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M. T. Anderson was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on November 4, 1968. He was educated in English literature at Harvard University and Cambridge University, and received his MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University. He primarily writes picture books for children and novels for young mostrar mais adults. His picture books include Handel, Who Knew What He Liked; Strange Mr. Satie; The Serpent Came to Gloucester; and Me, All Alone, at the End of the World. His young adult books include Thirsty, Burger Wuss, and Feed, which won the L.A. Times Book Award for YA fiction in 2003. He also writes the series A Pals in Peril Tale, and The Norumbegan Quartet. Anderson Won the 2006 National Book Award in Young People's Literature for The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party. His title Symphony for the City of the Dead: Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad, was a finalist for the 2016 YALSA-ALA Award for Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras por M. T. Anderson

Feed (2002) 5,133 exemplares
Thirsty (1997) 819 exemplares
Whales on Stilts! (2005) 646 exemplares
The Game of Sunken Places (2004) 620 exemplares
Burger Wuss (1999) 367 exemplares
Landscape with Invisible Hand (2017) 281 exemplares
Handel, Who Knew What He Liked (2001) 261 exemplares
The Daughters of Ys (2020) 216 exemplares
The Suburb Beyond the Stars (2010) 134 exemplares

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Guys Write for Guys Read (2005) — Contribuidor — 764 exemplares
Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories (2011) — Contribuidor — 687 exemplares
Gothic: Ten Original Dark Tales (2004) — Contribuidor — 349 exemplares
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Open Your Eyes: Extraordinary Experiences in Faraway Places (2003) — Contribuidor — 41 exemplares
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Outros nomes
Anderson, Matthew Tobin (birth name)
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Locais de residência
Stow, Massachusetts, USA
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Harvard University
University of Cambridge
Syracuse University
university instructor
music critic
children's book author
National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance
Prémios e menções honrosas
Margaret A. Edwards Award (2019)

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Matthew Tobin Anderson (b. 1968), American author of children's picture books and young adult literature Winner of the 2006 National Book Award for young people's literature for The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume One: The Pox Party



To be honest, there's very little chance I would normally pick up a biography of Dmitri Shostakovich, even though such a topic does sound interesting in a hypothetical sense; I simply just don't read a ton of nonfiction. But tell me about a biography of Dmitri Shostakovich written by the best YA author currently working, M. T. Anderson, and of course I'm all over it.

This takes in Shostakovich's whole life, but mostly focuses on the siege of Leningrad, when the Nazi army cut the city off from any supply lines; it chronicles Shostakovich's life up until that point but also provides a lot of historical information about the history of the Soviet Union for context. Even though it's for a YA audience, I found it totally successful for an adult audience, and even ended up recommending it to my father, a WWII buff but definitely not a YA reader, who enjoyed it so much that a couple months later he was citing facts he learned from it back to me, having forgotten I was the one who recommended it to him to begin with. Anderson even does some original research here; poking around on Google Scholar, it seems that academics are citing his work in peer-reviewed journals already.

The book is pretty horrifying. WWII-era Soviet Russia was a pretty awful place to live even before the Nazis showed up. Anderson does a great job exploring the intersection of politics and art, how art is shaped by politics and works to defy it. Anderson writes about music beautifully (no easy feat!) and really gets us into the head of Shostakovich in particular and the world of Russia in general; I learned a lot about Stalin from this, actually. Overall, excellent work, and a good example of why M. T. Anderson is one of my favorite authors full stop, not just one of my favorite YA authors.
… (mais)
Stevil2001 | 48 outras críticas | Feb 28, 2024 |
The style in which this was written lent itself strongly to an audiobook reading. I probably enjoyed it more by listening to the excellent narrator than I would have had I tried to plow through the futuristic Valley-speak. The ending, though, was so-o-o-o depressing.
Treebeard_404 | 431 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2024 |
Terrific story, vividly brought to life in Anderson's clear, effective style. Rich with history, conversation, poetry, and music, always music. A page-turner.
fmclellan | 48 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2024 |



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