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I liked the idea of the book and thought it would be a good look into the psychology and physiology of a serial killer. I was sadly disappointed that there was no bibliography or research information included, also it makes me question the legitimacy of the subject matter.

The point where I was so disappointed with this book that I had to rate it one star is during the review of Dr. Harold Shipman's murders. The authors discuss that the doctor had a severe drug problem in his early adult life but they do not include drug addiction in the FBI High Risk Register outline of this killer as they do with every other killer that had a history of drug abuse.

Sadly this is not for someone who wants a real understanding of the mental and physical traits involved in creating a killer. 2-bit true crime at best.
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puck137 | 1 outra crítica | Nov 4, 2023 |
The book is about female murderers, some are serial killers, some aspects of the book are interesting to read but I think that the author has a biased/sexist opinion and they think in of women and what they are really capable of.
Everyone always disregards, underestimates what women are capable of in various ways which pisses me off as a woman.
This book is proof of acts of incredible cruelty, sadism, sexual sadism that some women are capable of.
With everyone good thing a woman is capable of curse are also capable of unflinching and unspeakable evil acts and not think twice about doing it again and again.
Like the joker from the barman universe said, "some people just want to watch the world burn" said

Unfortunately this book is taking me a long time to read due to be overly detailed trivial information added that no one asked for, just get to the point already! The only reason I chose to read this book is because all I wanted to know we're the facts, such as: who thee female murderers are, why they felt they were justified to kill one of more people, what drove them to kill, why and how they were caught, if they confessed at all, when they were convicted of murder in court.
I don't need to read about insignificant details that have nothing to do with the murderer or the victims of the crimes, just report the facts, in a interesting, informative way, instead of going off on a tangent just because you like to world on and on and trivial things.
This book is starting to test my patience.
I don't know who all the female serial killers, murderers are that are mentioned in the book, so a image of them would have been helpful.
I am not a fan of the has a fitting style, going of on a irrelevant tangent a lot, or adding unnecessary details that don't specifically relate to the murderers directly, but somewhat indirectly sometimes, so it makes reading this book a full slot to get to the point of each separate chapter about different people.
There are many better and more interesting a detailed books about male/female serial killers that are worth read about, such as mindhunter. Now I have finished reading this book, I did find it it interesting and sometimes disturbing to read, I'm not really a fan of the writer's style of writing but I would recommend the other books the author has written as well as this book if you like reading true crime books.
I would warn people however that if you don't have a strong stomach, or are squeamish about blood, and the gory details relates to real life murder investigations, then these types of books are not for you, for everyone else that can stomach all the gory details however you would find it interesting like I do.
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EvilCreature | Sep 17, 2022 |
This is the second book I have bought & read about "The Milwaukee Cannibal" Jeffrey Dahmer.
I intend to read the book written by a friend of Jeffrey Dahmer
(My Friend Dahmer) I also intend to read The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer-Brian Masters as well.
A more recent film about jeffrey Dahmer is good, it is sometimes hard to watch due to him dissecting roadkill/dead animals because he was curious & fascinated by death as a teenager.
There will be a Netflix series about Jeffrey Dahmer called Monster:The Jeffrey Dahmer story.
(Evan Peters from the American Horror Story series will portray Jeffrey Dahmer)
I have previously read one of the authors books, I like reading their books about criminology, serial killers & I still need to read a lot of the authors books that I have on my bookshelf.
This book so far is the only book to mention Jeffrey Dahmer's interest and belief in the occult/Satanism, and it was the reason he had his shrine of death.
He had two griffin statues named "Leon & Apal" that he believed represented personal power & he didn't have to answer to anyone.
I think something was protecting him, since he was almost caught several times, but literally got away with murder for a certain amount of time, until he became sloppy, to comfortable with his premeditated murders/crimes.
I've already read a book about Jeffrey Dahmer that was gruesome to read written by Jack Rosewood.
Any book about Jeffrey Dahmer will include very graphic descriptions of the victims being drugged with sleeping pills in alcohol, rape, murder, mutilation of a still living person(s), the mutilation, butchery/ cannibalisation of their corpses. Dissolving human flesh with acid, so he could bleach the human skulls and paint them to make them look like a ordinary Halloween prop, instead of the real skulls of his victims.
Jeffrey Dahmer had a shrine of the decapitated heads/skulls of his victims, he practiced dark magick.

