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Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin-Picking Plan (2014) — Ilustrador, algumas edições746 exemplares, 2 críticas


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Baby's gonna baby, and they will do what they want! My kneejerk thought is to say the bow is counterproductive as a tertiary sexual characteristic but 1) feminist baby can wear a bow if she wants! She wears whatever she wants to wear! and 2) there's frankly an obnoxious amount of people who just assume he/him by default when addressing your baby unless you cover them in a pound of frills. My baby is getting into solids; you think I want to increase the surface area for places where crumbs and smears can hide??

Anyway, going to keep an eye out for the other Feminist Baby books because the patriarchy injures everyone by forcing them into boxes of expected behavior- babies will do baby things, regardless of sex or gender.
… (mais)
Daumari | 8 outras críticas | Dec 28, 2023 |
First sentence: For your smile, I'd quack quack like a duck. Because when you're smiling, I can't believe my good luck! For your giggles, I'd hop hop like a bunny. And I'd keep on hopping, as long as you think it's funny. For your belly laugh, I'd tweet tweet like a bird. Because it's the best sound that I've ever heard.

Premise/plot: Board book for very young "readers." This one is illustrated in three colors--black, white, red. The text is a rhyming text. I'd say at least half the book has great rhythm. (The rhythm begins to break up about that point in the text. This may not bother most readers.)

My thoughts: I really loved this one--especially in the beginning. I loved the rhyming rhythm. I was like FINALLY a rhyming book that I can 100% recommend as being super-awesome. And then about halfway through the rhythm becomes a little clunkier. Where the rhythm begins to slip off being oh-so-perfect and just-right to perhaps half a syllable too many per line. Just oh-so-close. I think the majority of readers--especially little ones--won't notice. I think this one still has great potential and is to be recommended.
… (mais)
blbooks | 1 outra crítica | Jul 8, 2023 |
First sentence: Now that you're here, there's so much we can do.

Premise/plot: If you're looking for a board book printed in only three colors--black, white, and red--this may be the one for you. The premise is simple--there's always so much to do as a family.

My thoughts: I didn't love this one. I get that the concept is that the book is geared for the very, very, very young. And the illustrations are designed to be appreciated for little eyes to see. The text is sweet and simple.… (mais)
blbooks | Jul 7, 2023 |
Parents will love this high contrast book about love between them and their child!
msgabbythelibrarian | 1 outra crítica | Jun 11, 2023 |


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