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Primary Mathematics 1B Workbook (2003) 108 exemplares
Primary Mathematics 4A Workbook (2000) 78 exemplares
Colour Library Book of Great British Writers (1993) 55 exemplares, 1 crítica
Golden Hands Knitting Pattern Book (1973) 25 exemplares, 1 crítica
Great Battles of World War II (1995) 23 exemplares
Reptiles and Amphibians (2003) 23 exemplares
Stitch by Stitch Volume 08 (1986) 22 exemplares
Habitats Of The World (2006) 22 exemplares
My Book of Giants (1988) 16 exemplares
Aquatic Life of the World (2000) 15 exemplares
My Book of Children's Verses (1989) 14 exemplares
Animal Kingdom (1977) 13 exemplares
Quick 'N Easy Crocheting (1985) 12 exemplares
Paper (1978) 12 exemplares
My Book Of Animal Stories (1988) 10 exemplares
Animal And Plant Anatomy (2006) 9 exemplares, 1 crítica
Child's Play Science (2005) 9 exemplares
Nazi Europe Uk (1984) 8 exemplares
Encyclopedia of Health (2003) 8 exemplares
In 60 Ways: Tomatoes (2009) 8 exemplares
The New Rose Book (1974) 7 exemplares
Tales of Princes and Princesses (1987) 7 exemplares
Rice in 60 Ways (2006) 7 exemplares
The great composers 6 exemplares
Wildlife And Plants (2007) 6 exemplares
America in the 20th century (1994) 6 exemplares
My Book Of Faraway Stories (1989) 6 exemplares
Illustrated Book of Car Care (1997) 6 exemplares
Town Walks (1995) 5 exemplares
Human Body from A to Z (2012) 5 exemplares
Exploring the Middle Ages (2006) 4 exemplares, 1 crítica
Mind And Body (1977) 4 exemplares
Dim Sum (Mini Ccookbooks) (2008) 4 exemplares
Classic Children's Stories (1986) 4 exemplares
A Treasury of Goodnight Stories (1990) 4 exemplares
Golden hands encyclopedia of crafts, volume 1 (1976) — Autor — 4 exemplares, 1 crítica
Stranger than fiction (1974) 4 exemplares
Textbook 1b Common Core Edition (2014) 4 exemplares
The Middle Ages. (1989) 3 exemplares
Explorers And Exploration (2005) 3 exemplares
Enciclopedia de las hierbas (1980) 3 exemplares
Exploring Mammals (2007) 3 exemplares
Family health from A to Z (2012) 3 exemplares
My Thematic Dictionary (2000) 3 exemplares
Sex and Society (2010) 3 exemplares
The little Thai cookbook (2014) 3 exemplares
Plants for the home (1985) 3 exemplares
Golden Hands in 18 Volumes (1970) 3 exemplares
100 Great Mince Recipes (1997) 3 exemplares
Golden Hands (Part 4, Volume 1) (1970) 3 exemplares
Golden hands encyclopedia of crafts, volume 2 (1971) 3 exemplares, 1 crítica
Fish Cooking Made Easy (1979) 3 exemplares
World Wildlife Habitats (1992) 3 exemplares
A Popular History of the Arts (1975) 2 exemplares, 1 crítica
Impressionism (1987) 2 exemplares
Golden Hands (Part 6, Volume 1) (1970) 2 exemplares
Soy in 60 Ways (2007) 2 exemplares
Insight [Part 1] 2 exemplares
Creative Canvaswork (1985) 2 exemplares
23 Platypus & Echidna 2 exemplares
Hearty Chinese (Mini-Cookbooks) (2008) 2 exemplares
Favourite recipes from Europe (1994) 2 exemplares
Popular Garden Plants 2 exemplares
A-Z Favourite Fruits (1985) 2 exemplares
English portraiture (1987) 2 exemplares
War Monthly Issue 6 2 exemplares
The French classical tradition (1987) 2 exemplares
Animal Fairy Tales 1 exemplar
Holbein 1 exemplar
North American Wildlife (2011) 1 exemplar
Busy Needles 1 1 exemplar
Cooking With Chicken (1979) 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 5] 1 exemplar
American artists 1 exemplar
Encyclopedia of World War 1 (1995) 1 exemplar
MEALS FOR EVERY OCCASION (1985) 1 exemplar
Anthology of Fear 1 exemplar
Classic designs 1 exemplar
Velikáni hudby 1 exemplar
Amor y sexualidad 1 exemplar
On Two Wheels Volume 1 (1979) 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 2] 1 exemplar
Le livre du riz (1986) 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 4] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 3] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 6] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 17] 1 exemplar
Science Spy 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 18] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 16] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 7] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 15] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 13] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 12] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 11] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 10] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 9] 1 exemplar
Insight [Part 8] 1 exemplar
How the Body Works 1 exemplar
Story Teller 2 1 exemplar
Picasso 1 exemplar
Story Teller 1 1 exemplar
Bakken dat doe je zo (1984) 1 exemplar
The World of Music (1969) 1 exemplar
The Story of Liverpool (2007) 1 exemplar