The author inaccurately & incorrectly says that Richard Kuklinski is the "Unabomber" but Richard Kuklinski is known as "The Iceman" Mafia hitman (There is a book, film & documentary about him)
"The Unabomber" was Ted Kaczynski & he was a victim of the MK Ultra brutalizing psychological experiments/programming/torture method of the CIA.
Everyone knows this, a quick Google search would tell you so, it should be edited/corrected in the book.
No hate towards the author, it's just inaccurate & incorrect.
Jeffrey Dahmer committed 17 murders, but was only convicted for 15 murders which is a bit strange.
After his trial/convictions for at least 15 of his 17 murders, he was in solitary confinement for his own safety due to be intensely hated by other inmates/convicts in the prison.
He was attacked more than once, the inmates/convicts were disgusted by his crimes, dark, cruel sense of humour.
He made his food look like his victims, used ketchup to simulate blood which is a prime example of his dark, sick, cruel sense of humour.
He never felt any empathy, remorse for his victims/premeditated crimes, he was unrepentant, he didn't care at all, he may have believed in his way of thinking, that he didn't do anything wrong.
His crimes, behaviour, sense of humour disgusted, disturbed the inmates/convicts in the prison.
While cleaning toilets he was attacked/murdered by a convicted schizophrenic murderer who bludgeoned, beat up Jeffrey Dahmer, he didn't fight back and defend himself, he was taken to hospital and he died a hour later.
He was cremated, his ashes were shared by his parents Joyce & Lionel Dahmer.
His brother David has never publicly talked about his brother Jeffrey Dahmer, he doesn't want to be associated with him and the horrific, disgusting, disturbing crimes he committed.
He even changed his surname, to further distance himself from any association with him.

His crimes were predatory, sexually motivated sado-sexual crimes.
The victims were innocent they should be treated with respect and remembered, none of them deserved in any way what happened to them.
It sickens, disgusts, infuriates me that the Milwaukee Police officers were so dismissive, wilfully ignorant, avoidant of investigating the real identity of the Laotian boy Konerak Sinthasomphone due to him only being 14! This was partly due to Jeffrey Dahmer being gay, the police officers didn't want t get involved, but if they paid attention to detail, thy would have seen the polaroid photos of his previous victims on his wall, and noticed the corpse of Ted Hughes decomposing in his bedroom!
It's really sad that he had previous murdered the Laotian boy's brother Keison as well.
It really pissed me off to ead this section of the book.
None of the victims deserved anything that Jeffrey Dahmer did to them, it's disgusting that the family members of the victims, only had the skull of their relative to bury or no physical remains were left due to Jeffrey Dahmer, dissolving the human flesh, grounding up the their bones so no trace of some of his 17 victims still exists except microscopic bon fragments.
Jeffrey Dahmer was a sexual predator, Peadophile, necrophile, cannibal and a serial killer, his crimes were sexually motivated.

