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After the Zap (1987) 48 exemplares
Agviq: The Whale (1990) 36 exemplares
The Hidden War (1994) 30 exemplares
Truck Stop Earth (2016) 9 exemplares
Bridge Over Hell (2012) 4 exemplares
The Deadliest Moop 1 exemplar
Mother to Elves 1 exemplar
The Duh Vice 1 exemplar

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Armstrong, Michael Allan
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Pearl Rule #42 (13%, early Chapter 3)

[Truck Stop Earth] by [[Michael A. Armstrong]]

Rating: 2* of five, and I feel damned magnanimous about giving it so much

The Publisher Says: Read about the mother of all alien bases! The big one, the mega-base, the center of the Alien Occupation Government: the headquarters, the brain, the nerve center, the absolute pinpoint big base, is right here on Earth, just outside Della, Alaska. Forget Roswell. Forget Machu Picchu. Forget Stonehenge and Tikal and all those alleged alien bases -- abandoned, every one of them. This is the big one, right here on Planet Earth, right now, the source of all the world's troubles, the whole solar system's troubles. Right here. Finally, the unflinching truth about aliens on Earth is exposed in Truck Stop Earth, as told by an alien abductee to award-winning reporter, Michael A. Armstrong.


My Review
: So, after this guy Jimmo cadges a ride from a couple lesbians (one of whom he's just, um, been with *nudgenudge winkwink*), he gets out of their elderly VW Bus and says:
"Thanks for the other night," she whispered. Her cute little tongue, with that little gold stud, flicked into my ear. "Take care, Jimmo."

"Yeah. Hey, thanks for all the rides." I looked at Margo, looked at Lilly, and somehow I knew I'd never see Margo again, which wouldn't rip me up much. Lilly I wasn't sure about, and if I did, now that would be a whole other story.

This is 1970s-level creep-you-out adolescent straight boy fantasy fan-fic stuff. I am NOT here for it. I'm out, it's deleted, and good riddance.
… (mais)
richardderus | 1 outra crítica | Oct 1, 2022 |
This is about a dude named James Ignatius Malachi Obadiah Osborne (“Jimmo"). He is telling his story to our author, Michael A. Armstrong. When you read his note before the book begins is scream out loud hilarious!!!!!! I wish more of the book had such vulgar, insane wording. I was looking so forward to it.

You can believe every word that the dude says (he loves talking about his sexual conquests, him with his uber long dreadlocks, hitchhiking to Della, Alaska). However, he tries to find clinics to get scripts for medicines. I am sure that has something to do with his odd behavior. He thinks that Della, Alaska is the Aliens true Area 51. He says what kind of clothes they wear, haircuts, and even their basic anatomy.

When he is telling about himself, it is just not what the beginning is like. I think it is kind of a major let down for me. I am not saying this is not a good book. I just couldn't get into his seemingly endless hitchhiking and really getting nowhere. That is just me.

NetGalley gave me an e-ARC of the book to read in exchange for my honest review.
… (mais)
Connie57103 | 1 outra crítica | Oct 11, 2016 |

I gave up on this one after fifty pages; it's a rather routine mil-sf story about a soldier with wonderful technological device working to overthrow the invader, clunky in style, and obvious where it was going from the first few chapters.
nwhyte | 1 outra crítica | Aug 22, 2016 |
This is a really great book that lets you look into the life of the dead Washington A. Roebling. With what opened the book I now have the desire to push a Volkswagen into lake, especially if its pink. I personally recommend reading this book especially if you wish to understand the Lawyers In Hell series. Very readable and entertaining.
brianbigel | Nov 16, 2012 |


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