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Dark Run (2015) 289 exemplares
The Black Coast (2021) 129 exemplares
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Dark Deeds (2017) 74 exemplares
Brutal Kunnin (Warhammer 40,000) (2020) 42 exemplares
Alpharius: Head of the Hydra (2021) 36 exemplares
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Packin' Heat - Warhammer 40,000 (2022) 2 exemplares
Fool's Ruin (2022) 2 exemplares
Road Rage (2021) 2 exemplares
Slate Run (Warhammer Crime) (2022) 1 exemplar
The Path Unclear (2017) 1 exemplar

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Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UK
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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
Nottingham University
Alex Cochran (C&W)



This was an epic story. Lion returns to the world of living in a very beautiful story of warrior trying to understand where is he actually, and to make things more complicated what actually happened to him.

Lion was always one of the most secretive Primarchs. Never ready to share his thoughts directly and commanding a Legion that is known for its formal and (especially) informal structures that are protected in levels of secrecy and parallel structures that makes Alpha Legion jealous, entire Lion's behavior was marked with ruthlessness and, for all means and purposes, instinctive reactions. As story explains, goal of any action is what matters and anything else is second nature. But then again, what is to be expected from formation that is tasked with enemy destruction in such a away that nothing remains of them, not a living soul, not even entire planets.

And so we see Lion finally enabled to leave place of his contemplation [where he apparently spent ten centuries] and enter one after another Imperial worlds fighting for their own lives, under constant attacks of Chaos. What will surprise him the most are contacts with his sons, Dark Angels of old, marked as Fallen in current time, and their almost unique reaction of trying to kill him the moment they see him - not out of rage (although some definitely have anger and rage in their hearts) but out of self-preservation, because they know the Lion, and his punishment.

As story progresses, Lion comes to terms that his actions in the past were not .... lets say the best possible and soon he becomes aware that fateful destruction of Caliban was very likely caused by the Chaos itself with a goal of fully destroying the First Legion. And so he tries to mend the ties with his pariah sons, and with great trepidation looks forward to contacting the Imperium, because he is afraid that Caliban but on grander scale will take place again. He is aghast how things have played out and what grew in place of his Father's dream (comments on technological state of Imperium are excellent, especially considering that First had access to magnificent technology for waging war).
One more item that permeates the story is shock on everyone when they meet Lion face to face - this together with Lion's realizations about himself are so grounded, human reactions that just make Lion more relatable (and not just from perspective of Lion of old). Fallen are portrayed also in a very relatable way - mighty warriors but with element that is missing from almost all Space Marines chapters in 40th millennium - there is no religious zeal, just grounded military oriented thinking and professionalism and aspiration to protect Humanity from destruction wrought by Chaos forces.

Of course not all fallen are redeemable and Lion is aware of this. Fate of Baelor is truly tragic but also redemption story that shows how many Fallen have selected mercenary way of life, constantly on the lookout for their modern brethren and stepping in to whatever cause they see fit - sometimes tragically falling to the Warp treacherous promises. I hope we very soon get to see Lion meeting the Cypher.

Excellent story, gives a lot of insight into the inner workings of the First and Legion's relation to the Lion. He is back and with him loyal Fallen are coming ready to fight for their gene-father and against approaching darkness. Interesting times are ahead, I am looking forward to meeting between Old First and modern Dark Angels Chapter.

Highly recommended.
… (mais)
Zare | 1 outra crítica | Feb 1, 2024 |
Well, this was a wild ride. Only thing I will say is that after reading about the Alpha Legion I can say that Dark Angels are actually sane and very transparent military organization.

In this book we follow Solomon Akurra, leader of one of the Alpha Legion warbands and - following very deadly battle with newly deployed Primaris - newly appointed Harrowmaster. Selected to this role by a unanimous vote of Alpha Legion warbands, Solomon aims high - to re-establish the Alpha Legion in a way that will give them chance of not only waging war as guerillas but also to engage the Imperium forces directly on the battlefield.

On the other end we have Kayzen Hart, Inquisitor who dedicated his entire life hunting the Alpha Legion, and he aims to behead the Hydra in more ways than one. To achieve this, he will do whatever it takes.

In the background of this conflict, reader, same as every Imperium and to a degree Alpha Legion troop, will be driven crazy by the level of twists, plots, backstabbing, lies and maneuvers that at some point I was not sure if Alpha Legion was not just at war with Imperium but also with itself - for no other reason but because .... you know, it is what they do.

Witnessing this level of manipulations and lies it is clear why of all traitor legions, Alpha Legion, although never operated fully in the Eye of Terror like other traitors, never became the threat to the Imperium that it could be. But then again, Solomon only now showed up on the stage.

Where this will lead, I have no idea, because I am not sure how you can build anything in the atmosphere of total mistrust. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Recommended to fans of the Hydra and W40K in general.
… (mais)
Zare | Jan 23, 2024 |
What a book, what a story. Told from the perspective of the most mysterious Primarchs, Alpharius and Omegon we follow the beginnings of these two .... I guess special ops commanders would be the term.

Same as Valdor this book brings us back to the very start - it is end of Unification Wars, and young Primarch will soon start his lessons - taught not only by the Emperor but by his right hand. Role of these primarchs, their legion, tactics and the values they cherish they all have their place in the Imperium of Man. They are shadow-spear, blade in darkness - threat to all insurgents and enemies of Imperium in general - human or otherwise.

To say more would be to ruin the experience for other readers. The amount of lore is ... breathtaking. I just cannot wait for new books in this series. What I will say is that XX Legion is now one of the legions I am truly interested in. Views and analysis of their brothers, that scene with Valdor ...... man :)

Highly recommended to all fans of Horus Heresy (and W40K lore in general). I stand corrected, if you like stories of heroes bigger than life and covert wars in the future you need to read this.
… (mais)
Zare | 3 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2024 |
Better than expected

The opening made me a little pessimistic about this book. Everything felt more than a little forced but it cleaned itself up after awhile and I was able to start enjoying the story. Fun little read for those that liked The Expanse.
levlazarev | 14 outras críticas | Oct 18, 2023 |



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