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Drew Aloysius Blank
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The Gooboy
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Elk Grove Village, IL
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Summerville, SC
Schaumburg, IL
Blank, Christy (wife)
Blank, Kayla (daughter)
Blank, Keaton (son)
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I am an author. I don't read nearly as much as other authors seem to think I should. The problem is, when I have free time I write. My editor refers to me as an idiot savant...heavy on the idiot. Anything a conventional author would advice an aspiring writer to do I seem to be completely incapable and/or unwilling to do. However, I still manage to write and people still seem to enjoy my work. So I am beginning to think other authors don't really exist. That would be the most logical explanation, otherwise I would read more. So yeah, I guess what I am trying to say is I am not much of a reader. I guess I should be ashamed of myself, but then I consider the many other things I have done in life that I should truly be ashamed of and not being an avid reader seems pretty minor by comparison. Maybe someday the secret to writing will be revealed and the world will discover that a steady diet of geek-centric entertainment websites and angry nerd blogging is all a writer truly needs to be successful and then I will be recognized as a visionary. I will be asked by young authors "What does it take to be successful?" and I can answer, without any hesitation "For goodness sake, whatever you do... DO NOT READ! Now go blog about your dismay regarding the casting of the next Hollywood comic book movie for all the world (or all 172 of your Facebook friends) to see."



Jon_Hansen | 27 outras críticas | Apr 9, 2017 |
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I received this book for free and signed by the author. The book was okay for me. The premise is the main character (named aptly after the author) is drawn into a life of crime to pay for his daughter's medical bills. What ensues is chaos, fighting, murder and all around debauchery.

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booklover3258 | 27 outras críticas | Sep 7, 2014 |
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It was a pretty good action book. It was exciting and intriguing. I liked the father and daughter dynamics in the book. However, Drew, the protagonist, is just too damn perfect. He's good looking, can win a fight even if he's outnumbered, a good friend, a good father, etc.
Maybe except for having murdered 6 people, he's perfect, unreal. At least, not a lot of romance was involved, that's a plus.
krizia_lazaro | 27 outras críticas | Jul 21, 2014 |
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I enjoyed the second half of this book, but found that the first half dragged on too much. I think this book could do with a good edit and stronger character development. It was quite fun though.
martensgirl | 27 outras críticas | Dec 19, 2013 |


½ 3.6
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