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Foram atribuídas obras ao autor também conhecido como Iain M. Banks.

The Wasp Factory (1984) 7,045 exemplares
The Crow Road (1992) 3,202 exemplares
Against a Dark Background (1993) 2,921 exemplares
Complicity (1993) 2,444 exemplares
The Bridge (1986) 2,162 exemplares
The Business (1999) 1,940 exemplares
Dead Air (2002) 1,696 exemplares
A Song of Stone (1997) 1,694 exemplares
Whit (1995) 1,680 exemplares
Walking on Glass (1985) 1,565 exemplares
Espedair Street (1987) 1,433 exemplares
The Steep Approach to Garbadale (2007) 1,356 exemplares
Canal Dreams (1989) 1,226 exemplares
Stonemouth (2012) 700 exemplares

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Foram atribuídas obras ao autor também conhecido como Iain M. Banks.

Granta 43: Best of Young British Novelists 2 (1993) — Contribuidor — 177 exemplares
Dark: Stories of Madness, Murder and the Supernatural (2000) — Contribuidor — 57 exemplares
The Crow Road [1996 TV miniseries] (1996) — Original novel — 14 exemplares
Complicity [2000 film] (2000) — Original novel — 4 exemplares


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Group Reda, February 2022: The Crow Road em 1001 Books to read before you die (Março 2022)
Group Read: The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks em 75 Books Challenge for 2013 (Agosto 2013)


My first Scottish book. Sadly, not good. The setting and characters definitely worked. However, the entire story is dull and worthless. Another one of those "waiting" stories. The main character does a bunch of similar random tasks all day, but nothing happens. The last third of the book clarifies that the only thing that is really important is that the brother is coming. Is that sufficient for the story? Absolutely not. I would recommend someone abridging the book down to a very short, 20-page story. It still would not be very good, but short stories generally do not have that requirement.
Will still read an Iain Banks science-fiction book, because they are highly recommend.
… (mais)
MXMLLN | 199 outras críticas | Jan 12, 2024 |
An enjoyable read that doesn't need to be revisited I guess
sarcher | 43 outras críticas | Dec 27, 2023 |
This isn't really my kinda book. I don't generally like books that are "snapshot of a period of time in someone's life" types of stories, which is what this one is. Also, not so enjoyable reading about torturing animals and killing children. No thanks.
PurplOttr | 199 outras críticas | Dec 1, 2023 |
This one's exquisitely written and full of interesting ideas, which is more-or-less what you can expect from an Iain M. Banks book. But for whatever reason, "Against a Dark Background" failed to hold my attention like the Culture novels I've read, though I did manage to finish it. As usual, it's an example of the shiny, widescreen version of SF. The impossibly skilled and sexy Lady Sharrow, a high-born noble in a universe that's a strange mix of the futuristic and the atavistic, must flee a religion that's made her death central to their belief system while she hunts amusingly strange artifacts for fun, for immense profits, and sometimes for her family's very survival. Fantasy tropes -- castles, hermits, swords, and mounts -- pop up here and there while the lady and her chemically-bonded band of adventures confront all manner of dangers. The author doesn't skip out on the blood and pain -- there are some simply excruciating deaths here -- and he constructs some lovely set pieces, most memorably the one that describes the minute-by-minute uncertainties of a crash-landing on a snowbound planet. To show that he's not the average paperback writer, Banks then seamlessly incorporates the long-term effects of this event into his character and narrative. And then there's also the curious pull of the artifacts themselves, specifically that of a lazy gun, a weapon that seems to fool the laws of physics while exerting an inexplicable psychological pull on those who seek it. There's a forest planet and a city built on barges and a nascent religion that hopes to conquer the entire system, just in case you needed more.

But I also thought that there was something missing here, among all the impeccably wrought sentences that drape themselves comfortably across the page. Maybe the fact that the world that Banks describes here isn't as cleanly futuristic as that of his Culture novels that got to me. Set on a star system located by unlucky chance thousands of light years from any others, this world seems to feel the weight of its own limitations. Sometimes the medieval throwbacks or anachronisms suggested that something had gotten stuck, both in the book and in the civilization it describes. Or it's the lack of the Culture itself, that protean, hard-to-define organism that provides a convenient thread through Banks's other works. Or maybe it's just that there's far too much of "Against a Dark Background": while it has its charms, any book, however charming, might struggle to sustain itself over nearly eight hundred pages. Or maybe it's just the fact that Lady Sharrow fulfils every science fiction's checklist a bit too perfectly. Lasers, castles, spaceships, motorcycles, and hot, chemically engineered sex? I'm glad nobody saw me reading this one on the bus.

If you're a big space opera fan, it's possible that none of this will really bother you. But I read Banks between literary novels, and so this one got a bit too purple for me at times, not to mention a bit too long. It's not bad book in its genre, and, for two lousy bucks at the Kindle Store, I certainly got my money's worth. But in my opinion, "Against a Dark Background" just isn't the strongest thing that this author ever wrote.
… (mais)
TheAmpersand | 43 outras críticas | Aug 18, 2023 |


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