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When Brodeur was in her early teens, her mother took her into confidence, revealing that she had begun an affair with her husband's best friend. In this memoir Brodeur details the trajectory of that clandestine relationship, Brodeur's own involvement in it, and though it took her many years to accept it, the innumerable ways it messed her up. Reading this book was like watching the proverbial train wreck — even though it was just overflowing with dysfunctional relationships, psychological manipulation and deceit, I couldn't stop turning pages. So while it ticked the boxes for engaging and entertaining, I'm not sure what made it a story worthy of publishing. The writing is skilled, but other than feeling grateful that I don't come from nearly as dysfunctional a family, I don't feel like a really got much out of it. Recommended if you, too, just want to feel better about your own family.… (mais)
ryner | 31 outras críticas | Feb 23, 2024 |
Story of a Cape Cod based wealthy family, could literally be a beach read. Unfortunately I finished while closer to home. I didn't like where it started, and mostly grew to not like the characters (at least the men), but it all managed to come together... if not nicely, at least together. Oh, how I feel for the 'best' characters (Abby, Jenny & the twin girls) next chapters after election day, 2016...

The manic Adam can be read sympathetically, but Ken is a cardboard cutout of a (little, angry) manchild.… (mais)
kcshankd | 9 outras críticas | Jan 30, 2024 |
Reason read: WC bookclub read, Nov/Dec 2023

This book was published June 2023. This is set in contemporary times; Hillary and Trump are running for president. The location is Cape Cod and it involves a very dysfunctional family and sibling relationships. The book looks at the impacts of mental illness and the death of parents on children. The book also covers some politics, environmental issues, and gender issues. I found it to be a book that keeps you engaged but I can't say I enjoyed it. I found it rather icky. I don't think it has any lasting impact but does speak to the current times politically and wokeness. The plot revolves around several family secrets. The main characters are the 70 y/o manic depressive father, his two children Abbey and Ken, Adam, and Steph. Of these characters there is little growth for any of them.… (mais)
Kristelh | 9 outras críticas | Nov 6, 2023 |
The voices of each character are distinct. Brodeur did a great job wiih Adam's ramblings and manic delusions. Each character's inner struggles are believable and interesting. Despite the human drama, the descriptions of summer on the Cape are lovely and restfull. A well written page turner which will bring summer on the beach to life.
ccayne | 9 outras críticas | Sep 23, 2023 |


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