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A powerful and disturbing writer, Angela Carter created haunting fiction about travelers surviving their passage through a disintegrating universe. Often based on myth or fairy tale-borrowed or invented for the occasion-her work evokes the most powerful aspects of sexuality and selfhood, of life mostrar mais and death, of apocalypse. Carter's most successful novels include The Magic Toyshop (1967), which received the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and Several Perceptions (1968), winner of the Somerset Maugham Award. The Passion of New Eve (1977), a story of the end of the world and its possible new beginning with failed mankind replaced by a self-generating womankind. She translated many fairy tales and wrote several collections of short stories, including The Bloody Chamber (1979) which won the Cheltenham Festival of Literature Award and was the basis for the powerful movie A Company of Wolves. She worked as a journalist and as a professor at Brown and the University of Texas. She published two nonfiction books of interest: Nothing Sacred, selected writings, and The Sadeian Woman (1979). (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories (1979) 5,464 exemplares
Nights at the Circus (1984) 2,649 exemplares
Wise Children (1991) 1,908 exemplares
The Magic Toyshop (1967) 1,897 exemplares
The Passion of New Eve (1977) 1,046 exemplares
Black Venus (1986) 773 exemplares
Heroes and Villains (1969) 669 exemplares
Fireworks (1974) 478 exemplares
The Virago Book of Fairy Tales (1990) 452 exemplares
Love (1971) 397 exemplares
Shadow Dance (1966) 246 exemplares
Expletives Deleted (1992) 187 exemplares
Nothing Sacred: Selected Writings (1982) 178 exemplares
The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault (1977) — Tradutor — 164 exemplares
Several Perceptions (1968) 149 exemplares
Comic and Curious Cats (1979) 133 exemplares
Sea-Cat and Dragon King (2000) — Autor — 68 exemplares
A Philosopher under the Roofs (1856) 58 exemplares
Bluebeard (2011) 58 exemplares
Artificial Fire (1988) 31 exemplares
The donkey prince (1970) 16 exemplares
Lizzie Borden (1996) 16 exemplares
Miss Z, the dark young lady (1970) 14 exemplares
Moonshadow (1982) 10 exemplares
The War of Dreams 3 exemplares
Mästerkatten i stövlar (2020) 3 exemplares
The Snow Pavilion 2 exemplares
Quemar Las Naves 2 exemplares
Wise Children - play (2018) — Original novel — 2 exemplares
Vampirella 2 exemplares
Kytice dívčích pohádek (1993) 1 exemplar
Peter And The Wolf 1 exemplar
Every Child's Cookery Book (1949) 1 exemplar
Maître 1 exemplar
Krvava odaja 1 exemplar
Sirk Geceleri (2015) 1 exemplar
Carter Angela 1 exemplar

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The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction (1983) — Contribuidor — 1,124 exemplares
The Classic Fairy Tales [Norton Critical Edition] (1998) — Contribuidor — 998 exemplares
The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories (2011) — Contribuidor — 811 exemplares
Perrault's Complete Fairy Tales (1697) — Tradutor, algumas edições608 exemplares
Spells of Enchantment: The Wondrous Fairy Tales of Western Culture (1991) — Contribuidor — 557 exemplares
I Shudder at Your Touch (1991) — Contribuidor — 544 exemplares
The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales (1992) — Contribuidor — 534 exemplares
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Images of Frida Kahlo (1989) — Introdução, algumas edições9 exemplares
Dangerous Ladies (1992) — Contribuidor — 8 exemplares
Das Hobbit-Buch (1988) — Autor — 7 exemplares
The Black Cabinet (1989) — Contribuidor — 7 exemplares
Cook book note book (2017) — Notes, algumas edições6 exemplares
Mørkets gjerninger : 21 hårreisende kriminalhistorier (2001) — Contribuidor — 3 exemplares
Οι κυρίες του τρόμου (1994) — Contribuidor — 2 exemplares
Erotiske fortællinger fortalt af kvinder (1996) — Autor, algumas edições2 exemplares


