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Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen (2006) 122 exemplares
Shrinking Violet (2001) 99 exemplares
Goose's Story (2002) 88 exemplares
Taxi! Taxi! (1994) 64 exemplares
Are You Going to Be Good? (2005) 46 exemplares
Easy as Pie (2010) 46 exemplares
Getting Used to Harry (1894) 33 exemplares
When We Go Walking (2013) 22 exemplares
A Perfect Day for Digging (2014) 21 exemplares
Ava and the Real Lucille (2012) 19 exemplares
Last Licks: A Spaldeen Story (1999) 18 exemplares
I'm Brave! I'm Strong! I'm Five! (2019) 16 exemplares
Montezuma's Revenge (1999) 15 exemplares
Top Banana (1997) 11 exemplares
If I Could Drive, Mama (2016) 7 exemplares
In the Country of Queens (2017) 5 exemplares
This Baby. That Baby. 4 exemplares
Mabel Beecher: Future Teacher (2018) 2 exemplares

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A blind girl named Zulay is asked by her teacher what activity she wants to do on field day and she says she wants to run a race. Her friends and aide work together to make this happen.
3-7 years old
Bibliotherapy-special needs
Fort Steilacoom ECE
alondrapatron | 36 outras críticas | Jun 12, 2023 |
This book would be good for children k-6.
This book is about a girl that is blind and at school her friends arent and they find ways to accommodate for her. They all share the same interests and one day she says that she wants to run a race so they figured out a way for her to do it.
In my classroom I would use this book to show kids that anyone can do anything and also that just because someone is different than you doesnt mean that you cant include them.
Laura.Gregory | 36 outras críticas | Apr 26, 2023 |
This book is for 2-4th graders because the text is a bit longer but it is still a shorter picture book. This book is about a group of friends who are all at school together doing the same things but one of the friends is blind. In a classroom this book could be used to teach a bit about this specific disability, and allow students to understand that people with disabilities are just like them. It could also be used to empower students who are blind.
EleeCalhoun | 36 outras críticas | Apr 22, 2023 |
This book is appropriate for kindergarten-2nd grade. It's about a blind girl's daily life and how her friends support her with her disability. I thought this was a great book about inclusivity and normalizing disabilities like blindness. I would use this in my classroom for disability awareness.
sophia_mulkey | 36 outras críticas | Apr 19, 2023 |



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