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Pretty Hate Machine (2011) 47 exemplares, 1 crítica
Best Music Writing 2011 (Da Capo Best Music Writing) (2011) — Editor — 44 exemplares
Best Music Writing 2010 (2010) — Editor — 34 exemplares

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Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music (2011) — Posfácio — 146 exemplares, 2 críticas


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It was kind of a disappointment. The stories were really badly written.
The introduction was very interesting, and could've been more than just an introduction. But what irritated me most was the last chapter with the Hot Topic merchandising history. Seriously, I don't care about their merchandising, and it began to feel like a book about the history of Hot Topic.
1 vote
Nowena | Jul 10, 2018 |

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