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The Pisces (2018) 580 exemplares
Milk Fed (2021) 492 exemplares
So Sad Today: Personal Essays (2016) 332 exemplares
Death Valley (2023) 171 exemplares
Last Sext (2016) 44 exemplares
Superdoom: Selected Poems (2021) 21 exemplares
Meat Heart (2012) 19 exemplares
Scarecrone (2014) 15 exemplares
Dust Moan 2 exemplares

Associated Works

The Hour of the Star (1986) — Narrador, algumas edições2,090 exemplares
Poetry Magazine Vol. 205 No. 3, December 2014 (2014) — Contribuidor — 6 exemplares


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Lusty, amusing read for the first half while narrator discusses her long overdue thesis on Sappho, her loneliness and depression, but I resisted the soft porn details of merman sex, and wearied of the therapy group. After the midpoint, I skimmed just to know the dog’s fate and felt less compelled by the narrator’s fate. I feel better reading other reviewers who present Theo as only a metaphor for Lucy’s need and longing to be loved.
featherbooks | 40 outras críticas | May 7, 2024 |
I confess; I let the title and the cover hook me on this one, and again, did not read the summary of the story first. Yowies!
Well, what did I like? As mentioned, I liked the cover and the title; I liked the new age references; I liked that it took place (mostly) in Venice, Calfornia; I liked that the main character was a student working on a thesis; I liked that the main character was living a parallel life to the poet she was studying; I liked that the relationship aspect put me in mind of a highly exaggerated version of my 20's. But it was hard to listen to. I might have entitled it "Confessions of a Sex Addict". The language and graphic details put it in the "definitely not my genre" category.… (mais)
TraSea | 40 outras críticas | Apr 29, 2024 |
before i started this i had no clue what this book was about and i did not know who the author was.. Melissa Broder wrote Milkfed?! and Death Valley?! and The Pisces?! what??! i truly thought this was a newly released book.. it was published in 2016. there are things in this book that i have never thought about. she was saying things i would be embarrassed to say out loud and she shared them to the whole world! the things Melissa Broder shares in these essays.. it's a memoir like no other memoir i’ve read in my life. ALL OF THIS IN A GOOD WAY! these essays are soooooo personal. they are raw and bold and brave. i read a review that said, "I never knew one person had so much to say about themselves." they're not wrong as here's almost everything Melissa Broder talks about: chakras, tantra sex, evening sex on the Golden Gate Bridge, her eating disorders, mental disorders, communication, massage, rebirthing experiences, sacred dance, anti-age choices, body image, bravery, work, workshops, getting paid for sex, New York and San Francisco comparisons, 3 hour vaginal massages, men, women, sexuality of every kind, feminism, marriage, wine, weed, coke, food, money, self-worth, anxiety, addiction, recovery, depression, love, infatuation, therapy. turn ons, turn offs, porn, escapes, feeling about everything under the sun, vomiting, Wellbutrin, death, relationships of all kinds. this was a great book and i'm glad i read it… (mais)
Ellen-Simon | 17 outras críticas | Apr 1, 2024 |
2023. Pretty good book about a woman getting lost in the desert and having visions. Super cool desert nature, Writing style didn't exactly work for me...perhaps her reference points are too recent for me to relate to... felt like I had nothing in common with the protagonist until she was crawling through the desert, when everyone becomes equal in their desperation. Easy, fun read though, whipped through it.
kylekatz | 6 outras críticas | Mar 26, 2024 |



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