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Mum's the Word (2004) 516 exemplares, 23 críticas
Slay It with Flowers (2005) 332 exemplares, 14 críticas
Dearly Depotted (2005) 303 exemplares, 12 críticas
Snipped in the Bud (2006) 279 exemplares, 12 críticas
Acts of Violets (2007) 263 exemplares, 9 críticas
A Rose From The Dead (2007) 240 exemplares, 8 críticas
Evil in Carnations (2009) 207 exemplares, 11 críticas
Shoots to Kill (2008) 195 exemplares, 9 críticas
Sleeping With Anemone (2010) 157 exemplares, 6 críticas
Dirty Rotten Tendrils (2010) 153 exemplares, 8 críticas
Night of the Living Dandelion (2011) 133 exemplares, 5 críticas
To Catch a Leaf (2011) 113 exemplares, 9 críticas
Nightshade on Elm Street (2012) 91 exemplares, 7 críticas
Seed No Evil (2013) 81 exemplares, 7 críticas
Throw in the Trowel (1726) 76 exemplares, 6 críticas
A Root Awakening (2015) 61 exemplares, 6 críticas
Moss Hysteria (2016) 58 exemplares, 2 críticas
Florist Grump (2015) 56 exemplares, 1 crítica
Yews with Caution (2017) 44 exemplares, 2 críticas
Statue of Limitations (2020) 43 exemplares, 6 críticas
A Big Fat Greek Murder (2020) 26 exemplares, 6 críticas
Big Trouble in Little Greektown (2021) 26 exemplares, 4 críticas
Gone but Not for Garden (2023) 19 exemplares, 6 críticas
Missing under the Mistletoe (2017) 12 exemplares
Tulips Too Late (2018) 11 exemplares
A Frond in Need (2020) 8 exemplares, 1 crítica
Till Death Do Us Pot (2020) 8 exemplares, 1 crítica
Flower Shop Mysteries Collection (2018) — Autor — 6 exemplares
Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word [2016 TV movie] (2016) — Autor — 5 exemplares
Flower Shop Mystery: Dearly Depotted [2016 TV movie] (2016) — Autor — 3 exemplares

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The Cozy Chicks Kitchen (2012) — Contribuidor — 21 exemplares, 1 crítica
Tea Time with the Cozy Chicks (2015) — Contribuidor — 8 exemplares


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This was on the sale shelf at the library. I've not read the first book in the series. Despite realizing from the title that Greek life would be a large part of the story, there were times while reading that I felt it was overdone.

There are several family businesses (which I found a bit confusing). And it appears family members sometimes switch between businesses as needed.

The first half of the book dragged for me and I didn't find it interesting. the last third to half of the book did get more interesting to me. I did not suspect who the killer ended up being, but that's my norm and your experience may vary.… (mais)
JenniferRobb | 5 outras críticas | May 19, 2024 |
This installment of the Goddess of Greene St. Mysteries shares the character from Flower Shop mysteries, Abby Knight. Abby comes to town to hire Athena and her partner Case Donnelly too help clear her cousin who is accused of murdering a model during a fashion show.

I think that the plot was a little too messy, trying to fit all the characters together. There was too little of Athena and Case and too much of Abby.
cyderry | 5 outras críticas | Aug 14, 2023 |
Gone But Not for Garden by Kate Collins is the fourth book in the Goddess of Greene Street cozy mysteries, and another good read in the series.

As always, Collins characters are written so well and I always look forward to seeing what her large Greek family is up to. We also get a crossover with some of the characters from Collins Flower Shop mysteries, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I’ve read about nine books in the series and really enjoy Abby, Marco, and Jillian, but I didn’t like how Athena interacted with Abby. Athena is always such a strong character, but she was like a wilting flower when she was around Abby, constantly deferring to her and acting like she’s never investigated a murder before. But then when she’s with her boyfriend she does a complete switch-up and is back to knowing what to do and delegating tasks.

But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the book. Delphi is still amusing with her psychic abilities, Nico and Oscar, the raccoon, have some fun scenes, and I didn’t figure out the killer until Athena did.

All in all, another great book in the series!
… (mais)
KimHeniadis | 5 outras críticas | Mar 20, 2023 |
Athena Spencer works at her family's garden center while raising her son, Nicholas. She also, after solving a few murders, has a new PI agency with her partner and love interest, Case Donnelly. Their latest case involves the death of a local model, who was found dead in her dressing room. The main suspect is a woman named Jillian, who happens to be the cousin of another PI.

Abby Knight Salvare, who owns a flower shop and a PI agency with her husband Marco, is is town asking for Athena's help in finding a killer. She's going to stay as long as it takes to find out the truth. Unfortunately, two of the other suspects are the wives of top officials in Sequoia, and they aren't happy to be on the hotseat. But it's up to the three to figure out what happened and why, and they aren't giving up until Jillian is a free woman -- even if it puts their own lives in danger...

This is the fourth book in the series and I have read them all. I was surprised to see a "cross-over" in this book, but I enjoyed it immensely. Abby is the protagonist of the author's Flower Shop Mysteries, and a successful sleuth in her own right. In this book, we have the two women joining forces, and Athena gets to see how Abby goes about conducting her own investigation. While Athena isn't as assertive as Abby, she's learning from the seasoned veteran, and the two women together are formidable indeed.

It turns out there are even more suspects in the wings, and eventually they get help from an unexpected source (a person I would like to see more of in future books); and while Case is working on another case out of town, the two women are much on their own. Between working the case, Athena also has her other duties to take care of, and of course, spend time with her son. (Just reading about it all makes me exhausted!).

There is plenty going on here, along with a county fair, her sister Delphi keeping secrets, and, of course, her mother trying to set up another one of her daughters in a relationship. It all makes for an entertaining read that's intriguing and full of fun, and when the ending comes and the killer is revealed, it's a bit of a surprise; also surprising (but great) the climax itself. This book is probably my favorite of the series so far, and I heartily look forward to the next one. Highly recommended.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley but this in no way influenced my review.
… (mais)
joannefm2 | 5 outras críticas | Feb 21, 2023 |


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