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T Cooper received an MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University. She is a performer and writer whose work has appeared in a variety of journals, magazines, and anthologies. T lives in New York City.
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The Future Dictionary of America (2004) — Contribuidor — 621 exemplares
Electric Literature No. 1 (2009) — Contribuidor — 16 exemplares


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Cooper, T.
Data de nascimento
USA (birth)
Local de nascimento
Malibu, California, USA
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Kingman, Arizona, USA
Berlin, Germany
Middlebury College
Columbia University



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I like the concept here and think the story would make a good movie series. I've since bought the other three books in the series, and it is a popular check-out in my high school classroom library.
mrsgardner | 18 outras críticas | Jun 20, 2023 |
Ethan discovers he is part of an ancient race of humans called Changers, destined to switch bodies four times before discovering which is his true identity, and he becomes a short girl named Drew, but luckily Drew still knows how to play the drums
jollyavis | 18 outras críticas | Dec 14, 2021 |
"Forever" ist der vierte Band der Changers Reihe - den ersten Band, Drew, las ich 2015 im Rahmen meiner ersten Leserunde hier (auf deutsch). Mit den Folgebänden ließ ich mir dann etwas Zeit, Band 2 (Oryon) und Band 3 (Kim) las ich in 2018. Auch nach längerer Pause war es kein Problem, hier wieder in die Geschichte einzutauchen, da man die ersten Kapitel noch Kim begleitet, bevor es zum letzten Wechsel vor der endgültigen - Forever - Persona kommt.

Denn die Grundidee der Reihe ist ja, dass ein Kind eines Changers jedes der vier Highschooljahre als eine andere Person erlebt - Hautfarbe, Ethnie, Geschlecht, Körperbau - alles ist variabel. Und damit die Changer nicht "auffliegen", sind Kontakte, die über das Highschooljahr hinaus andauern, eigentlich tabu. Eigentlich, denn der Protagonist bricht die eine oder andere Changer-Regel. Wobei die Reihe ohne das "Fehlverhalten" sicher nicht so interessant wäre.

Die Persona, die dann im vierten Band über den Protagonisten kommt, war vom Namen her schon aus einer frühen Vision bekannt Kyle. Und auf einmal funktioniert alles wie von selbst - nur die Liebe wird kompliziert.

Die Coopers hatten hier eine gut durch die Reihe tragende Idee, um aufzuzeigen, wie oberflächlich die Wahrnehmung anderer Personen ist und wie unterschiedlich das Leben allein schon verlaufen kann, wenn man nicht der normativen Masse entspricht.

Die Reihe stellt für mich die etwas andere Pubertätsgeschichte dar, und es erscheint mir hier sinnvoll, bei Band 1 anzufangen, da die Bände aufeinander aufbauen und auch ineinander übergehen.
… (mais)
ahzim | 8 outras críticas | Sep 10, 2021 |
Full disclosure, I read this as part of a Queer Studies class, so I read it as an assignment with the intent to discuss it there. So.
I personally appreciate T. Cooper's open delivery while keeping as much of his life private as he can. Of course the content of some of the interviews concerned me, I always wonder why people feel the need to explain someone else's gender identity to people they may or may not meet. This came out mainly with the parents, who were so positive overall (I understand that it is far more complicated to interview parents that disowned their transgender children especially for a memoir that centers on the author's transition) when I just wanted to hear from a parent that is a queer ally unless it's their own kid. That was just a little selfish thought I kept having as more of the parent interviews came up.
I respect and admire the self awareness needed to know what he needed to leave out of the book. I went in without expectations, but the Sex Chapter was such a delight, even having felt that I got used to Cooper's writing style, he still managed to surprise me. His use of fun deflections from topics he didn't want to share on delivered a clear message: it's none of our business.
This was such a fun, occasionally gut twisting, opportunity to hear largely unfiltered discussion of trans lives and environments on Cooper's terms. Having books like this to recommend must take the weight off of every visible trans person's back to explain to strangers their gender and fears, and it fueled one of the most productive discussions my class has had all semester.
… (mais)
amara.moore | Jan 23, 2020 |



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