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Lesley Choyce was born in New Jersey in 1951 and moved to Canada in 1978. Choyce teaches part-time at Dalhousie University, runs Pottersfield Press and has written 40 adult and young adult books. Choyce also hosts a nationally syndicated TV talk show in Halifax. His recent novel, The Republic of mostrar mais Nothing is currently being developed as a feature length movie. In 1996, Viking/Penguin published Choyce's best-selling Nova Scotia: Shaped By The Sea. Along with the Surf Poets, he has released a poetry/music album titled Long Lost Planet. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Sudden Impact (2005) 78 exemplares
Thunderbowl (2004) 77 exemplares
The Republic of Nothing (1994) 43 exemplares
Refuge Cove (2002) 43 exemplares
Wave Warriors (2007) 42 exemplares
Skate Freak (2008) 40 exemplares
Reckless (2010) 36 exemplares
Running the Risk (2009) 36 exemplares
Reaction (2010) 34 exemplares
Deconstructing Dylan (2006) 30 exemplares
Shoulder the Sky (2002) 29 exemplares
Plank's law (2017) 27 exemplares
Breaking Point (2012) 26 exemplares
Book of Michael (2008) 26 exemplares
The Coasts of Canada: A History (2002) 22 exemplares
Crash (Orca Soundings) (2013) 20 exemplares
The Mi'kmaq Anthology (1997) 18 exemplares
Random (2010) 17 exemplares
Rat (2012) 17 exemplares
Smoke and Mirrors (2004) 16 exemplares
Sea of Tranquility: A Novel (2003) 16 exemplares
Identify (Orca Soundings) (2017) 15 exemplares
Ark of Ice (1992) — Editor, Contributor — 15 exemplares
Broken Man on a Halifax Pier (2019) 14 exemplares
Hell's Hotel (2008) 13 exemplares
Living Outside the Lines (2009) 13 exemplares
Off the Grid (Orca Soundings) (2015) 13 exemplares
Dumb Luck (2011) 12 exemplares
Wrong Time, Wrong Place (1995) 12 exemplares
Cold Clear Morning (2001) 12 exemplares
Jeremy Stone (2013) 10 exemplares
Into the Wasteland (2014) 8 exemplares
Clearcut Danger (1993) 8 exemplares
Go For It, Carrie (1997) 7 exemplares
Accro d'la planche (2012) 7 exemplares
Kryptonite (2018) 7 exemplares
Coastline of Forgetting (2002) 7 exemplares
Last Chance (2009) 7 exemplares
Scam (Orca Soundings) (2016) 7 exemplares
Carrie's Crowd (1998) 7 exemplares
The Cape Breton Collection (1984) 7 exemplares
Wave Watch (1994) 6 exemplares
Face the music (2022) 6 exemplares
Dark End of Dream Street (1994) 6 exemplares
Good Idea Gone Bad (1998) 6 exemplares
Carrie Losses Her Nerve (2003) 6 exemplares
Downwind (1984) 6 exemplares
December Six (2002) 6 exemplares
World Enough (1998) 6 exemplares
Around England with a Dog (2022) 5 exemplares
Carrie's Camping Adventure (2001) 5 exemplares
Caution to the Wind (2000) 5 exemplares
Eastern Sure (1980) 5 exemplares
Falling through the Cracks (1996) 5 exemplares
The End of Ice (1985) 5 exemplares
Full Tilt (1993) 5 exemplares
Closing Down Heaven (2016) 5 exemplares
Trapdoor to Heaven: New Fiction (1997) 5 exemplares
Gone Bad (2011) 5 exemplares
Big Burn (1995) 5 exemplares
The Summer of Apartment X (1999) 5 exemplares
Famous at Last (1998) 4 exemplares
Far Enough Island (2001) 4 exemplares
Dance the Rocks Ashore (1997) 4 exemplares
Conventional Emotions (1985) 4 exemplares
Coming up for Air (1988) 4 exemplares
Skateboard Shakedown (1993) 4 exemplares
The Ledge (Orca Soundings) (2020) 4 exemplares
Beautiful Sadness (1998) 4 exemplares
Thin Places (2017) 3 exemplares
Typographical Eras (2003) 3 exemplares
The Nova Scotia book of fathers (2017) 3 exemplares
Raising Orion (2010) 3 exemplares
Revenge of the Optimist (2004) 3 exemplares
The Top of the Heart (1986) 3 exemplares
How to Fix your Head (2011) 2 exemplares
Roid Rage (1999) 2 exemplares
Re-Inventing the Wheel (1980) 2 exemplares
1989 Nova Scotia Poetry Awards (1999) 2 exemplares
Long Lost Planet (1997) 2 exemplares
Skunks for Breakfast (2006) 2 exemplares
Nova Scotia Love Stories (2016) 1 exemplar
The Hungry Lizards (1990) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Northern Stars: The Anthology of Canadian Science Fiction (1994) — Contribuidor — 83 exemplares
Tesseracts 3 (2002) — Contribuidor — 52 exemplares
Tesseracts 1 (1985) — Contribuidor — 50 exemplares
Tesseracts 4 (2002) — Contribuidor — 31 exemplares
What If...? : Amazing Stories (1998) — Contribuidor — 30 exemplares


