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DNF, oh my god the absolute lack of communication killed me.
Corinne-pixel | 15 outras críticas | Feb 10, 2024 |
I'm between a 3.5 and a 4 on this but I'm feeling generous so I'll round up. This game to me in a book subscription box and I never got around to reading it. Since the quarantine I was looking to de-clutter and give away books I'd probably never read and this was literally the first one I picked up to load into the donation box...but then I read the note from the author that was included with the subscription and that was super intriguing and then I saw that it had great reviews on Goodreads so I decided to give it a try.

What a story: Adventure, romance, tragedy. It's just begging to be a movie (that I'd watch in a heartbeat!)

I'm not sure I loved the actual writing here and I can't say why exactly - maybe it felt a little too modern for being set in 1280? Maybe it was the dialog that felt off? I'm not sure. But the story itself was top notch. I cared about the characters and reviewers were not wrong to warn you to have your tissues handy.

This particular book was also peppered with post-it notes with insight from the author and I loved those tidbits of info including the tie in to the opera Torandot and the only aria that I actually know: Nessun Dorma.
… (mais)
hmonkeyreads | 9 outras críticas | Jan 25, 2024 |
I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this fantasy romance until, well, really recently…and I wish I’d heard about it sooner because I LOVED it!

Mercy and Hart had so much chemistry and were just adorable as a couple. I found myself really rooting for them to get together and get their HEA.

4 stars because, that being said, I didn’t buy them as enemies, so much, and for a long time it just seemed like they were being nasty to each other for no reason. Even when the reason was revealed later, it still didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Even the reason for their conflict at the end seemed a bit unrealistic and just there for unnecessary drama, IMO. There was also the grumpy x sunshine trope advertised, but I didn’t really get the “sunshine” from Mercy, other than she likes the color yellow.

But I loved everything else. The world of Tanria was unique and interesting, Hart and Mercy’s friends and family were so fun to read about, as well as their intricate family dynamics. The talking rabbit and owl couriers were hilarious snd cute and I could read a separate book just on them alone! And the whole voice of the novel kept me turning the pages.

There were plenty of sweet and heartbreaking moments in this book. I will certainly be looking for future adult reads from this author!
… (mais)
galian84 | 15 outras críticas | Dec 1, 2023 |
Starting the year off with a rom-com set in a fantasy world…with zombies…and talking animals. It was cute with some
battlestara | 15 outras críticas | Oct 4, 2023 |



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