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Marshall Cavendish is a subsidiary company of Times Publishing Group, the printing and publishing subsidiary of Singapore-based conglomerate Fraser and Neave and at present is a publisher of books, directories and magazines. Marshall Cavendish was established in the United Kingdom in 1968 by Norman Marshall and Patrick Cavendish. Times Publishing Group acquired it in 1980.



The Perfect Guide to Lower Secondary Science Book B (2nd Edition) aims to provide students with quick and complete preparation for the Lower Secondary Science examinations. The contents of this are based on the latest Lower Secondary Science syllabus from the Ministry of Education, Singapore and can be used in conjunction with the Lower Secondary Science Matters Textbooks.
AERCCM | Jan 9, 2019 |
The third volume of bound crafts magazines from 1976, numbers 29 to 42; reviewed by topics listed below.

  • Part 29

    Ladybird draughts
    Stick pots and decorative oxides
    Pictures from fabric and glue
    Making a monoprint
    Coloured glass window hangings
    French knots and other stitches
    Padded panels and shallow buttoning
    Decorative feather objects
    Abstract pattern
    (Back cover) Picture making: Stained glass hanging

  • Part 30

    Ribbon violets
    'Honeycomb' paper garlands
    Low-temperature enamelling
    A smock from head scarves
    Create your own tapestry designs
    Making a linocut
    All about power tools
    Creating feathered fabric
    Cutting sheet metal decoratively
    Pattern next to pattern
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Tin can totem poles

  • Part 31

    Enamel jewelry
    Beginning with glaze
    Making a leaded terrarium
    Tent stitch projects
    Cats and dogs from one pattern
    Textures, stripes and leashes
    Lino printing on cloth
    Walls for work and storage
    Repeating patterns
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Piggy bank

  • Part 32

    Patchwork pot holders
    Intricate paper-cuts
    Simple slab pot techniques
    Texture effects with stitches
    Machine quilting with wadding
    Several colours one lino block
    Making jewelry with resin
    Fringes, tassels and wrapping
    Patterns within a pattern
    (Back cover) Picture making: A splended wall panel

  • Part 33

    Fancy ties
    Portraits from silhouettes
    Free designs with string
    Outline designs on quilting
    Threads, lumps and embedding
    A block for each colour
    Packaging, plaiting and chain pairing
    How to model sheet copper
    Proportion, size and shape
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Magic painting

  • Part 34

    Box pin cushions
    Making scenic silhouettes
    Slab boxes and marbled clay
    Findings for tumbled stones
    Techniques for hand stitching
    Painting on wooden chests
    Knitting in rounds
    Hardwood-uses and varieties
    The golden section
    (Back cover) Picture making: Appliqué fruit tree

  • Part 35

    Sewing cupboard
    Building pots with coils
    Border patterns for ganseys
    Beginning screen printing
    Hand-stitched cushions
    Planing, and simple joints
    Plasticizing materhials
    Mosaics from grocery seeds
    Balance in design
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Vegetable sculptures

