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Susie Bright is a bestselling author and the host of Audibles in Bed With Susie Bright. She was co-founder and editor of on our backs magazine, and was the first journalist to cover erotic cinema and the porn business in the mainstream press.


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Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World (1990) 254 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Sexual State of the Union (1997) 246 exemplares, 2 críticas
Herotica: A Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction (1988) — Editor — 163 exemplares
Art Photography Now (2005) 146 exemplares
Nothing But The Girl; The Blatant Lesbian Image (1996) 126 exemplares, 4 críticas
The Best American Erotica 2003 (2003) — Editor — 121 exemplares
Herotica 2: A Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction (1992) — Editor — 115 exemplares
Totally Herotica: A Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction (1988) — Editor — 112 exemplares
The Best American Erotica 2000 (2000) — Editor — 107 exemplares
Big Sex Little Death: A Memoir (2011) 104 exemplares, 3 críticas
The BEST AMERICAN EROTICA 1997 (1997) — Editor — 103 exemplares, 1 crítica
Bitten: Dark Erotic Stories (2009) — Editor — 101 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Best American Erotica 2006 (1994) — Editor — 100 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Best American Erotica 2004 (2004) — Editor — 99 exemplares
The Best American Erotica 1993 (1993) — Editor — 97 exemplares
The Best American Erotica 1996 (1996) — Editor — 92 exemplares
The Best American Erotica 2001 (2001) — Editor — 91 exemplares
The Best American Erotica 2002 (2002) — Editor — 89 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Best American Erotica 1995 (1995) — Editor — 89 exemplares
The Best American Erotica 2005 (2004) — Editor — 86 exemplares
Herotica 3: A Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction (1994) — Editor — 84 exemplares
The Best of Best American Erotica 2008: 15th Anniversary Edition (2008) — Editor — 79 exemplares, 1 crítica
Best American Erotica 1994 (1994) — Editor — 77 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Best American Erotica 2007 (2007) — Editor — 76 exemplares
The Best American Erotica 1999 (1999) — Editor — 74 exemplares
X: The Erotic Treasury (2008) 62 exemplares
Century of lesbian erotica (1998) 49 exemplares
Santa Cruz Noir (2018) — Editor — 37 exemplares, 15 críticas
Best Sex Writing 2012: The State of Today's Sexual Culture (2012) — Editor — 32 exemplares, 3 críticas
Starf*cker: A Twisted Collection of Superstar Fantasies (2001) — Contribuidor — 26 exemplares
Face of Fashion (2007) 19 exemplares
Kelli Connell: Double Life (2011) 9 exemplares
Breathing Under Water (2001) 8 exemplares
House of the mother (1995) 7 exemplares
Food, Sex and Relationships (1997) 5 exemplares
Sexual Reality (2009) 5 exemplares
The layers of our seeing (2006) 4 exemplares
Researching property law (2015) 4 exemplares
Best of Susie Sexpert (2001) 3 exemplares
Minä, nainen (1992) 3 exemplares
Mother Daughter Sex Advice (2012) 3 exemplares
Bunny (1991) 2 exemplares
Coming Full Circle (1997) 2 exemplares
Love and Lust: A Sex Journal (2010) 2 exemplares
Sex, Secrets, and Money (2009) 2 exemplares
Erótica femenina (1993) 1 exemplar
Sexwise (2009) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Angry Women (1991) — Contribuidor — 377 exemplares, 3 críticas
Sugar in My Bowl: Real Women Write About Real Sex (2011) — Contribuidor — 107 exemplares, 6 críticas
The Celluloid Closet [1995 film] (1995) — Self — 88 exemplares, 4 críticas
Twisted Sisters 2: Drawing the Line (1995) — Introdução — 59 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Erotic Impulse: Honoring the Sensual Self (1992) — Contribuidor — 54 exemplares, 1 crítica
Best Fetish Erotica (Best Erotica Series) (2002) — Contribuidor — 28 exemplares


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Mixture of essays ranging from deeply personal experiences to commentary on sex in politics and media. I did learn a couple of things about the state of laws around consent for minors which made it worth picking up. Also really sharp essays by Susie Bright and Roxanne Gay are recommended.
spuddybuddy | 2 outras críticas | May 28, 2024 |
Supposed to be the best erotica author, not yet
Newmans2001 | Nov 17, 2023 |
This is a good read, full of interesting ideas and tips on how to become a writer of erotica, including tips on each aspect of moving from having a story idea to publishing and promoting the work. It is useful, inspire of having been written 17 years ago, but more recent changes in technology and in publishing, including in self-publishing, probably mean an updated version of the book would be more useful than the old, 2001, version I read and am commenting upon here.
PaulLoesch | 4 outras críticas | Apr 2, 2022 |
It's simple math, isn't it? Start off with Rachel Kramer Bussel, add in Susie Bright, mix in the sex and you have yourself Best Sex Writing 2012.

Susie Bright selected the best of the best of the year passed, and her ability to read and choose has not waned since her departure from - and the untimely death of - The Best American Erotica. And Rachel Kramer Bussel is equally awesome.

The collection contains articles, essays, and pieces by Thomas Roche, Amber Dawn, Joan Price, Marty Klein, Susie Bright, and Rachel Kramer Bussel. The wind range of topics extends (no pun intended) the idiocy behind banning circumcision to rape culture to growing up queer in the Meatpacking District.

In Marty Klein's piece, "Criminalizing Circumcision: Self-Hatred as Public Policy," follows San Francisco's insane idea to outlaw circumcision in infants. It's the first - can I call it pro-circumcision? - positive circumcision piece I've read. It addresses the myths that anti-circumcision "activists" tout, and explains that any "physical" lacking a circumcised man feels is strictly psychological.

In "Losing the Meatpacking District: A Queer History of Leather Culture," Abby Tallmer reminiscences about growing up in the Meatpacking District in the midst of the queer and leather nightclubs, reminding us to never take our presents for granted because they can simply be erased.

Both Susie Bright and Thomas Roche pieces attack the laughable "news reporting" of major newspapers that fail at fact checking and op-eds how the media fails our sexual society by filling people's minds with the Christian Right-wing agenda.

Greta Christiana, on the other hand, reports how a secular lifestyle might improve your sex life over a religious one. In "Atheists Do It Better: Why Leaving Religion Leads to Better Sex," we learn that secular households tend to do it, well, better. Not only in the bedroom, but with raising children, as well. (You'll have to read the piece.)

"Grief, Resilience, and My 66th Birthday Gift" teaches us the sex life of an older woman and author, Joan Price. From finding someone to spend her life with, to the dynamic of her sex life to the grief she felt when he passed to regaining her sexual self afterward. The piece is possibly the best in the collection - in my humble opinion, anyway.

All in all, Best Sex Writing 2012 is worth the read and a place on your shelf or e-reader.
… (mais)
ennuiprayer | 2 outras críticas | Jan 14, 2022 |


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