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I didn't like this as much as the first in the series, though it was still a fun read. There were two problems for me. The biggest was that Oscar, the MMC, was sort of an asshole. He is insanely passive-aggressive and way too nonverbal for my liking. For the most part I loved Natalie. I hated her label-dropping. Chanel, Burberry, and Prada do just fine, you don't have to advertise for them. I hated that she kept showing up for events in the country in 4" heels. She is not supposed to be stupid, so she would not do that. Non-stupid people know there is mud on farms. Still, overall she was a strong heroine with a good sense of self. Based on the description it was clear that Oscar was supposed to look like Jason Momoa, and though he is not my type I do understand that he is pretty physically extraordinary -- I fully understand that Natalie was attracted to him. What I could not figure out was what else drew her to him besides physical attraction and later appreciation for his sexing skills. He had no conversational ability and he consistently put his ex-wife's needs and feelings ahead of Natalie's. (I was happy to see a divorced couple who remained friends in the story, but when the ex-wife gets in the way of a new relationship and instead of respecting the new GFs feelings the man just tries to gaslight the new GF to make her thing that she is imagining the ex's clinginess, that is just offensive.) The attraction was clear and made for some good sexiness, but the jerkiness baked into Oscar killed the romantic part of this. There was enough here I liked that I got to a 3, but I am hoping the 3rd (and final) book in the series brings back the charm of the first.
Narshkite | 12 outras críticas | May 1, 2024 |
Absolutely bloody adorable, and bloody hot romcom. Sure, it is that Hallmark staple, hit-it-and-quit-it city girl (private chef Roxie making gluten-free meals for LA size 00's) returns to her small quirk hometown (somewhere in the gorgeous Hudson Valley) and meets the farmer of her dreams. (In this case it is relevant to know that Roxie's first girlhood crush was on Almanzo Wilder, which was awesome.) This is better than most of the lot because Clayton is funny (her Redhead Series is also a blast) and can write, and because a lot of this is about food, growing it and cooking/baking it, and Clayton clearly knows food. I picked up two baking tips, and Roxie did something I always do when I bake cakes (substitute buttermilk for 1/3 to 1/2 of the milk, sour cream if it is a denser cake) so I felt validated while reading this. And hungry too, for hummingbird and caramel cakes and farmers of one's dreams.
Narshkite | 20 outras críticas | May 1, 2024 |
Some of the most cringe-worthy writing I've read this year. . . and I read a book called "Boss in the Bedsheets" (seriously tho, BitB was really sweet and actually well-written). I only finished this book so I could add it to my Goodreads tally :/
s_carr | 137 outras críticas | Feb 25, 2024 |
The overall story was ok. The pacing and world building however was sub par. First the pacing, it was dreadfully slow and painfully laborious sifting through chapters upon chapters of the inner workings of sweet Caroline and the people around her. I appreciate the effort into developing Caroline throughout the story but she was so boring as a main character. Even the side characters were boring. Can we talk about her Asian friend, Mimi. Here is an excerpt from the book describing Mimi's physical appearance " Mimi was different. She was so tiny and cute...Because she was so small,she had a tendency to draw types that wanted to " protect"
OnniAdda | 137 outras críticas | Nov 22, 2023 |
Book 3 turned out to be delightful. Still in love with this couple and happy to finally get their HEA.
Narshkite | 9 outras críticas | Nov 22, 2023 |
2.5 Stars

Caroline Reynolds loves everything about her new apartment except her oversexed neighbor, Simon Parker, whose "wallbanging" keep her up at night. But when Caroline finally confronts Simon about his extracurricular activities, sparks fly and flames crackle. Can Caroline and Simon get over their animosity to explore the chemistry between them?

A great premise with many of my favorite tropes. Unfortunately, the execution is only so-so. The characters are very one dimensional, and the heroine in particular comes across as shallow and superficial. This is especially problematic as the narrative is in the first person from her POV.

The secondary cast comprised of Caroline and Simon's mutual friends are quite simply interchangeable, in fact, they themselves switch partners, so it is virtually impossible to remember who is with whom, when and where...

Simon and Caroline do have good chemistry, but by the time they get over themselves long enough to do something about it, I lost interest.