  • Part 36

    Chain stitch pictures
    Mirror and leaded glass
    Modelled forms with coils
    Patchwork effects
    Baby wardrobe
    Scrolling for decoration
    Screen printing on fabric
    Mosaic pictures using seeds
    Symmetry in designs
    (Back cover) Picture making: Murex shell collage

  • Part 37

    Button picture
    Creating stained glass effects
    Working with glass fibre
    The versatile Turk's head
    Designing with hexagons
    Practical ways with seeds
    Screen printing: repeated patterns
    Destressing and colouring wood
    Asymmetric design
    (Back cover) Picture making: Quilted 'Asparagus'

  • Part 38

    Pretty patches
    Making simple paper collages
    Unusual effects with glazes
    Figurative designing
    Triangles and diamonds
    Screen stencils and surfaces
    Modelling and tooling pewter
    Beginning to work with suede
    Arranging and grouping dispays
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Funny fishes mobile

  • Part 39

    Pompon cushions
    More materials for collage
    Glass fibre lampshade
    Combinations for unusual effects
    Forming a firm fabric
    Gilding the gingerbread
    Techniques for sewing suede
    Photographic screen printing
    Various ways to hang pictures
    (Back cover) Picture making: Cut-out shapes

  • Part 40

    Ways of display
    Attractive rag doll to make
    Building up frames
    Tiffany-style lampshades
    Making oval wine cradles
    Introduction to rug making
    Mixed media printing
    Gluing tumbled baroque stones
    Picture framing
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Matchbox puppets

  • Part 41

    Paper towel holders
    Introduction to paper quilling
    Simple repairs to broken china
    Soft soldering techniques
    Making a pile rug
    Rag doll wardrobe
    Painting designs on glass
    Beginning tablet weaving
    How to mask a picture
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Walking puppets

  • Part 42

    Cottage handbag
    Filling and retouching broken china
    Fairest mirrors of them all
    The decorative art of quilling
    Rya rugs in colourful wool
    Introduction to lampshade making
    Soft soldering using tin cans
    Dyeing, painting and bleaching
    Designing for tablet weaving
    Basic shapes with cones
    How to mask a picture
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Mouse pencil holder
  • … (mais)
    Sylak | Feb 1, 2014 |
    The second volume in this crafts series, containing magazines numbered 15 to 28 reviewed below.

  • Part 15

    Wool-covered pots
    Colourful granule cooking
    Mexican-style collage
    Simple cushion making
    Paints, brushes and painting
    Designing with bleach
    Beginning mosaic work
    Re-upholstering drop-in seats
    Complementary colour schemes
    (Back cover) Picture making: Cottage collage

  • Part 16

    Washer and nut necklaces
    Making your own boxes
    Casting with plaster of Paris
    Cushions and bolsters
    New seats for old
    The secrets of Marbling
    Tin can punching
    Beginning to lay mosaics
    Multi-coloured schemes
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Spattered paint pictures

  • Part 17

    Fold and dye paper
    Cutting and gluing
    Carving and casting in plaster
    Lace and wheel motifs
    Using wood off-cuts
    Marbling with seaweed
    Dining chairs - spring and stuff
    Arranging flowers at home
    Accent colours
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Plaster hand plaques

  • Part 18

    Glittering line designs
    Taped boxes with separate lids
    Coloured resin panels
    Edging and insertions
    Dining chairs - spring and stuff continued
    Beginning tie-dyeing
    Stripping, filling and bleaching
    Sgraffito and stencils
    Japanese flower arrangements
    Neutral colour schemes
    (Back cover) Picture making: Key picture

  • Part 19

    Bold brass belt
    Making round and oval boxes
    Casting from incised surfaces
    Candy cushion selection
    Coping with curved surfaces
    Developing working in rounds
    Resist dyeing and trikik
    Flowers for weddings
    Decorative tin can cutting
    Introduction to pattern
    (Back cover) Picture making: Swimming pool

