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Rogue Moon (1960) 851 exemplares
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The Falling Torch (1953) 331 exemplares
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The Iron Thorn (1967) 163 exemplares
The Furious Future (1963) 152 exemplares
Hard Landing (1993) 146 exemplares
The unexpected dimension (1960) 123 exemplares
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume I (1985) — Editor — 121 exemplares
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume IV (1988) — Editor; Introdução — 95 exemplares
Man of Earth (1956) 68 exemplares
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume V (1989) — Editor; Introdução — 62 exemplares
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume VIII (1992) — Senior Editor — 47 exemplares
Blood & Burning (1978) 39 exemplares
Benchmarks: Galaxy Bookshelf (1985) 30 exemplares
Citadel (2009) 13 exemplares
Entertainment (1997) 13 exemplares
The Stoker and the Stars (2010) 11 exemplares
The Barbarians (2010) 10 exemplares
Galaxy Science Fiction 1965 April, Vol. 23, No. 4 (1965) — Autor — 10 exemplares
False Night (1954) 8 exemplares
Desire No More (2020) 7 exemplares
Nobody Bothers Gus (1955) 7 exemplares
Riya's Foundling (2010) 6 exemplares
1981 and Counting 6 exemplares
Short Fiction (2011) 6 exemplares
Die Bewährung [Novelle] (1960) 5 exemplares
The Executioner [novelette] (1956) 4 exemplares
To Civilize [short story] (1954) 4 exemplares
Michaelmas (Part 2 of 2) (1976) 3 exemplares
Terrestri alla prova 3 exemplares
The Rag and Bone Men (2016) 3 exemplares
First to Serve 3 exemplares
Lower Than Angels 3 exemplares
Dimensión inesperada (1965) 3 exemplares
Wonderbird 2 exemplares
Die, Shadow! (2020) 2 exemplares
Silent Brother 2 exemplares
Protective Mimicry 2 exemplares
Watch Your Step 2 exemplares
Five Fantastic Stories (2009) 2 exemplares
Cerberus 2 exemplares
The War is Over 2 exemplares
S. O. S. Terre (1976) 1 exemplar
Ten cholerny księżyc (2020) 1 exemplar
Due Process 1 exemplar
Qui ? (Collection Futurama) (1975) 1 exemplar
Progetto terra 1 exemplar
Nightsound 1 exemplar
The Weeblies 1 exemplar
Walk to the World 1 exemplar
Master of the Hounds (1966) 1 exemplar
Auf Pluto gestrandet (1959) 1 exemplar
1986 1 exemplar
Who? [short story] (1955) 1 exemplar
Snail's pace [short story] (1953) 1 exemplar

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Conhecimento Comum



Story: 6 / 10
Characters: 8
Setting: 7
Prose: 4

An incredibly strong start, but irrelevancies detracted from the story. In the end, the book is a bit obscure.
Tags: Technological death, teleportation, masculinity
MXMLLN | 31 outras críticas | Jan 12, 2024 |
With "Rogue Moon," Budrys struggles to play out philosophical discussions on life, death, the meaning of True Manhood, and whether memory is immortality or not. To cause these to play out, he's whipped up an alien puzzle box much like that the Strugatski Brothers would perfect in "Roadside Picnic" and put it on the Moon, but it is more a MacGuffin than anything else; also, the matter transporter central to the plot presages that in 'Star Trek' by five years but ends up being the source of a massive, unspoken moral dilemma. Having created sentient, slave dopplegangers that have no rights or individual futures just seems to be a part of the job to everyone involved: ain't that nice?

The SF value is moot, though. The philosophical digressions are banal and blustery; the overarching frame of the story is both dated and unbelievable. But what makes this book nearly unreadable is the reduction of characters to theatrical masks, like in Greek tragedy: they are archetypes. There's the Rational But Clueless Man (Hawks), the Arrogant & Toxic Male (Barker), the Whore of Babylon (Claire), the Superficial Fool (Connington), the Blowhard Boss (Cobey), and the Patient Penelope (Elizabeth). What forgiving reviewers call "character development" reads to me like episode after episode of toxic posturing bathed in cigar smoke, Scotch, and pheromones.

This book is not just dated, but fails. Stanislaw Lem wrote a better, similar book then ("Eden," publ. 1959) and Alastair Reynolds intentionally improved on this more recently (novella "Diamond Dogs," 2001). Perhaps its air of sophistication and cerebral ruminations wowed the audience in 1960, but this is nothing more than an artifact now and should be read as such.
… (mais)
1 vote
MLShaw | 31 outras críticas | Aug 17, 2023 |
An old fashioned sci-fi adventure tale, leaning mildly towards YA.

It's actually pretty Heinlein-ish - well rounded self made men, pretty women with minds of their own, and a world where that's just what you need to excel.

It seems oddly truncated, like a heavy handed editor trimmed it back, but worth reading.

Freely available from Gutenburg and rel="nofollow" target="_top">Manybooks etc.… (mais)
furicle | Aug 5, 2023 |
El científico Ed Hawks ha creado el transmisor de materia, una máquina increíblemente poderosa que puede enviar a un hombre a la Luna al tiempo que crea un duplicado suyo aquí en la Tierra. Pero todos los voluntarios que son enviados a la Luna mueren unos pocos minutos más tarde en el laberinto alienígena que ha sido descubierto allí, mientras que sus duplicados terrestres, unidos telepáticamente a ellos, se ven sumidos en la locura. Hasta que aparece Al Barker, un aventurero que ha pasado toda su vida desafiando a la muerte, y que ahora está dispuesto a desentrañar definitivamente ese desafío alienígena.… (mais)
Natt90 | 31 outras críticas | Mar 23, 2023 |



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