Overall, a disappointing read given the hype. This book started out as fan fiction and it definitely shows.
Lauren2013 | 137 outras críticas | May 5, 2023 |
Cream of the Crop
Hudson Valley, Book 2

I Picked Up This Book Because: Finish the series..

Media Type: Audiobook
Source: H County Public Library
Dates Read: 4/1/23 - 4/3/23
Stars: 4
Narrator(s): Olivia Song and Deacon Lee

The Characters:

Natalie Grayson:
Oscar Mendoza:
Roxie Callahan, Leo Maxwell

The Story:

This was a great way to finish up the series. Yeah I know it’s book two but I read them as I could get them. Natalie and Oscar had so much chemistry. Leo’s little girl (I can’t remember her name) brought so much comic relief. I just had a really good time in Hudson Valley and I’m a little sad it’s over.

The Random Thoughts:
bookjunkie57 | 12 outras críticas | Apr 6, 2023 |
Buns was such a fun installment and what a great finale to this trilogy. I was a bit nervous about this one as the second book was a bit slow for me. So that is why I did this one in audiobook but I have to say this book was FANTASTIC in audio. I just loved being able to listen to this one. It was so delightful and the narration was just right on this one here. There was something so unique about this story that just drew me in and is my favorite of the trilogy. Just with the combination of opposites attract, the sassy sexual tension, witty bantering and the charming small New York town that just drew me in right away.

Buns is a story that features two stubborn creatures that are behind it. The heroine is a workaholic. She works on saving hotels. She comes to Hudson Valley to save Bryan Mountain House. The head and owner of the hotel, is stubborn and fighting her every step of the way but Clara is determined to save the hotel and make sure that Archie sees reason. But these two clash in the worst of ways and their love affair ends up fierce and passionate....

There was something PURE FUN about this book. I just couldn't get enough of these two and the way in which they go back and forth with each other. You just feel the drawn tight tension that builds so wonderfully between them. From one moment they are arguing and then the next moment they are kissing each other like they need each other to breathe. Its super intense but also hilarious. I just loved the way that these two end up arguing and working together.

Overall I found Buns to be a delightful installment that had me falling so quickly in love with these characters and their intense romance!
addictofromance | 9 outras críticas | Feb 24, 2023 |
Cute, fluffy fun but there were a number of things that could have been cut without detracting from the story, I think. The text messages, for one. For another, the car scene with the multiple POV's. The whole story is told in first person, but the car scene decided to get all up in everyone's head. It wasn't even that funny and was a pretty clunky ploy. And the final scene, jeebus christ, the cat? Really? Unfortunately, that bit annoyed me enough that what would have been a fairly solid three stars got dropped to two.

wonderlande | 137 outras críticas | Jan 1, 2023 |
The premise of this book was promising. I went in expecting a light and funny piece of smutty fluff and to all intents and purposes the plot could have delivered. But the writing, oh the writing. So bad. I've read better fan fiction than this. Some of it was the poorly executed first person narrative, but mostly it was the exaggerated dialogue and the awkwardness of the whole thing. Not to mention the fact that all that happened in this book could have been written pretty well using only third of the page count. And to top it all off, it wasn't even hot. And let's face it, if a book that revolves around the theme of sex and orgasms isn't hot, then there isn't a whole lot left.
tuusannuuska | 137 outras críticas | Dec 1, 2022 |
Grace is talented, charming, quick witted, and way in over her head! Forget Ryan Gosling - give me Jack any day!
romcombc | 29 outras críticas | Oct 13, 2022 |
This book was fun and SO hot! I swear if I ever find a genie in a lamp, my first wish will be to make Leo real and all mine!
romcombc | 20 outras críticas | Oct 13, 2022 |
Clayton never EVER disappoints in making you breathe a little heavier while you read. The scenes between Jack and Grace could alone set the book on fire. I love her relationship with Holly and appreciate the growth she had in this story.
romcombc | 13 outras críticas | Oct 13, 2022 |
I wanted to stand up and cheer when I read this book. For 900 pages (three books total), we followed Grace through her ups and downs, fears and doubts, trumps and failures. To watch/read her finally come into her own and the message she delivers - well done Clayton, well done!
romcombc | 9 outras críticas | Oct 13, 2022 |
LOVED this book. The banter is well worth the read. To be honest, the cat made the entire book for me. I laughed so hard at his antics that my sides hurt! The only thing I didn't care for was I felt like Clayton dragged out the last chapter. I feel like someone told her she needed to add more steamy scenes and she just filled it in to add pages.
romcombc | 137 outras críticas | Oct 13, 2022 |
Caroline Reynolds e Simon Parker estão de volta, e não mais separados por uma fina parede... Ao contrário, agora seguem mais juntos, felizes e pelados do que nunca! A Garota do Baby-Doll Cor-de-Rosa e o Trepador de Paredes começam o relacionamento aprendendo a lidar com o trabalho de Simon, que inclui viagens inesquecíveis nas férias de Caroline, mas também longos dias de distância e saudades. As dificuldades, entretanto, não melhoram quando o casal finalmente consegue mais tempo para ficar junto. O medo da monotonia de um relacionamento convencional apavora os dois e acaba transformando o namoro em uma montanha-russa de emoções, com direito a muitas reviravoltas. Enquanto lutam contra a "regra" de que os relacionamentos com o tempo acabam em marasmo, os dois comprovam o maior clichê dos casais: o sexo depois de fazer as pazes é mesmo inacreditavelmente delicioso. Em meio a tudo isso, eles tentam equilibrar as demandas do trabalho, os orgasmos de Caroline, o passado de Simon, a casa de Jillian, as brigas de Sophia e Neil e as tentativas de fuga do gato, Clive. Um pacote de histórias, risadas, tensão e tesão que Alice Clayton preparou especialmente para os leitores que ficaram apaixonados por "Subindo pelas Paredes".
bibliotecapresmil | 27 outras críticas | Sep 9, 2022 |
11/19/20. After rereading this, I find I’m less inclined to forgive the H. After the fair, his reasons were “poor me.” He never brought up that he just left her there with no ride.

