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Kate Carlisle is a Golden Heart and Daphne du Maurier Award winning author. She is the author of the Bibliophile Mystery Ser. (Bowker Author Biography)

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Homicide in Hardcover (2009) 1,053 exemplares
If Books Could Kill (2010) 589 exemplares
The Lies That Bind (2010) 446 exemplares
Murder Under Cover (2011) 410 exemplares
One Book in the Grave (2012) 407 exemplares
Peril in Paperback (2012) 358 exemplares
A Cookbook Conspiracy (2013) 338 exemplares
The Book Stops Here (2014) 271 exemplares
A High-End Finish (2014) 270 exemplares
Ripped From the Pages (2015) 253 exemplares
Books of a Feather (2016) 226 exemplares
Once Upon a Spine (2017) 193 exemplares
This Old Homicide (2015) 186 exemplares
Buried in Books (2018) 180 exemplares
Crowned and Moldering (2015) 164 exemplares
The Book Supremacy (2019) 157 exemplares
Deck the Hallways (2016) 148 exemplares
The Grim Reader (2020) 135 exemplares
Pages of Sin (2012) 117 exemplares
Eaves of Destruction (2017) 116 exemplares
Little Black Book (2021) 113 exemplares
A Wrench in the Works (2018) 96 exemplares
Shot Through the Hearth (2019) 93 exemplares
Premeditated Mortar (2020) 85 exemplares
Absence of Mallets (2021) 71 exemplares
The Paper Caper (2022) 66 exemplares
How to Seduce a Billionaire (2011) 28 exemplares
The Millionaire Meets His Match (2010) 25 exemplares
Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise (2010) 20 exemplares
She's Having the Boss's Baby (2013) 13 exemplares
An Innocent in Paradise (2011) 13 exemplares
Second-Chance Seduction (2013) 4 exemplares
Working and Living: Italy (2004) 2 exemplares
[No title] 1 exemplar
The Ties That Bind 1 exemplar
Süütuna paradiisis (2014) 1 exemplar

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An Innocent in Paradise [Manga] (2011) — Original Text — 1 exemplar


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Book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright returns home to San Francisco to teach a bookbinding class. Unfortunately, the program director Layla Fontaine is a horrendous host who pitches fits and lords over her subordinates. But when Layla is found shot dead, Brooklyn is bound and determined to investigate—even as the killer tries to close the book on her for good
Karen74Leigh | 23 outras críticas | Apr 21, 2024 |
After Wanda Frawley’s tragic suicide, rare book expert Brooklyn receives a box of Wanda’s old books—including a copy of Pride and Prejudice that contains a very interesting letter addressed to the deceased’s spouse. In it, Wanda’s sister professes her love for Wanda’s husband…and soon, other pieces of correspondence are discovered between the covers, hinting at sordid secrets—and, perhaps, murder.…
Karen74Leigh | 3 outras críticas | Apr 20, 2024 |
When she receives an exquisite copy of the Kama Sutra from her best friend Robin to appraise and restore, Brooklyn Wainwright anticipates both recreating a beautiful book and spicing up her love life.
But then Robin's apartment is ransacked, and the great guy she recently met is murdered in her bed. Now Robin is the #1 suspect. Obviously, exploring the Kama Sutra's bliss will have to wait until after Brooklyn finds the killer...

I love books that won't let you put them down. A Bibliophile mystery… (mais)
Karen74Leigh | 19 outras críticas | Apr 20, 2024 |
Book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright is attending the world-renowned Edinburgh Book Fair when her ex Kyle shows up with a bombshell. He has an original copy of a scandalous text that could change history—and humiliate the beloved British monarchy.
When Kyle turns up dead, the police are convinced Brooklyn's the culprit. But with an entire convention of suspects, Brooklyn's conducting her own investigation to find out if the motive for murder was a 200-year-old secret—or something much more personal. Bibliophile Mystery… (mais)
Karen74Leigh | 19 outras críticas | Apr 20, 2024 |


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