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Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter--Bowie's Top 100 em 75 Books Challenge for 2016 (Novembro 2016)
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Lurid and grown-up retellings of folktale tropes, with feminist updates, by an author I'd never heard of until Backlisted.
adzebill | 149 outras críticas | Feb 5, 2024 |
One cannot review a book as a single entity which contains entries as widely varied as this one. I will, however, note that Carter's introduction, which seemed to summarize most of the stories in brief mentions, made me leery of enjoying this. There is a certain syntax or formalism in authors of a bygone era which bores me. It's not just that the book was published in the 1980s, but that half the writers had been dead long before. On the plus side, women from a variety of cultures are represented.
I wanted to review each story separately and as I finish them, so their freshness is not lost by swift transit to the next, but am already half way thru. Let's see what I can recall.
5 * Jolley, "The Last Crop" is a daughter's retelling of her poor/working class mother's canniness at getting some of the life of ease that is available at the homes of the people she cleans for. How naturally she shares this with her community. Her worry about the way her son is at loose ends (which the daughter resents). Her percipient observations of people and their motivators. And the way she tricks an old doctor into giving her a long term advantage which also gives her son a purpose.
5 * Carrington, "The Debutante"..Not what you would expect. First off, the idea of a girl making friends with a zoo animal is surreal. But the ending! I overwhelmingly identified with the sensation of her ferocity at being compelled to follow social expectations.
3 * Gamez, "The Gloria Stories". Some people might herald this story as acknowledgement of transgender. I read it as a display of how we delude ourselves: what we desire to be true leads us to ignore reality. It might have been better in its original book, but the excerpt was not persuasive.
4 * Head, "Life" is intriguing exposure to customs from a culture different from mine, and deals with the clash between traditionalism and modernity. I read it from a perspective of anti-colonialsim, but the story itself makes no mention of the white people who historically were the cause of destruction of traditional values.
2 * Bowles, "A Guatemalan Idyll". Too surreal for me. Since no one seems to be in control of their actions, it is hard for me to see this as a tale of possibly real people.Also, the metaphor of the snake the boys played with and the little girl wanted was too obvious. Carter's note on the author said Bowles (and Barnes, whose story is later) "appropriated the alienation of modernism to express some aspects of women's lives." Maybe another reader might appreciate this.
3 * Mansfield, "The Young Girl" started with too much conversation referring to different "she's" so for the most part I was confused about who was who, what was going on. An afternoon is related by a narrator, so we don't really get into the mind of the 17-yr-old woman--unless, perhaps, you yourself have acted like her, pretending to be bored, off in a dream world.
5 * Namjoshi, "Three Feminist Fables" Completely unexpected, yet effective, and made me laught at how spot-on were her summaries of three possible adaptations of some well-known stories (Red Riding Hood, A Room of Her Own, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). The last ends with history getting rewritten to blame the victim.
3 * Colette, "The Rainy Moon". The women are too polite, in that socially expected way of not being too explicit. And while the person in higher social power (a writer, tho poor, compared to her employed typist) ends up being shown to be unaware of some powers women can command, the story was not an engaging read.
3 * Egerton, "Wedlock". OK. Definitely an expose' of the trap marriage was (and is) for women who don't see any other option for survival. But it was mainly told as simple descriptive observations. And the comments of a workman, who just happened to have read some Freud, didn't make more of a story, just told us what we are supposed to feel.
4 * Towers. "Violet". An unmarried spinster, whose role is to keep peace between her parents, recounts the effect on the household of Violet, a newly-hired maid. Violet reminds her that we draw to us what we wish for, and then goes about noticing what her employers really wish for and giving little comments that make them aware of the possibility of making it reality.
5 * Aidoo. "The Plums". A most unusual story, combined narration of a Ghanian woman's experience on a European trip and poetic stanzas which reveal her inner thoughts/African perspective. This could easily be published in the current social milieu of anti-colonialism/resource extraction protest. She is very aware of the interplay of historic and social factors, and doesn't excuse African leaders from the culpability/buying into the Euro-centric culture.
3 * Paley "A Woman Young & Old" Lot of pre-WWII slang/speech patterns. A young teen who acts older than her mother.
4 * Chedid, "The Long Trial" Egyptian peasant women protest the holy man's blessing of many children, half expecting to receive another beating for the temerity. I didn't expect the ending.
2.5* Carter "Loves of Lady Purple". It's a marionette, not a person, & the manipulator is an old man, not a woman, so why is anything this puppet might do a reflection of what women are like? Slightly macabre, but also reminds me of a movie female martial art expert.
2.5 * Barnes, "The Earth" The story is a phlegmatic as it's characters.
2.5 * Lee "Oke of Okehurst". Exactly the kind of writing I was afraid this book of authors from another era would contain. Taking forever to describe this supposedly indescribable woman that I can't care about--too vague. The only thing memorable about her are the 2 times she bursts out of expected behavior. Narrator is a man. On reflection, I think he is the real villain: supposedly present to do portraits but really has found himself a cushy situation, all expense paid living situation, and then messes it up by manipulating the relationship between the couple. When he realizes what he's done, it's too late to stop calamity.
3.5 * Kincaid, "Girl" Interesting, but doesn't really develop into anything (well, only 2 pages long!)
3.5 * Shu, "Aunt Liu" A brief look at Chinese culture, but a fairly passive story. A young girl meets her former nanny who was dismissed due to drinking. Apparently she still does, but enjoys her freedom too much to change her ways.
… (mais)
juniperSun | 7 outras críticas | Jan 26, 2024 |
Postmodern, feminist, and psychosexual retellings of fairy tales. It was a disappointing read, but through no fault of its own. At the time it must have been groundbreaking, today it's like that one kid in high school that's shocked, shocked, to discover that there are sex puns in Shakespeare.
I've just seen this too many times to be impressed by the overwrought prose and the psychological archetypes. I've seen that the wolf character from rel="nofollow" target="_top">Into the Woods is traditionally played by the same actor as the prince character. I sat through Red Riding Hood that one time. But to be fair these are imitators of the original. It's not Angela Carter's fault that we've had three decades of ironic fairy tale adaptations to water down her message.
I imagine that Anne Rice is in a similar predicament. She did sexy vampires before they were cool, but still Lestat is less famous then Edward Cullen.… (mais)
ethorwitz | 149 outras críticas | Jan 3, 2024 |
3.75 stars. Took me forever to read some stories. The writing and imagery was super lush and atmospheric.
Readings.of.a.Slinky | 149 outras críticas | Nov 20, 2023 |


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