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Gertrude Atherton (1857–1948)

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Conhecimento Comum

Nome legal
Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Localização do túmulo
Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, California, USA
Local de nascimento
San Francisco, California, USA
Local de falecimento
San Francisco, California, USA
Locais de residência
San Francisco, California, USA
San Jose, California, USA
freelance writer
short story writer
American Academy of Arts and Letters (Literature ∙ 1938)
San Francisco PEN

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Gertrude Atherton, née Gertrude Franklin Horn, was born in San Francisco, California. Her parents separated when she was two years old and she was raised by her maternal grandfather, Stephen Franklin, a relative of Benjamin Franklin, on his ranch near San Jose. She went to high school at St. Mary's Hall in Benicia, California, and briefly attended the Sayre School in Lexington, Kentucky. In 1876, after returning from Kentucky, she met and eloped with George H.B. Atherton, who had been courting her divorced mother. She went to live with him on his estate at Fair Oaks, California (now the town of Atherton), where she began writing, despite his opposition. Her first novel, The Randolphs of Redwoods, was published under a pseudonym in serial form in the San Francisco Argonaut in 1882, and later appeared in book form as A Daughter of the Vine (1899.) In 1887, her husband died at sea, leaving Gertrude free but with a daughter to support. She traveled to New York City and then to England and Europe, producing more than 40 novels in rapid succession. Many of them featured strong heroines and dealt with feminist issues. Her works included The Conqueror (1902), a fictionalized biography of Alexander Hamilton, and her biggest success, the semi-autobiographical Black Oxen (1923). It was adapted into a silent film. She also wrote numerous popular books on the history and culture of Spanish California as well as freelance articles for The New York World, book reviews for Vanity Fair, and short stories. She wrote several stories of supernatural horror, including the often-anthologized "The Striding Place." She also wrote two volumes of memoir/autobiography, Adventures of a Novelist (1932) and My San Francisco: A Wayward Biography (1946).



I read this book, originally published in 1898, and designed it for a book design book in grad school. It's rather dark--the protagonist is biracial, and her father is abusive. I'm pretty sure the author was white, and the father is a stereotypical Mexican man, so... problematic. But it had some other elements I liked, such as the protagonist and setting and atmospheric, gothic elements.
swigget | 1 outra crítica | Jan 29, 2023 |
Two men talk about life and death, especially about the loneliness of death and what happens to the soul. It appears that one of the friends has perished in a bog known as The Strid. Weigall cannot believe it, goes to the Strid, and sees a hand raised above the bog. The hand grasps the stick that Weigall has extended, but when Weigall pulls him, well, that is the crux of the story. Brief and to the point, this well-written ghost story lacks nothing, except perhaps an explanation as to how it could possibly have happened.… (mais)
Maydacat | Dec 6, 2022 |
The last published work by Atherton, it is a meandering collection of reminiscences and gossip about San Francisco by an opinionated, bigoted woman in her late eighties. The value of a memoir by "someone who was there" is diminished by not knowing how much is true.
wdwilson3 | Mar 19, 2022 |
"The finest stories ever written about early California" (Phil Townsend Hanna) First edition thus, being a revised and enlarged edition of "Before the Gringo Came," of with two new stories . "Gertrude Atherton, who also wrote under the names Asmodeus and Frank Lin, produced thirty-four novels, seven short fiction collections, six history-based books and essays, and many newspaper and magazine articles on feminism, politics, war, and other contemporary issues. By fictionally portraying the "new woman" at the threshold of the twentieth century, she highlighted the psychological problems facing women in changing societies in both America and Europe. Atherton's work concerns subjects similar to those of authors such as Mary Wilkins Freeman, Edith Wharton, Ellen Glasgow, and Willa Cather, although her work is richer in variety of theme and background" (Elaine Oswald for ANB). Zamorano 80 #1… (mais)
lazysky | Mar 10, 2018 |



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