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Michael Carroll (4) (1955–)

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Michael Carroll (4) foi considerado como pseudónimo de Michael W. Carroll.

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The Year's Best Science Fiction: Seventeenth Annual Collection (2000) — Artista da capa, algumas edições509 exemplares
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Fourteenth Annual Collection (1997) — Artista da capa, algumas edições417 exemplares
The Microverse (1989) — Ilustrador — 66 exemplares
Asimov's Science Fiction: Vol. 31, No. 12 [December 2007] (2007) — Artista da capa, algumas edições14 exemplares
Asimov's Science Fiction: Vol. 24, No. 7 [July 2000] (2000) — Artista da capa — 12 exemplares
Visual Journeys: A Tribute to Space Artists (2007) — Ilustrador — 12 exemplares
Asimov's Science Fiction: Vol. 24, No. 6 [June 2000] (2000) — Contribuidor — 11 exemplares


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This is a beautiful and accessible book about one of the current "hot" topics in planetary sciences.
Steve_Walker | Sep 13, 2020 |
A popular science book about the atmospheres of our neighbouring planets, plus Titan and Triton. It's divided into three sections, dealing with the history of exploration, the present (well, 2011) understanding of the subject, and possible future missions. Naturally, the last suffers the most from the fact the book was written almost a decade ago; the Juno probe isn't future anymore, frex.

Nicely illustrated with a mixture of photographs from various probes and Carroll's paintings.
1 vote
AndreasJ | 1 outra crítica | May 1, 2020 |
To be honest, there's more text here than I expected. I just can't concentrate on it right now. But I'm going to keep it, and let my son read it, too. I definitely read enough to know that it's gracefully written, and interesting, and the paintings are amazing. I truly do recommend it - sorry I'm not ready to share on swap!
Cheryl_in_CC_NV | 1 outra crítica | Jun 6, 2016 |
My Thoughts about I Love God's Green Earth
This book covers a period of 90 days with scripture lessons, fun facts, activities and even jokes. A very interesting collection of fun facts and I even learned a few things that I did not know. For instance,"The deadliest earthquake ever recorded shook the Earth in Shansi, China, on January 23rd, 1556. Over 830,000 people died in the earthquake and the tidal waves that came afterward." That is a lot of people back then... I liked the What Can I Do? part of the daily devotion. I think that this is good for all of us and for children to think about how as individuals, we can help save our planet. Children are very receptive to new things and I think that this book will give them opportunities to think up ways to help save the environment and be able to use what they learn in their lives as they grow. It also leads them in the right direction on learning about God and how they relate to Him in their lives. I liked the book and I would recommend it for children over the age of 7. I give this book 5 stars...… (mais)
celticlady53 | Apr 12, 2010 |


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