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memoir in the form of a tarot reading and the memories it stirs
ritaer | 5 outras críticas | Aug 16, 2021 |
I enjoyed the simple details of this semi-autobiographical novel. I know something about tarot, and liked reading a book where that topic is explored, I think that more depth into hidden meanings of tarot might have benefited the story even more. I did appreciate that it was rather autobiographical which is explained at the end of the book. That is perhaps the type of book I find most interesting, I am a "facts person", and not inclined toward novels, per se, though I do like reading them once in a while for relaxation.

What is most interesting to me, is that in the extended acknowledgments (at back of book along with Reading Guide) was that the author Kimberlee Auerbach states (and I paraphrase) that had it not been for a snarky review in New York Observer an editor might not have called her, and connected her to an agent who signed her on the spot, in effect thanking the person for said snarky review...it was either a thank you or she was merely giving them their comeuppance, and for moi, somehow both ideas are equally admirable in this instance.

Another thing I found nice was that she states that the book became in the long run a sort of admission of guilt, or an apology for having not always been the best person to her brother who had suffered a childhood illness, which sometimes demanded a lot attention from the folks which the author could not always be kind about growing up. For me, there are ultimately cool statements about her high integrity to be found in these and her other acknowledgments.

I am generally endeared to people with what appears to be high standards of integrity, even if I do not happen to know them in person, This fact caused me to greatly appreciate her thank you's to her family, friends, and nearly everyone she knew connected to the book,(it seemed) nearly as much as I enjoyed the topic(s) of the book itself. I think it is a sterling effort by a good enough writer, and would like to read her future efforts.
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DreamingTikay | 5 outras críticas | Mar 29, 2012 |
This is a peek into Kimberlee Auerbach's life. The story is very real, and I love her quirky personality. She was able to take very emotional events in her life and wrote them with a great sense of humour. A great way to present a memoir - through tarot cards, in chunks.
deadgirl | 5 outras críticas | Dec 6, 2009 |
“The Devil, The Lovers & Me” is Kimberlee Auerbach’s memoir about her journey towards eventual self acceptance and the hilarious and touching moments along the way and was originally developed from Auerbach’s comedic performances in New York. The book begins with Auerbach going to visit to a tarot card reader in the hopes of gaining insight into her past and direction for the future. The session Auerbach has with the tarot card reader spans the whole novel and each chapter is brilliantly centered on a different tarot card. Within each chapter, there are flashbacks to Auerbach’s life events according to the tarot card’s theme, which I really loved because it helped weave her story together. I have read my fair share of memoirs, but oftentimes there isn’t enough structure or purpose to which events the author has chosen to share. “The Devil, The Lovers & Me” is unique in that it reads like a novel and has just the right combination of depth and humor.

What really drew me into this book was Auerbach’s amazing storytelling ability and her insightful observations about her past. There is something about the way she tells her story that was both fascinating and incredibly hilarious. Despite some tough issues that are dealt with, Auerbach manages to find the humor in every situation and proves to be wiser than she originally realizes. With every story, there is something that anyone can relate to, from trouble with family to relationship drama and everything in between. While we may not all have fathers who’d buy an engagement ring for our boyfriend to propose with (before he even knows he wants to propose) or have felt jealous over our own mother’s sex appeal, there is something familiar about Auerbach’s stories that will make you feel like she is a close friend. This book is highly recommended!

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sherbear917 | 5 outras críticas | Dec 8, 2008 |


½ 3.5

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