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You Are Free (2003) 16 exemplares
Moon Pix (1998) 15 exemplares
What Would the Community Think (1996) 8 exemplares
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Chan Marshall returns to her roots after her experiment with electronica. She reminded here how beautiful and pleasurable is melancholy.
Coach_of_Alva | Jan 1, 2019 |

01 New York Frank Sinatra 4
02 Ramblin' (Wo)man Hank Williams 4
03 Metal Heart Cat Power 3
04 Silver Stallion The Highwaymen 5
05 Aretha, Sing One For Me Cat Power 4
06 Lost Someone James Brown 4
07 Lord, Help The Poor & Needy Cat Power 4
08 I Believe in You Bob Dylan 4
09 Song to Bobby Cat Power 4
10 Don't Explain Billie Holiday 4
11 Woman Left Lonely Janis Joplin 4
12 Blue Joni Mitchell 5
Coach_of_Alva | Feb 1, 2018 |
The Greatest 5
Living Proof 5
Lived in Bars 5
Could We 5
Empty Shell 4
Willie 4
Where Is My Love? 4
The Moon 5
Islands 3
After It All 5
Hate 4
Love & Communication 5
Coach_of_Alva | Sep 28, 2015 |
Product Details

* Audio CD (February 18, 2003)
* Original Release Date: 2000
* Number of Discs: 1
* Label: Matador Records
* ASIN: B00007JVBI
* Also Available in: LP Record
* Average Customer Review: based on 75 reviews. (Write a review.)
* Amazon.com Sales Rank: #1,937 in Music (See Top Sellers in Music)
Yesterday: #2,953 in Music

Track Listings
1. I Don't Blame You
2. Free
3. Good Woman
4. Speak for Me
5. Werewolf
6. Fool
7. He War
8. Shaking Paper
9. Babydoll
10. Maybe Not
11. Names
12. Half of You
13. Keep on Runnin' (Crawlin' Black Spider)
14. Evolution
Editorial Reviews
Chan "Cat Power" Marshall's performances have become legendary marathons marked by Marshall's shyness and her ability to create moments of fragmented beauty. Five years on from her last collection of original songs, 1998's Moon Pix, Marshall has reined in the silvery brilliance of her shows. The 14 pieces on You Are Free maintain a spontaneity, but, compared with their digressive live incarnations, they've been given focus--a development that owes something to a notable supporting cast that includes Dave Grohl on drums and Eddie Vedder on vocals. Marshall's impressionistic vision is expressed with a new clarity while retaining its affecting understatement and sense of dislocation. Her past kinship with Bonnie Prince Billy and Smog gives way to PJ Harvey and Nina Simone comparisons. You Are Free confirms that Marshall is one of the most original and compelling singer-songwriters around. --John Mulvey

Product Description
The first album in four years from Chan Marshall, one of the premier female singer-songwriters of our generation. This album explores the world of relationships and fame. Catchy, intense, and beguiling. Gatefold paper sleeve. Matador. 2003.
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40 of 56 people found the following review helpful:
Contains enough for one pretty good EP., December 9, 2003
Reviewer: The Angry Mofo "angrymofo" - See all my reviews
Chan Marshall's live performances, which frequently entail such events as Marshall (Cat Power to her friends) breaking down in tears and running offstage after two minutes, are the stuff of indie legend, but she's most famous for her voice, a parched Southern drawl that has seen everything and speaks only of the dustiest roads and most lonesome, Faulknerian counties. Unfortunately, when it comes to actual music, Marshall doesn't really know how to play anything all that well. Thus, she writes a lot of one- and two-note songs. Fans of low-fidelity, technically incompetent albums will rejoice, but the rest of us might have a hard time getting past that.

But actually, for all its primitivism, the music isn't all that bad. The real problem is that Marshall is a really erratic songwriter. On one hand, "I Don't Blame You" is a perfect, emotionally complex song, addressed to some nameless angry musician (probably Marshall herself). On the other hand, there's "Maybe Not," which explains to us that "we can _all_ be free...maybe not in words, maybe not in look, but with your mind." Oh, come on, does she even believe that? Other times, the songs just don't make sense - "Fool" is supposedly a rumination on the American lifestyle, but is too oblique for one to get any real insight out of it. When the music is as simple as it is, and the focus is on the singing and lyrics, this sort of thing can be a problem. And then there's "Names," an extremely, uh, _direct_ narrative about the various mishaps that befell Chan's childhood friends, all involving sexual abuse. On first listen, it's a petrifying tale. Afterwards, the very artlessness and uniformity of the stories kind of lead one to doubt them, mean as that might be. Still, real or not, it certainly gets one's attention.

One great talent of Marshall's is interpretation of other people's songs. Once someone else takes care of the words and music, it's all down to Marshall's quite powerful voice. The result is the spooky night-time picture of "Werewolf" and the bleak, rainy steppe of "Keep on Runnin'," where the cheeriest sentiment is "Goin' to keep on crawlin' till the day I die." These are the best songs on the album. Marshall has a history of doing this to songs, having even released a whole album comprised only of covers, and it works every time. In fact, one might think that Marshall would be best off recording only covers. Why not? After all, music has a rich tradition of great, renowned singers who didn't write any of the songs they sang, and I don't mean to include boy bands in that.

As is stands, though, You Are Free is a really inconsistent record, though it shows all of Cat Power's highs and lows. In that regard, it might be her definitive album. Basically, it's really good when it sticks to wasted acoustic guitar, piano, and withdrawn depression. Deviations from this, excepting the unbelievably catchy "Speak For Me," generally stumble, despite Dave Grohl's presence on drums. (Eddie Vedder appears here and there, too, but he's barely audible.) Whenever any attempt is made to bring the music to the foreground, its ineptitude becomes obvious. I like Cat Power, and I really like Marshall's voice; furthermore, I think that this album contains a number of genuinely very good songs. Even so, I can't blind myself to its faults.

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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
beyond brilliance, March 19, 2004
Reviewer: kathryn landon "apprentice" - See all my reviews
Chan Marshall has finally managed to combine the soft coziness of 'Moon Pix' with the raw emotion of 'What Will The Community Think', & the result is unbelievable lovely.

'You Are Free' is crafty, melodic, layered, painful, beautiful & inspired. Its' quiet spaces give way to angry lamentations that manage to flow together seamlessly.

If you're into early PJ Harvey (esp. her demo work) the Cowboy Junkies 'Whites Off Earth Now' album, Edith Frost, or Patty Griffin's first album- then this is an absolute must!

Anyone who can sing, "turn out the lights, set yourself on fire, say goodnight," & make it sound sexy & like a piece of freedom, deserves attention.
… (mais)
pantufla | Feb 21, 2006 |


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