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Rhys Bowen was born Janet Quin-Harkin in 1941 in Bath, England. She earned her bachelors degree from the University of London. Soon after graduation she worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation as a studio manager and writer. She then took a job working for a textbook company developing mostrar mais reading texts before writing her own books. Her first picture book - Peter Penny's Dance - was published in 1976 and changed her career to children's book author. The book earned praise and won numerous awards. In 1981 she wrote a teen novel entitled California Girl which became the first installment in Bantam's Sweet Dreams series. This series grew to include novels such as Love Match, Daydreamer, and Ten-Boy Summer. These Sweet Dreams books started a major trend in young adult publishing. they were praised as an encouragement to reading. Janet Quin-Harkin also authored non-series fiction for adolescents such as award winning novel Wanted: Date for Saturday Night and Summer Heat. She also wrote the young adult historical novels Madam Sarah and Fool's Gold. She then moved on to writng mystery novels whcih included her Constable Evans series. Her book Royal Blood made the New York Times Bestseller list. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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(eng) Janet Quin-Harkin writes books for teens. She uses the pen name Rhys Bowen for her mystery novels for adults.

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Her Royal Spyness (2007) 1,931 exemplares
A Royal Pain (2008) 1,069 exemplares
Murphy's Law (2001) 975 exemplares
In Farleigh Field (2017) 838 exemplares
Royal Flush (2009) 827 exemplares
Royal Blood (2010) 802 exemplares
The Twelve Clues of Christmas (2012) 709 exemplares
Naughty in Nice (2011) 690 exemplares
The Tuscan Child (2018) 679 exemplares
Death of Riley (2002) 587 exemplares
Heirs and Graces (2013) 571 exemplares
Evans Above (1997) 543 exemplares
For the Love of Mike (2003) 543 exemplares
Queen of Hearts (2014) 462 exemplares
The Victory Garden (2019) 452 exemplares
Crowned and Dangerous (2016) 431 exemplares
Malice at the Palace (2015) 429 exemplares
Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (2008) 426 exemplares
In Like Flynn (2004) 422 exemplares
Oh Danny Boy (2006) 418 exemplares
In a Gilded Cage (2009) 394 exemplares
In Dublin's Fair City (2007) 391 exemplares
Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding (2018) 390 exemplares
The Last Illusion (2010) 356 exemplares
The Venice Sketchbook (2021) 339 exemplares
Evan and Elle (2000) 327 exemplares
Evan Help Us (1998) 327 exemplares
Love and Death Among the Cheetahs (2019) 315 exemplares
Evanly Choirs (1999) 299 exemplares
Evan's Gate (2004) 278 exemplares
Evan Blessed (2005) 276 exemplares
Bless the Bride (2011) 267 exemplares
The Last Mrs. Summers (2020) 263 exemplares
Evan Can Wait (2001) 263 exemplares
Evanly Bodies (2006) 260 exemplares
Above the Bay of Angels (2020) 256 exemplares
Evans to Betsy (2002) 239 exemplares
The Amersham Rubies (2011) 239 exemplares
Masked Ball at Broxley Manor (2012) 238 exemplares
Hush Now, Don't You Cry (2012) 236 exemplares
God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen (2021) 227 exemplares
Evan Only Knows (2003) 223 exemplares
The Family Way (2012) 202 exemplares
City of Darkness and Light (2014) 201 exemplares
The Edge of Dreams (2015) 174 exemplares
Where the Sky Begins (2022) 172 exemplares
Time of Fog and Fire (2016) 166 exemplares
Peril in Paris (2022) 158 exemplares
The Ghost of Christmas Past (2017) 154 exemplares
Away in a Manger (2015) 148 exemplares
Magic Growing Powder (1980) 98 exemplares
The Proof of the Pudding (2023) 92 exemplares
Wild Irish Rose (2022) 90 exemplares
What Child is This (2018) 82 exemplares
The Paris Assignment (2023) 81 exemplares
