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Cécile: Gates of Gold (2002) 505 exemplares
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Some Cat! (2012) 37 exemplares
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Wake Up, Island (2016) 32 exemplares
Dog-napped! (Dog Watch) (2006) 26 exemplares
Danger at Snow Hill (Dog Watch) (2006) 22 exemplares
Ice-Out (2016) 16 exemplares
Grace 3-Book Boxed Set (2015) 14 exemplares
Extreme Stunt Dogs (Dog Watch) (2007) 14 exemplares
Waterfall (2021) 11 exemplares
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Ahhhh, this is the book that is like the template of my life's setting. So familiar and beautiful, set in the Northwoods of Minnesota with poetic descriptions of our incredible wildlife. The illustrations are exquisite wood cuttings, colorfully detailed. Wow. A beautiful piece of artwork for children that can be enjoyed just as much by adults.
Tosta | Dec 2, 2022 |
Great book! I read it just for an easy read, so I was surprised by how much depth there is. Punches aren't pulled at all (four characters die! One almost does!) while keeping things perfectly appropriate for a young reader. The main message is really that things aren't what they appear to be - everyone has secrets, people you think are mean can be reasonable if given the chance.
I wish they'd made a sequel! I would love to read more adventures about Cecile. It's a shame the company canceled this line.
Despite being an adult and this book being aimed more for 12 year olds, I really enjoyed it. It's quite a quick read (partly due to the font choice and size of the pages), and it doesn't feel dumbed down just because it's for pre-teens. It doesn't get graphic or inappropriate, but the overall message is pretty pleasantly mature (as I said, "things aren't always what they seem"). Definitely recommend.

The accompanying doll is pretty scary, though. I mean the dress for the doll is gorgeous, but the doll's face creeped me out. That doesn't affect my star rating, though.
… (mais)
momelimberham | 4 outras críticas | Jun 8, 2022 |
WWII Norway, good story, kids surviving with parents away in the resistance, aunt taken (defiant teacher), grandfather secretly ferrying people away. It's a long sweep of time, covers some of the ambiguity of war.

Good for tweens and upper elementary who are looking for a longer story. Nice alternative viewpoint on WWII.
jennybeast | 2 outras críticas | Apr 14, 2022 |
This review posted at The Children's Book and Media Review run by Brigham Young University.

When her dog wants to play, she decides to let him come along in an adventure in a one-dog sleigh. As they start off on their journey, a squirrel wants to join and jumps into the sleigh. Soon they are also joined by Owl, Lynx, Deer, Bear, Mouse, and Moose in the sleigh to form a one-pony, one-mouse, one-bear, one-deer, one-lynx, one-owl, one-squirrel, one-dog sleigh. Their new friends help the girl and her dog get home before a blizzard.

The girl and her dog learn that there is always room for one more and that teamwork can accomplish great things in this poetic winter story. The way animals slowly get added on can help teach kids rhythm and repetition. The illustrations are sweet and fun, making the book more charming than it would have been without them. This book would be a great addition to story time in the winter months or to teach words through repetition.
… (mais)
vivirielle | 4 outras críticas | Aug 4, 2021 |



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