For a shy/reserved and mild mannered person, he hid his very dark, sick, perverse and disturbing fantasies from everyone he was friends with, including his family.
He lacked the social skills required to ever have any meaningful or lasting friendship/relationship.
He had difficulty in relating to other people, he attempted to make friends but he was always considered to be weird, a freak, someone that was a outcast, a loner, that was ridiculed for being weird or different.
On the surface to me he always seemed like a shy, introverted person with social anxiety, but maybe he sometimes pretended to be like that to lure people into a false sense of security to gain their trust as well.
I believe this was one of the reasons, that he felt, isolated, alienated, lonely, frustrated, angry and the best way for him to express the way he thought or felt was his violent, dark, sick fantasies, his premeditated crimes.
He spent a lot of time by himself, which enabled him to cultivate his fantasies, what turned him on, to perfect his modus operandi, enact his fantasies in real life, that horrified, disgusted and anguished humanity.
They had no idea until it was too late, they were horrified by the disturbing, disgusting things he did to young men & young boys.
They had no idea of the extent of his depravity, of what he was really capable of, the fact that he acted so normal and ordinary is very disturbing.
The types of sick, very vivid fantasies he had took a lot of time to cultivate over time, until he couldn't take it anymore, just having a fantasy wasn't enough, he wanted to act on his disturbing impulses & sick fantasies.
For his fantasies to become real, but for a lot of serial killers their fantasies never live up to reality, so over time serial killers become more violent, they experiment more, they develop a signature, take trophies, photographs, or record their crimes.
The purpose of the trophies is to own something belonging to their victim(s) so they can relive their crimes in their mind, the trophy triggers their memory, the way they felt when they committed a crime(s)
It has in a way a sentimental value to a male or female serial killer.
Some of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer had their bones ground up and scattered behind the house he was living in at the time, during his murderous rampage, i'm not sure if he did that to all of his victims or only some of them.
So there would be no trace of them left, except tiny, microscopic ground up bone fragments.
I think over time that Jeffrey Dahmer became a bit sloppy, he was too comfortable in his position of power over young men and boys, he may have believed that people would never discover his secret, dark double life that he lived, but I also believe that he became tired of killing and wanted to eventually to be caught.
It's always disturbing to me how matter-of-fact he describes what he did to his victims or why he did it, like what he was talking about was just a ordinary conversation whenever he was interviewed about his horrific and disturbing crimes.
His methodology, reasons for what he did & why he did it, his state of mind, the dark, violent fantasies he had since he was a child will always disturb, disgust & fascinate me.
The author doesn't seem to mention that some parents, or step-parents are verbally, emotionally manipulative, coercive, controlling, narcissistic, exploitative of their children.
Some parents are the deadbeat, absentee emotionally & verbally abusive or emotionally/verbally neglectful.
Being rejected, abandoned and neglected on purpose by one or both of your parents is very damaging to a child at a young age especially if one or both parents are a narcissist, or narcissistic bully, emotional sadist, sexual narcissist et..
Issues with rejection, abandonment, feeling ignore or neglected, not feeling loved, wanted, needed, not feeling good enough, or feeling inadequate or worthless.
They live vicariously through their children, or they are the main source of blame, shame, the outcast, the black sheep of the family that is blamed for everything going wrong, the parent(s) treat the child the same way they were treated.
So this would include physical, sexual molestation & abuse, sexual exploitation of the child, peadophilia etc..
Not everyone is fit to be a parent. Not every parent is actually good at parenting either.
Jeffrey Dahmer's mother Joyce sounds like she is a controlling narcissist, that has Daddy issues, due to her constant need for reassurance, approval, acceptance, being reassured that she is loved, wanted, needed.
Her alcoholic dad didn't spend time with her, or make it obvious that he loved & cared about her, so as a adult she is needy, emotionally dependant on other people.
She felt lonely, abandoned, ignored, neglected while she was growing up which lead to her becoming needy and always seeking reassurance, which some people would describe as being attention-seeking type of behaviour.
So I can see why Jeffrey might act in a similar way, when he grew up in a unstable family dynamic and neither parent seems to be empathetic, both his parents are wrapped up in their own little worlds, distant, emotionally unavailable.
So it would make sense, that he feels alone, unwanted, abandoned and lonely as a child then as a teenager & adult. Overwhelming loneliness/being a misunderstood loner were the main aspects that lead him to commit the horrific crimes he committed.
He is similar to Dennis Nilsen he was also a necrophile, that murdered men due to being extremely lonely.
His behaviour is related to being isolated, reserved,withdrawn, shy, lonely, a antisocial loner.
Jeffrey Dahmer started drinking alcohol at 11-12 years old and became a alcoholic by the time he was 14 years old.
Things escalated from there, he became a alcoholic, a predator towards children, young men and young boys.
His crimes were due to overwhelming loneliness, being a loner, misunderstood or possibly not accepted by other people & they were sexually motivated crimes, some of his 17 victims were underage teenagers, some may have been gay but not all of his victims were gay men.
He became a alcoholic at 14 years old he was already feeling severe depression and anxiety as a teenager, when he was 15-16 years old and becoming fascinated/obsessed with death, dissecting roadkill/animals, doing experiments on animals with acid.
He wanted to know what they looked like on the inside, how they worked.