A Royal Threesome (2014) 56 exemplares
All That Is Hidden (2023) 56 exemplares
The Face in the Mirror (2013) 54 exemplares
Through the Window (2014) 46 exemplares
Benjamin's Balloon (1978) 36 exemplares
The Boy Next Door (1995) 34 exemplares
California Girl (1981) 31 exemplares
Ten-Boy Summer (1982) 31 exemplares
In Sunshine or in Shadow (2024) 30 exemplares
The Two of Us (1984) 27 exemplares
Love Match (1982) 24 exemplares
Peter Penny's Dance (1976) 23 exemplares
Daydreamer (1983) 23 exemplares
Wanted: Date for Saturday Night (1985) 22 exemplares
Who Do You Love? (1996) 22 exemplares
Dreamwalker (2014) 20 exemplares
Roni's Dream Boy (1994) 20 exemplares
Ginger's First Kiss (1994) 20 exemplares
101 Ways to Meet Mr. Right (1985) 19 exemplares
Justine's Baby-Sitting Nightmare (1995) 19 exemplares
No Experience Required (1989) 19 exemplares
Lovebirds (1984) 18 exemplares
Exchange of Hearts (1984) 17 exemplares
Flamingo Revenge (1997) 16 exemplares
Catch of the Day (1989) 15 exemplares
Ghost of a Chance (1984) 15 exemplares
Fun, Sun, and Flamingoes (1997) 14 exemplares
Roni's Two-Boy Trouble (1994) 14 exemplares
Karen's Perfect Match (1994) 14 exemplares
Write Every Day (1986) 13 exemplares
Queen Justine (1994) 12 exemplares
Ginger's New Crush (1994) 11 exemplares
The Main Attraction (1989) 11 exemplares
No More Boys (1995) 11 exemplares
My Best Enemy (1987) 11 exemplares
Just Desserts (1990) 11 exemplares
Best Friends Forever (1986) 11 exemplares
The Boyfriend Wars (1995) 11 exemplares
Old Friends, New Friends (1986) 11 exemplares
Nothing in Common (1987) 10 exemplares
The Trouble with Toni (1986) 10 exemplares
The Graduates (1986) 10 exemplares
Growing Pains (1986) 10 exemplares
The Great Boy Chase (1985) 10 exemplares
Love to Go (1990) 10 exemplares
My Secret Love (1986) 9 exemplares
Roni's Sweet Fifteen (1995) 9 exemplares
At Your Service (1990) 9 exemplares
Follow That Boy (1985) 7 exemplares
Never Say Goodbye (1987) 7 exemplares
Torn Apart (1999) 7 exemplares
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Helpful Hattie (1983) 6 exemplares
Cool in School (1996) 5 exemplares
Sleepover Madness (1995) 5 exemplares
Dear Cousin (1987) 5 exemplares
Trading Places (1987) 5 exemplares
Trade Winds (1993) 5 exemplares
Karen's Lessons in Love (1995) 4 exemplares
Madame Sarah (1989) 4 exemplares
Billy and Ben: The Terrible Two (1992) 4 exemplares
All Rapped Up (1997) 4 exemplares
You Read My Mind (1996) 4 exemplares
Two Girls, One Boy (1987) 4 exemplares
Flip Side (1987) 4 exemplares
Big Sister (1988) 4 exemplares
Love Potion (1999) 4 exemplares
Surf's Up! (1987) 4 exemplares
One Step Too Far (1989) 4 exemplares
Boy Trouble for Tess and Ali (1991) 3 exemplares
Tug of War (1987) 3 exemplares
On My Own (1986) 3 exemplares
Summer Daze (1997) 3 exemplares
Road Trip (1989) 3 exemplares
Heartbreak Café (1989) 3 exemplares
Last Dance (1987) 3 exemplares
Fool's Gold (1991) 3 exemplares
Double Take (1987) 3 exemplares
Molly Murphy Series, Books 1-15 (2016) 3 exemplares
Blind Date (1988) 3 exemplares
Out in the Cold (1988) 3 exemplares
Star Quality (1997) 2 exemplares
Forever Friday (1995) 2 exemplares
Dream Come True (1988) 2 exemplares
Night of the Prom (1992) 2 exemplares
Home Sweet Home (1988) 2 exemplares
Having a Ball (1989) 2 exemplares
Make Me a Star (1987) 2 exemplares
Secrets of Lake Success (1993) 2 exemplares
Amazing Grace (1993) 2 exemplares
Starring Tess and Ali (1991) 2 exemplares
Voodoo 2 exemplares
Winner Take All (1984) 1 exemplar
Dear Karen (1998) 1 exemplar
Love Potion 1 exemplar
Her Royal Spyness 6 Book Set (1990) 1 exemplar
The Wall 1 exemplar
Evan and Me 1 exemplar
Tommy Loves Tina (1984) 1 exemplar
Doppelganger 1 exemplar
Sherlocked 1 exemplar
It's My Turn (1988) 1 exemplar
The Sutcliffe Diamonds (1994) 1 exemplar
Friday Night Fright (1995) 1 exemplar
All That is Hidden 1 exemplar