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BooksInMirror | 4 outras críticas | Feb 19, 2024 |
I always go into reading multiple author story collections with only moderate hopes for the quality and for the interest I will have in each story. So I was surprised and very pleased to enjoy every single one of these, most of which are by authors I haven’t read before, though I have heard of them. I have to confess that I do have a story in here myself, but I am not including it in my rating because that would seem a bit, well, prejudiced.

Lesley Choyce has done a great job with this selection. So glad to have this one on my shelf.… (mais)
thesmellofbooks | Jan 10, 2024 |
School pisses Colin off; so do his teachers who view him as a troublemaker. But what really pisses him off are the bullies who get away with it because no one wants to break the code of silence that the bullies rely on. When Colin interrupts Liam and Craig picking on an old man during lunch break, the vice principal catches the tail end where the old man yells at Colin and he gets in trouble for it. He also winds up on Liam and Craig’s hit list and a photoshopped, nude photo of Colin winds up on GoofFace. Colin could handle that because the body wasn’t even his and anyone would see that. But when pictures of his female friends begin appearing and Emily, a fellow outcast, tells him that she thinks Liam and Craig did it to retaliate for the girls turning them down, Colin feels he has to do something about it and considers defying the unwritten social rules of no snitching. The unwritten code is so pervasive in the school that even the vice principal accuses him of ratting when he comes to tell him what is happening. This book for reluctant readers provides a realistic portrayal of timely topics including cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and school violence.… (mais)
Dairyqueen84 | 2 outras críticas | Mar 15, 2022 |
Lesley Choyce has been a mainstay on the Atlantic Canadian literary scene for decades. The author of 100 books, he has written and published in every genre imaginable. He has won and been shortlisted for numerous regional and national literary awards, operates a publishing house, held teaching positions at Dalhousie University and other institutions, and worked as a television presenter. He is an environmentalist, a humanitarian, a surfer, a husband and father, and a tireless advocate for Atlantic Canadian writing and writers. Though a Canadian citizen since 1983, he is American born, having emigrated to Canada in his late twenties and adopted Nova Scotia as his home. These details are relevant when considering Saltwater Chronicles: Notes on Everything Under the Nova Scotia Sun, which collects newspaper columns he wrote over the period from 2014-2017. Lesley Choyce candidly and unapologetically mines his own life experience for material, and the stories he tells in these pieces are, without exception, entertaining, instructive, poignant and filled with wry observations and self-deprecating humour. Family life, home improvement, government incompetence, surfing, chopping wood, drilling wells, struggles with illness and physical decline, are all up for discussion. The word “chronicles” from the book’s title hints at a preoccupation with the passage of time, and a theme that he returns to again and again is aging. A New Jersey native, born in 1951, Lesley arrived in Nova Scotia in 1978: an educated, inquisitive, idealistic young man with long hair and few possessions looking to escape the clamorous pressure-cooker of life in urban USA. Those days might be long gone, but Lesley retains that idealism, that love of and respect for nature, and the wide-eyed faith in the essential goodness of humanity that spurred him on his quest more than 40 years ago and sustained him through good times and bad. In Saltwater Chronicles he talks freely about the past but does so without regret. For sure, some of the articles strike a nostalgic note, but Lesley is accepting: he does not obsess over lost opportunities and he never complains about getting old. The most vivid and deeply affecting writing in the book concerns family: the death of his father, his wife’s bout with cancer. These episodes provide glimpses into the man’s heart and soul, and what we see is someone who is generous, loving and kind, and whose greatest wish is to leave the world a better place. We are fortunate and should be thankful that in 1978 Lesley Choyce chose to make Nova Scotia his home. Everyone who knows him, or been influenced by or learned from him, would agree that his abiding good humour, optimism and compassion have made Nova Scotia a better place to live, work and write.… (mais)
icolford | Sep 15, 2020 |


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