His father was also, shy, bullied/tormented and had the intention/desire to start fires and hurt people that tormented him, so in my opinion both his parents contributed to Jeffrey Dahmer becoming the "Milwaukee Cannibal"
The fact that his father had the intention to start fire, hurt people that hurt him says a lot about inherited genes, behaviour, nature versus nurture.
If one or both parents have a predilection for violence, then the child is more likely to grow uo to become violent themself, especially when they grown up in a unstable, unhappy home environment, so the child spends all their time alone or with their siblings to avoid violence, conflict.
A child would retreat into their own fantasy land, their own private world where they feel safe, so I can understand how overtime, the more a child is spending in their fantasy world in their mind, the more detached from reality they become, until it develops into delusions, mental illness.
I think part of the problem during his childhood, the way he was raised was due to him being alone a lot, especially when his parents were divorced he was abandoned.
Divorce affects a child/children negatively, they will always feel in some way responsible for their parents divorce and they are always in between the conflict of the parents, used as leverage for emotional manipulation, they are not your property, they are their own person.
The child has the right to decide if they want to have a relationship with one or both of their parents, they can also decide to cut them out of their life as well, especially if the parent(s) are toxic, narcissistic or abusive.
They have the right to live peacefully with or without the influence of their parents in a positive or negative way.
Parents might not like to admit or possibly don't understand or even care that if you have a chaotic, abusive or volatile household, and a child grows up in that environment, involving constant fighting, conflict, abuse & divorce it can cause a child a lot of pain, trauma.
It is very damaging to the child, it can cause a lot of issues, including low self-esteem,
self-destructive behaviour, being reckless or impulsive, criminal behaviour, violent, predatory sexual impulses/urges, psychopathy among other things such as mental illness, personality disorders etc..
The way the child is treated in their formative years is the most important aspect, if the child didn't feel loved, cared about, wanted/needed, if they felt like they were not a priority to their parents, shunned, ignored, ridiculed, verbally, emotionally abused, or neglected on purpose due to narcissistic parents, it's not the fault of the child for growing up to be abnormal.
Everyone deserves to be loved, cared about, for their family to care abut their happiness, well-being instead of being the cause of their unnecessary pain, suffering, trauma, in their life, the source of everything that went wrong in their life for some serial killers originates with their upbringing/how their family treated them.
I personally think that even if a serial killer wasn't abused, they are still scarred by something that has happened in their life in the past, something that has deeply hurt them a wound that can't be healed, a defining moment that they can't forget, some type of injustice, they were wronged, fucked over by someone it's something they would want justified revenge for, the reason they feel hatred towards humanity and why they don't feel empathy, the reason why it is just easier for them to be a cold-blooded monster.
He was living with his grandparents for some time, until they became suspicious and cautious of where he was going, what he was doing while he was living there, eventually they asked him to leave.
Both his parents didn't really have time for him, ignored him most of the time, didn't make a effort as a parent to engage with Jeffrey, ask him how he was, how school was going, simple things like that.
If you suspect something is wrong with your child, why wouldn't you talk to them and ask if they are okay?
Why don't parents seem to do this, they are your child, you are responsible for them, you brought them into the world, you can't just reject, abandon them, treat them like they don't exist, ignore their existence, like some parents do.
He was isolated & spent to much time by himself, which allowed him to develop his imagination, and perverse, sick fantasies that he had and obviously thought about a lot while he was growing up.
Over time he is cultivating his persona, modus operandi, his predatory nature/apex predator instincts to lure, stalk and hunt his prey. Young men & boys specifically.
He is similar to Ted Bundy, both were scope ou a place for potential victims, they would sit and observe people "people watch" for awhile until they found the right person to prey on.
Both used a ruse, that was believable & convincing and the intended victim would feel obliged to help them.
They innocently believed them/trusted them, but it was a lie, to lure them into a false sense of security to gain their trust.
They make it seem like it is very easy and simple to fool anyone, to believe you if your convincing enough, to lure them into the dark alley, the darkness to a unknown fate, for unknown intentions.
In their opinion, they probably believed that they would never be caught & they could continue what they were doing forever, since in their opinion they probably don't think they did anything wrong.
Serial killers have a big ego, they like to be praised for their achievements so sometimes they may embellish their achievements to make it seem better than it actually was, they are pathological liars.
They will say & do anything to gain your trust, they know exactly the right things to say or do, to win you over, to believe in them but it is a fake persona, a mask they wear to create the appearance or normalcy, to appear to be ordinary like everyone else, but something will always seem off about them.
They either don't express emotions like a normal person, or they are very unpredictable, potentially violent and have angry outbursts over something trivial.
They are obsessed/addicted to perverse sexual acts, a sexual narcissist/sexual sadism, very controlling/demanding in a sexual context.
They may think it is funny to harm animals or children, due to their lack of empathy, cruelty, sadism, it means absolutely nothing to them.

After attempting to go to the college Jeffrey Dahmer dropped out after 3 months, due to his extreme alcoholism, self-sabotage, he then enlisted to be in the US Army, he was stationed in Germany for three years.
However things did not go well, due to his attitude, behaviour, alcoholism, he tortured & sexually assaulted two soldiers.
One of them is forever scarred, damaged by what he endured, the horrific experience of being raped by a man.
It is sad that this poor man, will be forever scarred by what Jeffrey Dahmer did to him.
I think it shows the incompetence of the police at the time Jeffrey Dahmer, was hunting/stalking Milwaukee for potential victims, that they believed him when one of his victims escaped and tried to get help from the police.
Sadly the victim did not survive, what Jeffrey Dahmer did to them, none of them survived, all 17 victims.
None of the victims deserved to be drugged with a date-rape drug, raped, mutilated, butchered, cannibalized, or for any part of them to be preserved in formaldehyde, or kept on his macabre shrine of death. All victims of crimes that are still alive & a survivor or including the victims that were horrifically tortured, raped, murdered should be remembered and respected.