  • Part 20

    Tin can daffodils
    How to make 'sculptured' boxes
    All sorts of simple moulds
    Friendly felt ponies
    Painting designs on canvas
    How to use a coping saw
    The magic of transfer printing
    Formal flower arrangements
    Geometric pattern
    (Back cover) Picture making: Golden lilies needlepoint

  • Part 21

    Felt flowers
    Being creative with doilies
    Bas-relief embedding
    Working from a chart
    Constructing a frame loom
    Basic hat making trchniques
    Veneering wood shaping plywood
    Preserving flowers
    More about geometric pattern
    (Back cover) Picture making: Clay relief panel

  • Part 22

    Match-box houses
    Working with cullet
    Beaded and knotted designs
    Covering a net shape
    Starting the tapestry sampler
    Bracelets from forks and spoons
    Introduction to batik
    Arranging dried flowers
    How to create an Islanic design
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Paper doll chain

  • Part 23

    French knitting
    Creating simple cut-outs
    Introduction to kilns
    Making hats in sections
    Knotted braids and ropes
    Tapestry sampler continued
    Cutting shapes with curves
    More about batik
    Making a mandala
    (Back cover) Picture making: Gold collage

  • Part 24

    Plant trainers
    Paper bag masks
    Coating glass with resin
    Completing the sampler
    Exploring batik techniques
    Working with veneers
    Sectional cap and beret
    Shaped and tiered platters
    Mechanical curves
    (Back cover) Picture making: Batik landscape

  • Part 25

    Clay badges
    Creating cut-out murals
    Biscuit firing
    Basic stitches and patterns
    Making a cutting layout
    Pictures from nails
    Shopping baskets
    Instant abstract painting
    Fragrant pomanders
    All about spirals
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Potato playmates

  • Part 26

    Beaded baubles
    Coloured glass and leading
    Decorating with slip
    Shaping with tension
    Painting designes on stones
    Make a simple apron dress
    Decorative wood stains
    Oval tray and baskets
    Finding pattern in details
    (Back cover) Picture making: 3-D knitting

  • Part 27

    Children's play box
    Decorative cut-outs
    Creating a string collage
    Horseshoe nail necklaces
    Swiss darning and jacquard
    Painting silhouettes
    Making a padded headboard
    Applying sequins to cloth
    Patterns in natural groups
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Silhouette portrait

  • Part 28

    Rainbow jewelry
    Repeat folds and cuts
    Moulding around cylinders
    Ribbon appliqué techniques
    Designing with satin stitch
    Introduction to feathercraft
    Starting with simpe repairs
    Painting by projection
    Representational pattern concluded
    (Back cover) Picture making: Panier de fleurs embroidery cushion
  • … (mais)
    Sylak | Jan 31, 2014 |
    1976 saw a large number of similar themed partworks on this subject hit the shelves, such as 'The Family Creative Workshop' to name just one of many; all of which competed heavily with each other.
    In fact, so popular was this particular series that as soon as it ended Marshall Cavendish brought out yet another unashamedly identical weekly series called 'Crafts Weekly'.

    This series of 96 magazines is pretty concise; but, although they do cover a very large array of topics, the individual sections provide more of a flavour of what is entailed in producing the end result rather than a true step-by-step guide which may leave novices scratching their heads.

    I have put together a review of what's in each issue (incl. the back covers) so that you can get a good picture of all the topics within.

  • Part 01

    First fold your paper...
    Getting the feel of clay
    Designing with straight stitch
    Plaiting with scrap materials
    Sew a simple seating system
    Starting with softwood
    How to make a mural with arcs
    Begin with wire jewelry
    Circles, arcs and right angles
    (Back cover) Picture making: Feather & Watch collage

  • Part 02

    Dough Sculpture
    Pop-up cards - fan folds
    Clear cast embedding
    Begin with granny squares
    Star weaving - God's eyes
    The art of bead threading
    Hard edge designing
    Dipped and rolled candles
    Rectangles and triangles
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: How to make a picture frame

