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Nneka Bennett

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Solo Girl (1997) — Ilustrador — 95 exemplares

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Gods Behaving Badly (2007) — Designer da capa, algumas edições2,255 exemplares


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This book is about a second grader that moved into a new neighborhood that is blessed with a gift of numbers. She notices that there is a group of kids called the Fast Feet Four. They were a double dutching group that jumped around the neighborhood. She wished she could be one of them and be able to jump like they did. One day she meets the head of the group and they exchange talents, math help for jumping lessons. They eventually become good at what they both stuggled with and the Fast Feet Four became the Fast Feet Five. This book shows friendship and show a girl starting over in a new place. It shows how sometimes it is hard to make friends and fit in at first, but that in the end things usually work out for the best.… (mais)
HopeMiller123 | 2 outras críticas | Feb 21, 2012 |
This is a short chapter book about a girl name Cass who is a very intelligent girl in math. She won a whistle during a math bee and ever since then the whistle has helped her learn times tables and division. Cass, her two brothers, and her foster mother moved to a new neighborhood and she met a group of girls that called themselves the Fast Feet Four. Which was a group of four girls that were the best a double Dutch jump rope. So Cass wanted to learn how but she couldn't even jumprope with one rope. So, one day her brothers helped her and told her that her whistle might help her be able to jump. And it did, then she learned how to double Dutch the the "Fast Feet Four" and they asked her to join her group and became the "Fast Feet Five." This short chapter book helps children understand that if they put their minds to anything they can do it with practice and help. It also shows children to help others learn new things and not everyones good at everything.… (mais)
emleonard | 2 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2012 |



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