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I'd forgotten how much I really love this author. I first read this book about 8 years ago and loved it then; but now, after visiting England a few times, reading through all the Austen novels, and learning a ton about their authoress, I found that I loved it all the more. I'll definitely be looking to find and reread the other Carrie Bebris Darcy Mysteries.

This was a fun mix of storylines as the Darcys traveled to Northanger Abbey and met the Tilneys, later finding that their lives are intertwined through the friendship of the two families' matriarchs. The story offered an interesting insight into what Elizabeth may have faced as new mistress of Pemberley---following in the footsteps of Darcy's mother.

My favorite phrase from the story was, "invent cause for correspondence", which I found to be much more poetic than, "find a reason to write a letter."

If I have any complaint about the story, it's that I don't think Lady Catherine and Lizzy would have been quite so horrible to one another. Once Lizzy was married and mistress of Pemberley, I believe the same spirit that caused Lady Catherine to be so cold to those "beneath" her would also force her to give more respect to the station Lizzy now occupies. With Lady Catherine, it's the standing of the person and not the person herself to which she responds.
… (mais)
classyhomemaker | 14 outras críticas | Dec 11, 2023 |
I stumbled over this series when casually glancing through a “what should I read next” utility, which I normally view with something approaching scorn. However, in this discovery I was pleasantly surprised, and suspect I shall be diverted for some time to come. The Mr and Mrs Darcy Mysteries blend two of my favourite genres: Pride and Prejudice fan fiction and mystery. I’m not sure if “fan fiction” is the correct depiction of these works, which imagine the world of a beloved story and its characters beyond the pages of the original, but I think it’s the easiest way to describe them. Here, Darcy and Elizabeth and Bingley and Jane have just been happily wed, and a mystery erupts in the form of Caroline Bingley’s sudden betrothal to the season’s most eligible bachelor. Soon, distressing and eerie things start to happen, and of course it is up to the intrepid Elizabeth Darcy—formerly Bennet—to sort them out. This is a lovely extension of this world, the narrative language lovingly recreates the original without sounding cloying or contrived. A successful beginning!… (mais)
karenchase | 32 outras críticas | Jun 14, 2023 |
Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are newly married, as is Elizabeth Bennet Darcy’s sister Jane, to her Mr. Bingley. Various logistical problems prevent the Darcys from going to Pemberly after the double wedding, and soon both couples are sequestered at Mr. Bingley’s rented estate, along with a few relatives and hangers-on.

It’s clear to the readers early on that some sort of magic is afoot at the impromptu and reluctant house party; this is frustrating since none of the characters are actually catching on. With elements of The Moonstone and Jane Eyre, the story very slowly unfolds until a murder occurs (very late in the book) and the killer is eventually, of course, unmasked. But who is the magician?

Pride and Prescience has been rated quite highly in Goodreads, and I can see why a die-hard Austen devotee might love the book and the series. The author mentions on her website that she is not trying to imitate Miss Austen’s work; rather, she is trying to respect what has been created while telling her own stories.

While acknowledging this, it seems impossible to write a story using Jane Austen characters while not striving to coninue the tone and style with which those characters were imbued by their creator. Ms. Bebris is successful most of the time, but some anachronistic phrases slip through, and modern viewpoints sneak in there too. I think this is unavoidable; this author has two centuries of perspective to work with, and that’s not easy to hide.

I found the book to be longer than necessary, with lots of speculation about the murder and the events leading up to it. I don’t have patience for that kind of conjecture in mysteries anymore; the identity of the killer was obvious, and the ruminations added nothing but length to the story for me.

Again though, I’m not a huge Austen fan. I’m rating this story at 2.5 stars, but don’t let that stop you from reading it! If you want to spend more time with the Darcys you will enjoy this book.
… (mais)
CatherineB61 | 32 outras críticas | May 31, 2023 |
Darcy Mysteries book 2. Just loved it.
LisaBergin | 21 outras críticas | Apr 12, 2023 |



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