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Canham, Marsha M.
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Canham, Marsha M.
Canham, Marsha
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Across a Moonlit Sea by Marsha Canham is a 2011 publication- originally published in 1996.

Beau Spence is a woman ahead of her time!

Set in the Elizabethan era, this swashbuckling adventure has it all. Intrigue, suspense, pirates, action, adventure and steamy hot romance on the high seas!

I bought this book, according to Amazon, back in 2012. Yes, it has been gathering ‘virtual’ dust on my Kindle since then, but the main reason I bought the book back then was so that I’d have a digital copy of this older title as many books written in this time period are out of print or hard to find. It was not my intent to read it immediately, but to save it for a time when I found myself in the mood to revisit historical fiction/romance books I enjoyed back in the day.

Recently, I’ve been doing a little side project concerning older books that need to be digitized. This brought up many historical romance novels that are unavailable in e-book format- but my research also reminded me of how much I used to love those old books. So, I found myself craving a good pirate adventure- a type of HR that nobody ever writes anymore- so finally, after a decade of waiting- here we are.

Once I settled in, adjusting to writing style after many years removed from this type of novel, it all started to come back to me and it felt SO good. These older HR novels had a great deal of Historical Fiction added in, complementing the romantic elements, plus it feels a lot more authentic.

Beau is ‘one of the guys’ and even has her own invention, in a very, very, very male dominated environment. She’s not soft or biddable or aristocratic – at all- she’s outspoken and tough and gives as good as she gets. I loved her!

The story, though, of course, is certainly a romance, but the Historical Fiction elements are more dominant- with gritty battles and plenty of intrigue. This is not a romance filled with overblown misunderstandings or filled with pretty words. The banter is off the charts, and often amusing- and the chemistry between Beau and Simon Dante remains in the physical realm for most of the book, with the future uncertain, but I would have liked more of an emotional connection. There are several very explicit sex scenes, and I admit I had forgotten how steamy these books were.

This is also the first book in a trilogy-and there will be some continuation. The series won a readers’ choice award, and I see why. It’s too bad that historical romance authors today are too scared to write books like this one. Regencies are fun, for sure, and I do love the older, pure light-hearted Regencies- but I do like to read about other time periods, too. Balance and variety is a good thing people!

While older historical romances have a bad reputation sometimes, this one is pretty tame. There are some mild un-pc attitudes, but nothing you can’t look past. The prose, common for the time in which the book was written, was just a bit flowery, but nothing all that bad.

Overall, this is a fun swashbuckling pirate adventure written in a style and the style we don't get to experience anymore. Thankfully, some of the authors who were prolific writers back in the day digitized their books- so at least there are a few I can still enjoy from time to time.

For those who have KU subscription, the entire trilogy is included- so maybe, instead of spending my summer at the beach, I'll spend it on the high seas!!

*Note: Any author who has not digitized their work, please consider doing so. You may not make tons of money from them- but you aren't making ANY money from eBay, or Half Priced Books, or garage sales either. But the most important thing is that your work will be preserved!!
… (mais)
gpangel | 3 outras críticas | May 30, 2023 |
Litrvixen | 1 outra crítica | Jun 23, 2022 |
4.5 stars. This book reads like Garwood but grittier, and it definitely has some strong McNaught vibes à la A Kingdom of Dreams—and I loved it! It's wonderfully old school, but, as some other reviewers have said, it feels less like a product of its time and more like an accurate representation of the setting. While the main characters do fall in love a bit too easily, I was proud of Servanne for not being duped by the bad guy and staying loyal to Lucien. I love how Canham is able to weave factual history into her stories, and, since the period covered in this book was intense, to say the least, I appreciated the accuracy. She also includes folklore in the story, which makes it even richer.

This is my third book by Canham, and her writing definitely reads more like historical fiction than romance. Since I happen to like both, that's absolutely fine with me, but it can feel like a lot of text to get through. Thankfully, Canham always keeps the plot moving, and you're almost always questioning characters' motives and actions (or screaming at them to run, shut up, do anything but what you know they're about to do, etc.). I also love that she dedicated this book to herself because it was her dream.

What I love about medieval romances is that everything is so life-and-death. Someone can get murdered in the blink of an eye, and there will probably be little to no repercussions. But, since it's romance, you know that at least the main couple will be okay in the end. It's brutal, it's gritty, but it's so rewarding when it's done right. I'm looking forward to reading Eduard and Brenna's books soon!
… (mais)
littlebookjockey | 4 outras críticas | Sep 15, 2020 |
This feels like a lover letter to Scotland and the Jacobites. It's so hard reading about and getting to know characters when you know many of them are likely going to die by the end because they're on the losing side of history (to aptly borrow from the Outlander OST). It wrenches at your heart each time. The only ones whose survival you can be sure of are the real historical figures who didn't die at the end of the rebellion and our main couple (because it's a romance, natch).

This reads like a historical fiction novel, even though it is still very much a romance. It's a commendable effort, and I loved every page of it. There are villains you love to hate and rejoice to see vanquished, along with adventure, action, and intrigue. While I normally might race through a novel, I had to pace myself with this one because each reading session left me emotionally drained.

Canham has a knack for writing scenes in such a way that you're not entirely sure what's going on at first, as if she's keeping you in the dark until the last moment. She writes from multiple perspectives, even those of seemingly minor, insignificant characters. She has you doubting characters you trusted and flipping your understanding of a character completely upside down when you least suspect it.

I suppose I should discuss our hero and heroine. They represent the light (Catherine) and the dark (Alexander)—I mean, he is the Camshroinaich Dubh, or "the Dark Cameron," for a reason. Catherine has such a great developmental arc. She starts out as a spoiled noblewoman and becomes a strong and fierce force to be reckoned with. Alex is quite literally legendary, but he's not afraid to go down on his knees and risk his life for the woman and the family and friends he loves.

Combined with the first book, this is an excellent story. Just make sure you do read the first book, or else you'll be very confused! It's a big book, but oh-so worth it.
… (mais)
littlebookjockey | 6 outras críticas | Sep 15, 2020 |

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