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Beth Allison Barr (PhD, University of North Carolina al Chapel Hill) is associate professor of history and associate dean of the Graduate School at Baylor University.

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Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church (2023) — Prefácio — 108 exemplares, 22 críticas


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Barr blends her own experiences with complementarianism with her academic research to explore the changing role of women in the church. Looking at the early church, Barr finds significant equality between the genders that begins to morph into present-day focus on subjugation and gender roles. These roles exclude women from ministry and create a power structure that has led to ongoing abuse in the church.

Barr's book blends the memoir aspects of her own experiences and struggles with her unique ability for in-depth research.… (mais)
4leschats | 11 outras críticas | Jun 13, 2024 |
Biblical womanhood - the belief that God designed women to be submissive wives, virtuous mothers, and joyful homemakers - pervades North-American Christianity. From choices about careers to roles in local churches to relationship dynamics, this belief shapes the everyday lives of evangelical women. Yet biblical womanhood isn't biblical, says Baylor University historian Beth Allison Barr. It was born in a series of clearly definable historical moments. This book moves the conversation about biblical womanhood beyond Greek grammar and into the realm of church history - ancient, medieval, and modern - to show that this belief is not divinely ordained but a product of human civilization that continues to creep into the church. Barr's historical insights provide context for contemporary teachings about women's roles in the church and help move the conversation forward. Interweaving her story as a Baptist pastor's wife, Barr sheds light on the #ChurchToo movement and abuse scandals in Southern Baptist circles and the broader evangelical world, helping listeners understand why biblical womanhood is more about human power structures than the message of Christ."

"Wow. This book is a game changer. The author clearly documents the role of women in church history and the evolution of patriarchy; i.e., how we got here and the making of "biblical" womanhood. She also addresses the theology behind the doctrine of complementarianism; i.e., God created women to be eternally subordinate to men, the way that Jesus is eternally subordinate to the Father (that statement is heresy if you do not recognize it as such). What if the SBC is wrong about women and household codes in the same way they were wrong about slavery? It seems they are stuck in the “separate but equal" phase in their evolution of thinking. I believe the day will come when the SBC finally admits they are wrong about women too, but not sure I can hold on long enough to find out. The spirit of oppression in the name of biblical truth is too overwhelming" (Matta Mom Amazon Review).
… (mais)
staylorlib | 11 outras críticas | Jan 1, 2024 |
This ended up being such a fascinating and also faithful look at how power systems created false readings of scripture in order to subjugate women (and other races). Just looking at how women's roles have been defined over time using the same scripture but interpreted differently is eye opening. I loved Ms. Barr's contention that the gospel of Jesus Christ is actually very egalitarian and we should reject the false, man-made power systems that creep into our religious organizations in favor of knowing our history and embracing the radical truths taught by the Savior of the world.… (mais)
tjsjohanna | 11 outras críticas | Jun 4, 2023 |
This is such a valuable book and I am so glad I read it. I highly recommend it for anyone who either wants to learn more about the historical origins of the idea of "biblical womanhood" or who is reexamining what they may have been taught about it. It is well written (from the perspective of a historian / professor who knows her stuff), well-cited and thoroughly thought-provoking.
erindarlyn | 11 outras críticas | Jan 21, 2023 |


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