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Image credit: Brody interviewed by Librairie Mollat in 2015 By librairie mollat - Jessica Brody - Unremembered Volume 1 : Inaccessible circa 0:20, cropped, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=76346363


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Unremembered (2013) 435 exemplares
Sky Without Stars (2019) 430 exemplares
The Chaos of Standing Still (2017) 211 exemplares
CJ's Treasure Chase (2016) 174 exemplares
The Karma Club (2010) 171 exemplares
52 Reasons to Hate My Father (2012) 146 exemplares
The Geography of Lost Things (2018) 133 exemplares
Unforgotten (2014) 126 exemplares
My Life Undecided (2011) 124 exemplares
Between Burning Worlds (2020) 112 exemplares
A Week of Mondays: A Novel (2016) 108 exemplares
In Some Other Life (2017) 107 exemplares
Unchanged (2015) 76 exemplares
Suns Will Rise (2021) 61 exemplares
The Fidelity Files (2008) 56 exemplares
Boys of Summer (2016) 42 exemplares
Better You Than Me (2018) 21 exemplares
Love Under Cover (2009) 21 exemplares
A dragon in the castle? (2018) 12 exemplares
I Speak Boy (2021) 10 exemplares
Undiscovered (2014) 7 exemplares
Amelia Gray Is Almost Okay (2023) 7 exemplares
The Human Engineer (2015) 5 exemplares
Unleashed (Unremembered, #2.5) (2015) 5 exemplares
The Intelligence Director (2014) 5 exemplares
Eine Woche voller Montage (2016) 4 exemplares
The Memory Coder (2013) 3 exemplares
Die Rebellion von Laterre (2019) 3 exemplares
Glemt (2014) 2 exemplares
Fieses Karma 1 exemplar
Inesquecível (2017) 1 exemplar
O Clube Karma (2010) 1 exemplar
Un Remembered 1 exemplar
The Thief 1 exemplar

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Nome canónico
Brody, Jessica
Data de nascimento
fl 1900s
Locais de residência
Los Angeles, California, USA
Smith College (BA|Economics)



It took me a while to get into this one. We start off meeting "Violet"after she is discovered on the wreckage of a plan that went down in the ocean. She had no memory of how she got there or who she is, actually she doesn't seem to remember anything. She spends time in the hospital, and while everyone is looking for her next of kin, and her photo is plastered all over the news; no one seems to be stepping forward to claim this 16 year old girl. "Violet" is so called because of her unusual eye color.

Violet has a visitor while in the hospital, but trying to fight against the drugs given to her to help her sleep isn't easy and she starts to think that it wasn't real. Once she is released from the hospital, she sees someone that she thinks was the visitor from her room, though she isn't sure and she is frightened of him. She is placed with a foster family that lives out in a little town. This is where things start to pick up a little bit.

Violet meets her foster parents son after he returns from camp. Violet, ends up going to the store with her foster mother, and there she runs into this mysterious guy again, he tells her what her name really is, and that she was never on that plane. While "Violet" whom we now know was called Sera, short for Seraphina; doesn't really belive the boy, she convinces her foster brother to go with her to the airport, to see if she was really on that plane.

I got kind of bored with the story at this point and stopped reading for a few days, and then went back to it. Long story short, Sera starts to believe what the boy Zen is telling her and she ends up at a diner where she is chased. She is captured, and in the end released by one of the guys who created her. So she isn't fully human, she's more super human. But then things change again! She leaves with Zen and he helps her recover some of her memories, using a device sort of like a thumb drive for a computer. In the end Sera believes everything that Zen has told her and they run off together, only to have Zen captured and Sera eventually give herself up to save him. I really hope that this turns out to be more than just one book, I can't stand not knowing if the two love birds make it to where they were originally heading and if the people that created Sera continue to look for her.
… (mais)
chaoticmel | 34 outras críticas | May 18, 2024 |
The premise of this book has merit, and there is some useful information in it, but it is also based on a borrowed premise and, as such, there was not much in it that I had not heard elsewhere.

There are *hundreds* of spoilers in this book. If you have an extensive or diverse TBR, you may find yourself needing to skip paragraphs or even multiple pages of content to avoid spoiling a story you want to read. This might make it less than useful for some readers. Additionally, while the author’s analyses are insightful, they are also sometimes “fluffy,” and the book does contain some editing errors / typos.

I think this book best serves as a beginner’s introduction to storytelling. It’s limited in scope but does give the reader a jumping off point.
… (mais)
erindarlyn | 25 outras críticas | Jan 25, 2024 |
This is the most helpful bundle of insight on how to write a novel that I have found. I put down an arbitrary "completed" date because it's a reference book that one never really finishes.

I just keep going back to it again and again. The analyses of several different genre examples also included are treasure.

Absolutely invaluable.
BethOwl | 25 outras críticas | Jan 24, 2024 |
I really enjoy books that take place over the course of one night and especially when they are "trapped" somewhere. I grew to enjoy the main character. Being in this character head took some getting used to but she grew on me. I thought how both grief and depression was handle in this book was super well done. It made me not only feel for the character but also go through my own emotions seeing the various timelines in this book. This book also had various mysteries that kept me engaged and fun cast of characters that I loved meeting in the pages. It was def. a more emotional read but def worth it especially if you are dealing with cold and snowy weather. If you like Katie Mcgary books, this book would be right up your alley!
… (mais)
lmauro123 | 9 outras críticas | Dec 28, 2023 |



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