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Conhecimento Comum

Nome legal
Quin-Harkin, Janet
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Bath, Somerset, England, UK
Locais de residência
California, USA
Arizona, USA
University of London
mystery writer
BBC announcer
drama studio manager
Mystery Writers of America
Prémios e menções honrosas
Anthony Award (Short Story, 2004) for "Doppleganger" in the anthology Blood on Their Hands
Meg Ruley
Nota de desambiguação
Janet Quin-Harkin writes books for teens. She uses the pen name Rhys Bowen for her mystery novels for adults.




The first book in the Molly Murphy Mysteries introduces young Molly Murphy who has to flee Ireland after causing a gentry man who assaulted her to die. Fearing that she'll be tried for murder, she runs to England with just a few coins in her pocket and no future plans.

Molly meets Kathleen O'Connor and her two young children and agrees to escort the children to America to join their father. Katleen is dying of consumption and knows she'll be turned back at Ellis Island. But to successfully manage the trip. Molly will have to pretend to be Kathleen O'Connor.

The trip across the ocean in steerage and the days at Ellis Island would be harrowing enough, but when a man who was seen arguing with Molly is found dead with a slit throat, Molly needs to find the killer before she can start her new life in America.

Going after her sleepwalking young charge means that Molly is the only one who might have seen the killer. Police Lieutenant Daniel Sullivan a second-generation Irish American is on the case and initially suspects Molly even while being attracted to her.

Molly puts herself in all kinds of danger as she investigates the murder but, luckily, Sullivan is always just a step or two behind.

This was an entertaining historical mystery which begins a long-running series.
… (mais)
kmartin802 | 48 outras críticas | Apr 18, 2024 |
In Sunshine or in Shadow is the twentieth book of the long-running historical mystery series Molly Murphy by Rhys Bowen and Clare Broyles.

Growing up in the Catskills I can definitely say that Bowen and Broyles described the area and life there in the very early part of the 20th century perfectly. I remember my Grandmother telling me about the resorts built for Jewish families escaping the New York City during the summer heat as air conditioning had not been invented yet. There was a lot of animosity towards Jews and the women’s suffrage movement at that time, and Bowen and Broyles addressed these issues with the finesse that they deserved. The main and secondary characters were all fleshed out with very distinct personalities and voices making this story an even more enjoyable experience.

This is my first time reading a Rhys Bowen book, and I am excited to say it will not be my last. The mystery totally engrossed me, and I read enthusiastically through to the end trying to figure out who the killer was. I am sure to get the most out of this series it would be beneficial to read them in order. However, not having read any of the previous books in this series, I had no problems whatsoever as it read as a standalone.

Thank you Minotaur Books for the opportunity to read and review an advance copy of this wonderful book via NetGalley. I was under no obligation whatsoever to write a favorable review and all opinions are my own.
… (mais)
ladyharris | 3 outras críticas | Apr 18, 2024 |
It is December, 1902 and Molly Murphy, female private detective is becoming very busy juggling three cases at once. We learn that the first case is trying to find the son of a very wealthy Jewish family whose automobile is discovered wreaked against a tree. Then she is approached by a Broadway musical star to find out whether her new play is being harassed by a ghost. Lastly, when Molly stumbles over the almost frozen body of a young woman buried in a snow bank in Central Park, she feels she must take on the care of this mysterious woman just to keep her out of the local asylum.

She has many friends and an admirer whose job as a New York police detective provides assistance and protection when things get dangerous. An enjoyable read which also provides information on what life may have been like in turn of the century New York City.
… (mais)
lamour | 11 outras críticas | Apr 12, 2024 |



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