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Colleen Cable is a Christian author of historical fiction and romance. She has written over thirty-five novels which have earned her several awards, including the Romance Writers of America RITA, the Holt Medallion, and the 2009 Best Books of Indiana-Fiction award. She was born and raised on a farm mostrar mais in Indiana. Her first books were historical romances set in Wyoming. It took her a year to write her first novel because she continued to work as a full-time receptionist. She writes the Rock Harbor Series, Mercy Falls Series, The Lonestar Series, an dthe Aloha Reef Series. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Without a Trace (2003) 554 exemplares
Lonestar Sanctuary (2008) 540 exemplares
The Lightkeeper's Daughter (2009) 461 exemplares
Cry in the Night (2009) 386 exemplares
Beyond a Doubt (2004) 376 exemplares
Tidewater Inn (2012) 373 exemplares
Distant Echoes (2005) 372 exemplares
Alaska Twilight (2006) 352 exemplares
Into the Deep (2004) 346 exemplares
Lonestar Secrets (2008) 322 exemplares
Abomination (2007) 320 exemplares
The Inn at Ocean's Edge (2015) 318 exemplares
Rosemary Cottage (1900) 301 exemplares
The Lightkeeper's Ball (2011) — Autor — 282 exemplares
Midnight Sea (2007) 277 exemplares
Lonestar Homecoming (2009) 271 exemplares
Butterfly Palace (2014) 267 exemplares
Black Sands (2005) 256 exemplares
The Lightkeeper's Bride (2010) 247 exemplares
Seagrass Pier (2014) 246 exemplares
Blue Moon Promise (2012) 242 exemplares
Mermaid Moon (2016) 230 exemplares
Dangerous Depths (1783) 224 exemplares
The View from Rainshadow Bay (2018) 221 exemplares
Anathema (2008) 220 exemplares
One Little Lie (2020) 210 exemplares
The House at Saltwater Point (2018) 210 exemplares
Twilight at Blueberry Barrens (2016) 206 exemplares
Because You're Mine (2017) 183 exemplares
Strands of Truth (2019) 183 exemplares
Fire Dancer (2006) 180 exemplares
Lonestar Angel (2011) 170 exemplares
Beneath Copper Falls (2017) 168 exemplares
Two Reasons to Run (2020) 149 exemplares
Three Missing Days (2021) 149 exemplares
A Stranger's Game (2022) 142 exemplares
Secretly Smitten: Love Changes Everything (Anthology 4-in-1) (2013) — Contribuidor — 134 exemplares
Smitten Book Club (Anthology 4-in-1) (2014) — Contribuidor — 116 exemplares
Edge of Dusk (2022) 112 exemplares
All is Calm / All is Bright (2015) 111 exemplares
Rock Harbor Search and Rescue (2013) — Autor — 99 exemplares
Freedom's Light (2018) 97 exemplares
A Heart's Obsession (2015) 97 exemplares
Silent Night, Holy Night (2014) 96 exemplares
Dark of Night (2023) 88 exemplares
A Heart's Betrayal (2015) 86 exemplares
Fragile Designs (2024) 71 exemplares
To Love a Stranger (2000) 70 exemplares
Break of Day (2023) 69 exemplares
The Heart Answers (1999) 64 exemplares
Shadow Bones (2005) 36 exemplares
Stormcatcher (2006) 35 exemplares
Forever Friends (Amanda / Collette / Danielle / Belinda) (2000) — Contribuidor — 35 exemplares
Windigo Twilight (2005) 32 exemplares
Silent Night [novella] (2012) 32 exemplares
From Russia with Love (2001) 26 exemplares
Red River Bride (2002) 24 exemplares
Maggie's Mistake (2002) 22 exemplares
Plains of Promise (1999) 16 exemplares
Set Sail My Heart (2012) 15 exemplares
Love Ahoy (1899) 15 exemplares
Lonestar Sanctuary [and] Sweetwater Gap (2000) — Contribuidor — 13 exemplares
Belinda (2012) 12 exemplares
Heart Full of Love (2012) 12 exemplares
A Match Made in Heaven (2012) 11 exemplares
Love, Suite Love (2003) 10 exemplares
Storm Warning (2012) 9 exemplares
Aloha Reef Collection (2007) 8 exemplares
Love's Far Country (2012) 7 exemplares
The Wedding Quilt Bride (2012) 7 exemplares
The Lonestar Collection (2014) 3 exemplares
Smitten: A Smitten Novella (2011) 1 exemplar
Blue Saint 1 exemplar
Strangers Game 1 exemplar
Natalie, birthday wishes (2012) 1 exemplar

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Coble, Colleen
Outros nomes
Rhoads, Colleen
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Wabash, Indiana, USA
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Indiana, USA



Hmm, this was an interesting one. I have to admit, I was looking forward to this book ever since I read the first one.
It didn't live up to my expectations but it didn't not live up to my expectations.
I really liked seeing all the characters again but I felt that some of the magic from the first two books was missing.
The plot moved along quite well and there were not any dull moments.
Although it was not my favorite, I would still recommend this as a good ending to a great trilogy.

4/5 Stars

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All thoughts are my own and a positive review was not required.
… (mais)
libraryofemma | 13 outras críticas | Apr 18, 2024 |
This book was just way too complex. Loads of characters and three separate plot lines. That is a lot to keep track of in a novel just over 300 pages.
Also, Marc was only an FBI agent when it was convenient to the plot. So much so that I kept on forgetting that he was supposed to be law enforcement.

2.5 Stars
libraryofemma | 17 outras críticas | Apr 18, 2024 |
This was just as great as the first book. The end may have wrapped up too quickly but it was a very enjoyable read that I'd definitely recommend. Provided that you have read the first book, that is.
I was a bit lost at the beginning since I read the first book in April. *thanks Goodreads* Once I read a bit, I remembered what had happened but you will be very lost without knowing the backgrounds of the characters, which was really only explained in One Little Lie.
The writing style was easy to read and natural. That combined with the characters was what really pulled me into the story, as opposed to the suspense aspect.
This review is all over the place but I'm going to end by saying that Two Reasons to Run is worth the read. I'll be on the lookout for the third and final book sometime next spring.

Rating: 5/5
Language: n/a
Romance: 2 kisses, mentions how Will was born to 14 and 18-year-old parents
Spiritual: a little but not prevalent
Violence: death, getting shot, murder, stalker

*I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. All thoughts are my own and a positive review was not required.
… (mais)
libraryofemma | 17 outras críticas | Apr 18, 2024 |
80% of this book is the two MCs arguing over their siblings.

Once upon a time...
"My sibling was perfect."
"No, mine was."
*repeat as many times as necessary*
The end.
libraryofemma | 22 outras críticas | Apr 18, 2024 |



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