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In The Dark (2010) 12 exemplares
His Nemesis (2011) 10 exemplares
Taken by the Vorinovs (2010) 9 exemplares
007 - A Licence to Bondage (2010) 7 exemplares
The Pilot's Surrender (2010) 7 exemplares
Boot Camp Week (2013) 7 exemplares
The Wild Side (2011) 6 exemplares
Snapped into Submission (2011) 6 exemplares
Made for Auction (2012) 6 exemplares
Brothers in Hell 5 exemplares
The Rogue Avenger (2011) 5 exemplares
The Unchained Slave 5 exemplares
The Wild Side of Christmas (2011) 5 exemplares
Enslaved by the Vorinovs (2011) 4 exemplares
An Angel Falls to The Wild Side (2015) 4 exemplares
A Road to Bondage (2011) 4 exemplares
A Taste of The Wild Side (2011) 3 exemplares
Welcome to The Wild Side (2011) 3 exemplares
The Collaborator's Reward (2011) 3 exemplares
Nabbed Again! (2011) 3 exemplares
Mastered (2011) 3 exemplares
His Nemesis Demands 3 exemplares
Mania (2012) 3 exemplares
Revenge of the Vorinovs (2011) 3 exemplares
Fisted!!! 3 exemplares
Trucker Bugger (2010) 2 exemplares
The Captain's Deliverance (2011) 2 exemplares
The Beauville Trilogy Box Set (2016) 2 exemplares
The Ring of Sodom Trilogy (2020) 2 exemplares
Welcome to Gomorrah (2019) 2 exemplares
Private Education (2016) 2 exemplares
Preparing the Way (2011) 2 exemplares
Through the Keyhole (2010) 2 exemplares
A First Time for Everything (2010) 2 exemplares
Fisting Night at The Wild Side (2011) 2 exemplares
Return of the Vorinovs (2017) 2 exemplares
Nabbed! (2011) 2 exemplares
Debasement 1 exemplar
B for Bondage (2011) 1 exemplar
Jack's Naughtiness Unbound (2017) 1 exemplar
Rabbed! 1 exemplar
Burning Fire 1 exemplar


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Brighton, J. K.



A fun kinky M/M read.
bit-of-a-list-tiger | 1 outra crítica | Sep 4, 2023 |
Paddy McGuire is in debt to his loan shark to the tune of one hundred thousand dollars and he doesn't have a cent to pay back. Paddy's mother is threatened. So Paddy decided to sell the only thing that he has to raise the money, his virgin ass. He is taken to the Bears Den for raining to become a sub to a Saudi sheik but Paddy is a natural top. Angus, the owner of the Bears Den, sees Paddy's potential but knows that he'll never cut it as a sub. There is a strong attraction between Angus and Paddy so Angus off to teach Paddy to become a Major Domo. The masters at Bears Den put the constantly horny Paddy through every kind of BDSM training possible and Paddy thrives. This is the first Wild Side book that I've read and it was hot, funny and sexy. I came to like the walking hardon Paddy and the big gruff Angus. The Bears Den is a nest of fun where slaves are trained and used mercilessly. I recommend this raunchy yet lighter look at BDSM… (mais)
Connorz | Jan 4, 2023 |
Basically a short about a Christmas orgy at a new BDSM club. One Dom and three subs but nothing to write home about.
Connorz | Jan 4, 2023 |
Pretty harsh historical gay bdsm erotica.
dommebooks | Oct 16, 2020 |


½ 3.4

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