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University of Washington
Cornish College of the Arts
Alexandra Penfold

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Jessixa Bagley ('x' pronounced like a 'c') is an American artist and picture-book author/illustrator. She grew up in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and attended the University of Washington and then Cornish College of the Arts where she graduated in 2004 with a BFA in painting and printmaking. She has worked with publications such as: The Chicago Reader, The Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, Nickelodeon Magazine, and Highlights. In 2007, she was a selected artist for New American Paintings No. 73. In 2009 she received a GAP Grant from the Washington State arts organization Artist Trust for her fine art drawing. Her debut picture-book, Boats for Papa, was released in 2015. The author currently lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and son. (source: author's website)



Sixth grader Lucy and eighth grader GiGi are sisters, but they haven't gotten along in years - not since their dad died. On the first day of school, GiGi trips Lucy in the cafeteria, and Lucy challenges GiGi to a duel, even though GiGi is the school fencing team captain and Lucy hasn't fenced since their dad died. Their white mom is overworked and exhausted, and their Black paternal grandma is a loving presence but hasn't been allowed/invited to help much. As the duel approaches, Lucy gets support from her friend Sasha, whereas GiGi's friends' support is somewhat unreliable, and she feels the pressure of everyone's expectations to be perfect.

The resolution, in which the girls make up and promise to do better before their bout, and talk honestly with their mom and grandma, feels a little easy, but makes for a hopeful ending.

Each chapter starts with an annotated excerpt from the girls' dad's book on fencing, defining terms such as "right-of-way," salute, en garde, etc.

See also: Twins by Varian Johnson; Black Brother, Black Brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes


"She loves you, honey, it's just hard to see love sometimes when you have a lot of pain in your heart. And the best way to heal that pain is by being there for each other." (Grandma to Lucy, 126)

"It's like we forgot how to be a family without my dad." (Lucy to Sasha, 183)

Facing pages, verso: This is going to change everything.
Recto: Will this even change anything?
(GiGi and Lucy, before the duel/bout, 223)

"I don't know why I can't just be nice to you. I see myself from the outside and I just can't stop." (GiGi to Lucy, 231)
… (mais)
JennyArch | 2 outras críticas | Apr 14, 2024 |
Middle grade book about sisters and fencing. Thought this would be about sibling rivalry, but the sisters are cruel to each other in this story. Sisters and mother have recently lost their father/husband. Mother is clearly depressed and not coping well. Wish the family were showed seeing a counselor or see more help offered from girls school. Grandmother tries to help.

Girls communicate better at the end, but not sure how realistic the character arcs are in this story -- huge change in attitude toward each other.

Another fencing book: Rhodes' Black Brother, Black Brother
… (mais)
AnnesLibrary | 2 outras críticas | Jan 28, 2024 |
Two sisters at odds and one fight to the death! Well, not really but close to it!

I was pleasantly surprised while reading this. At first, I thought Gigi was kind of horrid, but I came to understand why she was acting out as the story progressed. We've friendship drama and grief at the center of the story with fencing around the sides.

The conversation Gigi (the girls) had at the end with their mother was one of the absolute best parts.

DestDest | 2 outras críticas | Dec 16, 2023 |
Henry and bea are best friends but one day Henry stops talking to bea. Bea finds out that Henry’s cat died. Bea is there to comfort and support Henry. It is a hard time for both of them but their friendship keeps them okay.
Irensia | 5 outras críticas | Jun 12, 2023 |


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