  • Part 03

    Pop-up cards using cut-outs
    Surface designs on clay blocks
    Florentine stitched cases
    Finger weaving peasant braids
    Making a warm padded quilt
    Applying a finish to wood
    Vegetable and fruit blocking
    Door curtain from jump rings
    Sand candles and garden flares
    Drawing a heart accurately
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: How to make a simple printing block

  • Part 04

    Resin film
    Making tissue paper flowers
    Slab pottery picture tiles
    Starting with simple stitches
    Shirred top and skirt
    Improvised printing blocks
    Versatile shelf units
    The art of enamelling
    Mobiles to make yourself
    Enlarging and reducing designs
    (Back cover) Picture making: Movable ceramic panels

  • Part 05

    Star-spangled jeans
    Making crepe paper flowers
    Casting with bought moulds
    Picture making in satin stitch
    Sew a big bad bean bag mouse
    Beautiful brass wire jewelry
    Pictures printed from nature
    Starting with chamois
    Treading bead fringes
    Motifs from ancient mexico
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Strings of Pasta

  • Part 06

    Painted bead necklaces
    Glass etching made simple
    First steps in modelling
    Introduction to dyeing
    Versatile round motifs
    Machined squares and rectangles
    Perfect picture frames
    Rocaille bead designs
    Geometric picture patterns
    Straight line techniques
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Wooden clothes peg doll

  • Part 07

    Flexible mirror tiles
    Realistic paper roses
    Making your own moulds
    Macramé made easy
    Hand sewn squares and rectangles
    Restoring wood finishes
    Creating dyeing techniques
    Counter-enamelling and millefiore
    Beautiful bead mosaics
    All about ovals
    (Back cover) Picture making: Embroidered patchwork

  • Part 08

    Sequin necklaces
    Small ribbon and tissue flowers
    Making simple pinch pots
    Macramé belts to make yourself
    Working with hexagons
    Designing with bought stencils
    Silver-plated wire jewelry
    Ways to make eggs colourful
    Beginning with basketry
    How to draw polygons
    (Back cover) Picture making: Painting on eggs

  • Part 09

    Making pompons
    Cutting simple stencils
    Enamel effects with resin
    How to make a lovers' knot
    Making circular tablecloths
    Boxes for storage units
    Decorating with handcut stencis
    Weaving round mats and bases
    Introduction to lapidary
    Working with repeat patterns
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Party place mats

  • Part 10

    Ribbon cornflowers
    Creative bottle chopping
    Modelling simple animals
    Introducing straight stitches
    Using files to shape and carve
    Stencilling on woven materials
    Transparent enamels
    Polishing stones for jewelry
    How to draw stars
    (Back cover) Picture making: Images of London

  • Part 11

    Wool wrapping
    Wrapping square gift parcels
    Starting with real clay
    Continuous chain stitch
    Designing with curved lines
    Finger puppets in felt
    Wire-wrapped jewelry
    Printing with potatoes
    Bead embroidery on buttons
    Basic design principles
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Finger pictures

  • Part 12

    Chipwood decorations
    Round boxes and bows
    How to develop cold enamelling
    Detached chain stitch
    Picture making with pins
    Making a start with appliqué
    Dowels for joints and racks
    Making rubbings with heelball
    Embroidering cloth with beads
    Introduction to colour planning
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Suprise painting

  • Part 13

    Pasta frames for pictures and mirrors
    3-D decorations for parcels
    Firing pots in a bonfire
    Chain stitch as filling stitch
    Starting to weave with a loom
    More hand stitched methods
    Making and installing shelves
    Wet rubbing stone reliefs
    Herbal oils from nature
    Monochromatic schemes
    (Back cover) Picture making: Porcelain and china themed bedspread

  • Part 14

    Making collages
    Burnishing and sgraffito decoration
    Creating stained glass effects
    Yarns and fabrics for weaving
    Machine worked appliqué
    Making dyes from plants
    Silver wire jewelry
    Drying and preserving herbs
    Using related colour schemes
    (Back cover) Junior craft cards: Pretty paper leis
  • … (mais)
    Sylak | Jan 30, 2014 |


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