the language is kept clean.
… (mais)
GRgenius | 12 outras críticas | Sep 15, 2019 |


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