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The Harmony Silk Factory (2005) 837 exemplares
Five Star Billionaire (2013) 394 exemplares
Map of the Invisible World (2009) 256 exemplares
We, The Survivors (2019) 159 exemplares
The Face: Strangers on a Pier (2015) 45 exemplares
Tiger 14 exemplares
x-24: unclassified (2007) — Editor — 6 exemplares
Tiger 1 exemplar

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A Woman's Battles and Transformations (2021) — Tradutor, algumas edições131 exemplares
McSweeney's Issue 42 (McSweeney's Quarterly Concern): Multiples (2013) — Translator/Contributor — 62 exemplares
Granta 149: Europe: Strangers in the Land (2019) — Contribuidor — 40 exemplares


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I couldn’t put down this book without remembering the lessons of John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath: that all men are born equal under the sun, and that the owners of the land have no right to legislate the lives of their workers.

In this novel we are faced with an unsparing look at the lives of the increasing armies of the dispossessed.

Tash Aw writes a gruesome, accurate tale of human beings as so much tinder on a bonfire. Where humans are moved like filth across the sea, over borders, to another human dungheap. There is filth, there is cholera, and worst of all, there is indifference. Another brown man dead? So what.

Migrant workers need a voice and a vote in the lands they visit, and the lands they settle in.

Not least the armies of Phillipine women who manage our children as nannies or our elderly as caregivers.

Not least the Mexican and other Latin American men and women who make American beds, pick their fruit, wash their dishes, wipe their children, and weed the gardens of increasingly ungrateful Americans.

Not least the Indians, Bangladeshis, Rohingyas who populate the sweatshops and construction projects of the Middle East and the Far East.
… (mais)
MylesKesten | 6 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2024 |
Bought Sat Sept 23 Apple Books $ 8:99
BJMacauley | 2 outras críticas | Sep 9, 2023 |
Having read two Tash Aw books, I doubt I will read another. You feel like throwing in the towel and heave a sign of relief when you finish it. The Harmony Silk Factory started off well but became somewhat bizarre. Why did the group spend so much time on the remote island? They weren't exactly ship-wrecked and the island offered nothing. It is also bewildering how Snow came to fall in love with Peter. That was a curveball from Aw.
siok | 26 outras críticas | Dec 20, 2022 |
Wow, this was so good. The "billionaire" of this tale makes this a revenge story. But it's also a story of humans; the way humans make use of each other, the cruelty they're capable of. And those who want to be rich: stepping on each other to claw their way to the top. Dropping their souls through their feet as they go.
I loved the author's depictions of The fast and furious society and Shanghai.

Phoebe is a young woman from Malaysia, a northern rural village. She makes her way to Shanghai, with the promise of a place to stay and a job working with a friend of hers, who has been emailing her. When she gets there, she finds out the friend is just using her to get her to pay the rent, as she has been fired from her job.
Phoebe gets a job through serendipity: just being in the right place at the right time. It all works out very well for her, and she studies self-help books in her quest to marry a rich man and succeed in getting the leisurely life she has always envisioned for herself.

From Phoebe's secret journal:
"do not let other people step on you.
Sometimes Shanghai bore down on her with the weight of 10 skyscrapers. The people were so haughty; their dialect was harsh to her ears. If someone talked to her in their language, she would feel attacked just by the sound of it. She had to come here full of hope, but on some nights, even after she had deposited all her loathing and terror into her secret journal, she still felt that she was tumbling down, down, and there was no way up. It had been a mistake to gamble as she did."

Justin and his brother were from the lim family. They had been filthy rich.Justin drops out of his role as fixer in the family. They would be celebrating New Year's.
Maybe one of the many reasons the rich people in this story fall from their towering heights is because of what they consume.
".. in recent years the family had even taken to having the New Year's Eve dinner in a hotel -- a servants were getting old, his mother had said, and they simply couldn't trust getting a young Filipina or Indonesian maid (she'd heard such horror stories: family heirlooms being stolen, phone bills full of calls to manila, people being killed in their own homes). So the family would Book a private room in the Chinese restaurant of a fancy hotel, 12 of them sitting in near-silence around a big table laden with food that would remain half consumed at the end of the evening. How lucky we are to have a family like this, his father would say at the conclusion of the meal. he said that every single year Justin could remember. But those extravagant banquets of bird's nest and shark-fin soups, whole suckling pigs, the finest New Zealand abalone, and strange sea creatures he hadn't even recognized -- perhaps they were all in the past, now that his family was ruined. He wondered if they were having more modest celebrations, or if they were celebrating at all. He imagined bitter recriminations: mother blaming father, brother blaming mother, grandmother blaming Uncle -- for the loss of their fortune, for their loss of their eldest son."

More of Phoebe's ruminations:
"... It was a proper matchmaking website for professional people, expensive to join, so she was naturally more optimistic when men sent her messages on this site. Of course, she had long since learned that the appearance of classiness in Shanghai was no guarantee of truthfulness, and she treated all approaches from men with the same caution as she would when shopping for counterfeit luxury goods. China was full of CopyCat products and people. She was now experienced enough to tell from one simple message whether a man was serious or not, whether he was just looking for sex, whether he was a married man in search of a mistress, or if he was indeed in need of a future wife. She could tell if a man was lying about who he was, about his job and income, where he was from. She could tell if he was from Beijing or if he was a Pakistani pretending to be from beijing. All the scam marriage proposals from indian, nigerian, and Arab men -- she was aware of them all; she did not even know what they wanted from her, but she made sure she stayed clear of them. She had become expert in the courtship rituals of the internet; no one could trick her with flowery words or insincere promises. To phoebe, internet dating had become like a book written in a language that she had mastered, just as she had conquered the rocky path to employment in shanghai.
..Being open and honest with a man is like asking him to drive over you with a bulldozer!"

"Her books had been right: men wanted only what they couldn't obtain.
She made the decision -- it was an easy one to make: she would use Walter for as long as she could; she had to be ruthless. She would accept the gifts of luxury handbags and Italian shoes and British raincoats and jewels from Hong kong. She would not only enjoy the fine dinners but also use the opportunity to learn about the Western countries he had visited. She would listen carefully to his stories about getting lost in Rome and his descriptions of the view from the Eiffel tower, and she would store them away for use one day, when she was at dinner with someone else, her true soulmate. She would accept all his offers of evenings at the Opera and ballet; she would use him to make herself better. Make use of as they would make use of you."
… (mais)
burritapal | 47 outras críticas | Oct 23, 2022 |



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