It's creepy to me that Jeffrey Dahmer, after being released from prison/having psychological assessments/tests done that he murdered his second victim 24 year Steven Tuomi.
The same month/year that I was born (1987) it creeps me out.
I think personally the more you try to prevent a sexual predator, sexual sadist, psychopath from committing crimes, engaging in their fantasies, by conditioning their behaviour, the more they will want to engage in their sick fantasies, violent sexual behaviour.
Any psychological assessment, therapy or conditioning of Jeffrey Dahmer's mind did nothing to improve his state of mind, or to stop him from thinking about very dark & disturbing things that he wanted to do.
Even if he wasn't turned on by his fantasies, or what he did to his 17 victims, I still think that it was sexually satisfying for him to totally control, dominate, own/possess his victim, then consume a part of them so they would be with him forever.
He liked the whole process of, stalking, prowling for his potential victims, then drugging, incapacitating them, so they have no control, they can't resist, run away or ever leave.
I think his crimes, were sexually motivated, they were also motivated by Jeffrey Dahmer feeling extreme loneliness, isolation, he wanted to have friends, companionship, he wanted to be loved.
He liked the process of the rape, butchering/mutilating his victims corpses, documenting it in polaroid photographs (the police found these when they were investigating his apartment)
I think if Jeffrey Dahmer grew up in a normal, stable household, his parents paid attention to him, loved him and spent time with him he, he would still grow up to be who he became, a predatory, sexually motivated, necrophile, cannibal & serial killer.
Not all serial killers are abused, but they still grow up to be a violent, preatory, sexual sadist, sexual narcissist, rapist, serial killer, that is obsessed/addicted to murder, power, control over someone that they think is weaker than them, someone that deserves to be tortured, raped, abuse, then murdered because that's all they are good for, in their opinion.
Just a sex object, to be objectified, used, abused, broken, then discarded like a piece of rubbish when they bored and done with you, they got what they wanted and no longer have a use or purpose for the victim anymore.
I think in a lot of ways that Jeffrey Dahmer & Ted Bundy were very similar, the way they hunted for their victims, used a ruse to gain the trust of a unsuspecting, innocent person that would naturally feel the need to be helpful, polite, empathetic towards someone in need and struggling without anyone's help.
It's so simple, it's believable & very convincing unless you notice red flags in their behaviour, catch them in a lie, ot notice when/if they have been intentionally misleading, manipulative, controlling, demanding, coercive.
A lot of women read true crime, to learn what red flags in the behaviour of a man or woman to look out for, pay attention to especially when something feels off about them, something doesn't seem right, or their behaviour, attitude, demeanor doesn't match up with what they say, it's a red flag!
Pay attention to the red flags, the things people don't say, if their intentions seem questionable, or unknown, if they have a violent, unpredictable anger, a darkside that you don't like, if you don't feel comfortable around them, then trust your intuition, and avoid them or cut them out of your life, because you never know they could literally be a serial killer.I think in a lot of ways that Jeffrey Dahmer & Ted Bundy were very similar, the way they hunted for their victims, used a ruse to gain the trust of a unsuspecting, innocent person that would naturally feel the need to be helpful, polite, empathetic towards someone in need and struggling without anyone's help.
It's so simple, it's believable & very convincing unless you notice red flags in their behaviour, catch them in a lie, ot notice when/if they have been intentionally misleading, manipulative, controlling, demanding, coercive.
A lot of women read true crime, to learn what red flags in the behaviour of a man or woman to look out for, pay attention to especially when something feels off about them, something doesn't seem right, or their behaviour, attitude, demeanor doesn't match up with what they say, it's a red flag!
Pay attention to the red flags, the things people don't say, if their intentions seem questionable, or unknown, if they have a violent, unpredictable anger, a darkside that you don't like, if you don't feel comfortable around them, then trust your intuition, and avoid them or cut them out of your life, because you never know they could literally be a serial killer.
A lot of people read true crime books, to learn about the red flags in the behaviour/attitude of men or women, you can learn a lot from FBI criminal profiling, criminology, psychology, sociology, the study of psychopathy, psychopathology.
My book eviews are long/detailed it's my genuine/authentic opinion.
I appreciate anyone that reads & likes my book reviews :)
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EvilCreature | Sep 5, 2022 |

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