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As a child, Aimee Bender enjoyed reading fairy tales, particularly the stories of Hans Christian Andersen. She began creating her own stories, and later, as an elementary school teacher, she enjoyed telling her students both traditional fairy tales and stories she had made up herself. Eventually, mostrar mais she began writing short stories, which have been published in a variety of magazines, including Granta, GQ, Story, and The Antioch Review. Her first book, The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, a collection of her stories, was published in 1998. Bender's work is intended for adults rather than children, but many of her short stories could be described as contemporary fairy tales. Bender's stories often include some of the same elements that she enjoyed encountering in fairy tales, such as of magic, fantasy, surprise, humor, and absurdity. Although she has found success as a writer, Bender continues to teach because she enjoys the interaction with others and feels she needs that contact to balance the solitude that is required for her writing. In addition to teaching elementary school, she has taught in the UCLA Extension Writers' Program and in the writing program at the University of California at Irvine, where she received her M.F.A. Bender lives in Los Angeles. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Data de nascimento
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Los Angeles, California, USA
Locais de residência
Los Angeles, California, USA
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Irvine (MFA ∙ creative writing)
short story writer
creative writing instructor
University of Southern California
Prémios e menções honrosas
Pushcart Prize (2x)
Nominee for James Tiptree, Jr. Award (2005)

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Aimee Bender is a close friend of author Alice Sebold.



I think I probably read this in a bad mood but I was just pushing myself to reach the end from like halfway in. Too many stories which might have an interesting concept but go off on a totally unrelated and uninteresting tangent
tombomp | 18 outras críticas | Oct 31, 2023 |
Not as good as Willful Creatures, but what is
maddietherobot | 27 outras críticas | Oct 21, 2023 |
Ci sono momenti nei quali un lettore deve ammettere i propri limiti. Questo è uno di quelli. Io in questo libro non c'ho capito una mazza. Quindi non so bene nemmeno cosa scrivere nella recensione... certamente non è una recensione positiva: si sa, ciò che non si capisce non si può apprezzare.

Il romanzo parla di una famiglia: madre, padre, figlio e figlia. Uno più strano dell'altro (e non è un complimento o una cosa simpatica). La storia... eh, la storia. Non è che succeda granché. I figli crescono, i genitori non sono soddisfatti del loro matrimonio (con ovvie conseguenze). Tutto qui.

Nel mezzo poi c'è tessuto il realismo magico: la figlia può sentire sentimenti di chi prepara il cibo (oltre che al luogo di provenienza di ogni singolo ingrediente... sarebbe utile ai NAS). Il babbo fa il co*****e davanti agli ospedali perché non riesce ad entrare. La mamma non ha ancora capito cosa farà da grande (ma sicuramente sa con chi). Il figlio... ecco, il figlio, qualunque sia il senso del libro, per me e il mio buonsenso, rimane un pazzo asociale.

Insomma, un libro allucinante. E quella tristezza nel titolo è molto azzeccata. Non c'è un briciolo di speranza di in questo romanzo (nemmeno quella di capirlo).
… (mais)
lasiepedimore | 267 outras críticas | Aug 1, 2023 |
7% finished: A six year old has an allowance? A six year old saves up this allowance? A six year old uses these savings to buy a professional-grade dental pick from their local dentist? What the fuck. If this was set in the 1950s, or possibly in a country outside the US, this could maybe be believable, but a few years ago a woman in South Carolina was arrested for letting her 9 year old go to the park alone. This book is about tasting the emotions of others in the food they make, and that concept is more believable than a six year old buying a dental pick.

I'm going to keep reading this book, but it has taken a huge hit with this ridiculousness. We'll see if it can come through....

Ok, I finished the book. I'm glad I kept going because the book picks up the pace, and the author takes some risks that I think really paid off.

My big problem at the start of the book was the writing style. It felt like the author wanted the intimacy of 1st person narration while also giving us all sorts of insights into the other characters, but insider detail on that level requires 3rd person narration. This made the writing feel really uneven and broke the flow more than once. My other problem early in the book were several implausible details (see above), and I feel like the editors are partly to blame here. What seems like a charming detail to an author can be so out of place to a reader that it jolts them out of the flow; an editor's job is to find those details and ruthlessly slice them out. The author's editor did her no favors by letting these details slide in this book.

Those are my complaints, here come the compliments. This book is not at all the book I thought it was going to be, it was much weirder and deeper. The story is wonderful at giving a glimpse of something, then looping back to give you the full scoop; sometimes right away, sometimes much later. There are also things left dangling, that are never fully spelled out, and I love when an author trusts the reader enough to do this. And finally the story draws you in, it has that certain pull that a good story has, something more than the sum of its parts. The more I read it, the more I wanted to read it.

So, this book has a rocky start, but it gets good.
… (mais)
blueskygreentrees | 267 outras críticas | Jul 30, 2023 |



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