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Ready or Not: A Novel (2024) 150 exemplares
Call Me Maybe (2020) 83 exemplares
Sweet Talk (2021) 59 exemplares
Seatmate (2022) — Autor — 50 exemplares
Just a Heartbeat Away (2020) 37 exemplares
Love at First Psych 25 exemplares
Flirting with Forever (2021) 24 exemplares
Can't Help Falling (2020) 23 exemplares
When We First Met (2020) 8 exemplares
Maybe This Time 3 exemplares


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I'm halfway through and I have to take time out to give this novel 5 stars - doesn't matter what comes next - and I'm super stingy with 5 stars.

It keeps popping into my mind that Cara Bastone's writing, as exemplified here, is a new kind of writing. Remember when new journalism was a thing (Tom Wolff) and feminist fiction (Marilyn French). Today it is slash fiction and I saw somewhere that there are 85 sub-genres of fiction! or is that 85 sub-genres of contemporary fiction, which apparently is a sub-genre of realistic fiction - really?

...Despite all this confusion I am now in, I do think that this incredibly detailed reading of characters style of writing is ... should have it's own sub-genre. If anyone can tell me what that is, tell me now!

The MC, Eve, tells us everything she reads in the faces and bodies of the persons she's with. The fact that she does read everyone so much is so realistic, but to have it verbalised, it becomes so much part of the novel - providing not only Eve but the reader with the clues we need. It provides an intimacy and poignancy that you'd swear you are in a booth in Good Boy (a dog friendly bar in New York) with the Ethan and the Bolder siblings, Willa and Shep.

The novel charts the course of Eve's unplanned pregnancy. Never having experienced a pregnancy myself, I can totally get onboard with donning rose coloured glasses and appreciating this journey with Eve. I say this because for all Eve's worries and uncertainties, they do seem wrapped in romantic curlicues.

I did love so much that while Eve is alone in this pregnancies, she NOT alone - her siblings are loving, her best friends, her baby's father, even her baby's father's mother has a role. It's terrifying that she has no partner (remember, I am only halfway) but she has love, and she sees it and appreciates and feels it and knows it. And it helps, a lot. She's so independent, but not alone, not lonely. It's life's ideal.

Yes, a tinsy bit too romantic and sugar-coated, but Thank God! Ideals are what keep us going, create hope, generate seratonin ... get us to the next day.
… (mais)
Okies | 4 outras críticas | Jun 11, 2024 |
This was a cute read.
tootall77hc | 5 outras críticas | May 9, 2024 |
A sweet book. A one night stand results in an unexpected pregnancy. The problem is that Eve slowly realizes she is in love with the perfect friend Shep. Amazingly it all works out. This romance was fun to read.
shazjhb | 4 outras críticas | May 6, 2024 |
This was just a perfect brake from the last two thrillers I read. It gave me all the right feels, cute, quirky and funny. I laughed and cried, I absolutely love the characters and the way they met. I remember a very long time ago meeting someone through a mixed up number, so I fully connected and it made me feel nostalgic. The narrators did an awesome job, I almost felt as if I was watching a full ROM com movie in my head. Love, love, loved this.
Enid007 | 5 outras críticas | May 2, 2024 |



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