And his punishment of her was just too much. Her lie was not bad enough for him to hang on to the anger for almost 3 months. And, his humiliation of her was soul damaging.

I just felt like the author was too forgiving to the H.
whatalicesaw | 7 outras críticas | Apr 26, 2022 |
Found this novel rather frustrating. It didn't seem to have much of a plot, other than girl meets boy. It had some nice humour, at the same time I found Roxie a bit of a downer at times. The setting of Leo being a sustainable farmer was a highlight.
Okies | 20 outras críticas | Feb 15, 2022 |
So probably somewhat unpopular opinion but this book was a struggle, like STRUGGLE. My gods I like slow burns as much as the next girl but damn this was slow! It also tried WAY to hard to be funny and was unsuccessful most of the time.
IlonaA | 137 outras críticas | Feb 3, 2022 |
Soy demasiado amargada para este tipo de libros, no hubo personaje que no quisiera estrellar contra la pared... Get it? :v
Ella_Zegarra | 137 outras críticas | Jan 18, 2022 |
This was fine, funny at times but oddly paced. The ending is super rushed and she’s making out with a different guy like 20 minutes before the big I Love You’s and first kiss/first sex
Cerestheories | 8 outras críticas | Nov 8, 2021 |
Almost DNF. What happened? The first one was so funny! This one seemed to have no plot or point. Won't be continuing the series.
Cerestheories | 27 outras críticas | Nov 8, 2021 |
Funny but got kind of gimmicky at the end. "Nerves" felt this. "Brain" felt this. "Heart" felt this. "Lower Caroline" felt this. And seriously... Lower Caroline?

That said, I liked several of the characters in the book, including the romantic leads. They were people I thought might actually exist. (Even if they had much cooler jobs than the average bear.)
Cerestheories | 137 outras críticas | Nov 8, 2021 |
Last Call
Cocktail, Book 4.5

I Picked Up This Book Because: Finish the series

Media Type: Audiobook
Source: Hoopla via PP Library
Dates Read: 10/17/21
Stars: 4 Stars
Narrator(s): Heather Smith

The Characters:

Simon Parker:
Caroline Reynolds:

The Story:

Life is taking on lots of changes for Wallbanger and Nighty Girl (Pink Nighty Girl is such a long nickname) They are ready to move to the next level. Oh they fight it and life fights them but they are going to make it (I know because I’ve read the next story) I’ve loved my time with them. Ms Clayton has created a spectacular cast of characters, including Clive who is undoubtedly my favorite. I hope I get to visit them again in the future.

The Random Thoughts:
bookjunkie57 | 9 outras críticas | Nov 5, 2021 |