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Matt Bone lives and writes in Bath, UK, where he is steadily working through the city's supply of caffeine. He has degrees in both Astrophysics and English Literature, supporting his ambition to be entirely unemployable.

Endless is his debut novel, and the first in the Crescent fantasy series.



Got this as a free epub from the author, so thanks a lot for that.
The dystopian style start to the book totally caught my interest from the get go. After John ends up at the other place in the universe the story gets a bit more complicated. The story drags on a bit when they travel together to cross the desert but picks up again in the second part.
Well written and entertaining as a whole!
Looking forward to reading the 2nd book at one point!
Yrrol | 12 outras críticas | May 28, 2020 |
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A truly creative fantasy novel! Although it felt like things were sometimes more graphic and crude than needed, the story was engaging and the characters showed depth and growth.
madamediotte | 12 outras críticas | Nov 15, 2013 |
This book begins with the story of John who wakes up as the last human alive on Earth and the the desolation he sees and feels. That is until he is suddenly transported to another world called Crescent that is very unlike our own. He must fight against powers he does not understand to save that world from a fate worse than ours faced. He finds new friends and new abilities along the way. It was a great read that I could not put down. Matt Bone has created characters and a world that I cannot wait to explore more.… (mais)
Tamarack29 | 12 outras críticas | May 22, 2013 |
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Endless begins as dystopian adventure and finishes as fantasy. The hero, John, wakes to discover he is the last man alive on earth. After a strange encounter, he finds himself transported to a new world, a world at the beginnings of a war.

I will admit I had trouble getting into this book and almost gave up. I put it away for a while but decided to try again recently and I am so glad I did. On the second attempt, I found myself completely captivated by the story. Part of my problem, I think, was the sudden addition of fantasy in a dystopian story - this seemed like a bit of a cheat to me, as if the author couldn't decide what kind of book he wanted to write, so decided to throw everything at it to see if it would stick. However, once I saw where the story was going with this, the magic seemed right and the story flowed.

Despite my first reluctance with the story, once I gave it a chance, I found it completely enjoyable and engrossing. For anyone who starts this book - if, like me, you have trouble geting into the story, take my advice - keep reading. Like me, you'll be glad you did.
… (mais)
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lostinalibrary | 12 outras críticas | Jan 1, 2013 |



½ 3.5