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James S.A. Corey is the pen name for a collaboration between Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. James is Daniel's middle name, Corey is Ty's middle name, and S.A. are Daniel's daughter's initials. James' current project is a series of science fiction novels called The Expanse Series. They are also the mostrar mais authors of Honor Among Thieves: Star Wars (Empire and Rebellion). (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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(eng) James S. A. Corey is a pen name used by a pair of authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck writing together. Do not combine with either of them writing alone, and do not add their names here as "other names".

Image credit: Ty Franck (left) and Daniel Abraham (right), together forming James S.A. Corey, at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, June 21, 2014 - by Elf


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Leviathan Wakes (2015) 7,322 exemplares
Caliban's War (2015) 4,149 exemplares
Abaddon's Gate (2013) 3,447 exemplares
Cibola Burn (2014) 2,850 exemplares
Nemesis Games (2016) 2,458 exemplares
Babylon's Ashes (2016) 2,242 exemplares
Persepolis Rising (2018) 1,989 exemplares
Tiamat's Wrath (2019) 1,728 exemplares
Leviathan Falls (2021) 1,150 exemplares
The Butcher of Anderson Station (2011) 613 exemplares
Gods of Risk (2012) 601 exemplares
The Vital Abyss (2015) 496 exemplares
Memory's Legion (2022) 449 exemplares
The Churn (2014) 411 exemplares
Strange Dogs (2017) 376 exemplares
Drive (2012) 250 exemplares
Auberon (2019) 190 exemplares
The Expanse: Origins (2018) 116 exemplares
The Sins of Our Fathers (2022) 93 exemplares
How It Unfolds (2023) 77 exemplares
The Expanse Origins: James Holden (2017) 22 exemplares
The Expanse Origins: Amos Burton (2017) 21 exemplares
The Expanse Origins: Naomi Nagata (2017) 20 exemplares
The Expanse Origins: Alex Kamal (2017) 19 exemplares
Leviathan Wakes, Part 1 (2013) 17 exemplares
The Expanse Series (Books 1-8) (2020) 15 exemplares
The Expanse Series (Books 1-7) (2019) 4 exemplares
Das Protomolekül (2024) 2 exemplares
Leviathan Wakes, Part 2 (2013) 2 exemplares
The Expanse 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Edge of Infinity (2012) — Contribuidor — 225 exemplares
Old Mars (2015) — Contribuidor — 195 exemplares
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Third Annual Collection (2016) — Contribuidor — 157 exemplares
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fifth Annual Collection (2018) — Contribuidor — 118 exemplares
Meeting Infinity (2015) — Contribuidor — 82 exemplares
The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novellas 2015 (2015) — Contribuidor — 65 exemplares
The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 6 (2021) — Contribuidor — 42 exemplares
Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 37 • June 2013 (2013) — Contribuidor — 18 exemplares
Avatars Inc (2020) — Contribuidor — 13 exemplares
Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 80 • January 2017 (2016) — Contribuidor — 8 exemplares
Relics, Wrecks and Ruins (2021) — Contribuidor — 8 exemplares
The Paulandstormonomicon — Contribuidor — 2 exemplares


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Baror, Danny
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James S. A. Corey is a pen name used by a pair of authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck writing together. Do not combine with either of them writing alone, and do not add their names here as "other names".



Jeff's 2019 Reads em The Green Dragon (Abril 2021)


And so we reach the final volume of The Expanse. Winston Duarte has undergone a transformation, and is now seeking to fight off the entities that destroyed the gate-builders - but at a terrible cost to humanity. The options are to either be destroyed, or subsumed into a hive-mind of Duarte's making, the perfection of the order imposed by the Laconian Empire across all the human-settled worlds - now back-footed following the events of the previous book, Tiamatls Wrath, but still possessing poweful assets. Against this is pitched the crew of the Rocinante and Dr. Elvi Okoye, who following her experience of the protomolecule on Ilus (as depicted in book four, Cibola Burn), has been put in charge of research for the Empire. But as always with the Laconian Empire, failure is not an option, no matter how high your rank.

The fates of all the characters we have met so far, including Teresa Duarte and a Laconian Marine officer we meet for the first time in this book, are wrapped up, some more neatly than others. By the end, we have said goodbye to everyone, some more finally than others. It is hard to see how this could have ended in any other way.

I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the tv series, in particular the fact that the series ended with the dramatisation of book six, Babylon's Ashes. Many people are holding out hope that the final three novels might be dramatised at some point; and given that there are thirty years between books six and seven, this would not be impossible, if the same cast could be re-assembled some years down the line. The main issue would be accommodating Cas Anvar's absence, as his character - Alex Kamal - was written out of the show in season 5. But as Alex's son and his new family play a fairly direct role in this book, some plot gymnastics would be necessary. It's also interesting to see how some of the short stories - collected in the volume Memory's Legion - are shown in the tv show, to the extent that anyone coming to this book without having either seen the show or read the collected stories will find two quite important characters suddenly appearing and playing a central role apparently out of nowhere. So - on to the short stories!
… (mais)
RobertDay | 39 outras críticas | Apr 22, 2024 |
Totally a shame isn't in book 2.
darkwave1062 | 357 outras críticas | Apr 13, 2024 |
Cibola Burn presenta un interessante spaccato dell'Oltre Anello. Le vicende su Nuova Terra si svolgono in pcoo tempo, ma il ritmo serrato e cadenzato rende la lettura scorrevole. Molto interessante la conclusione "politica" che spiega meglio le interconnessioni tra gli avvenimenti sui vari pianeti.
Mannivu | 118 outras críticas | Apr 6, 2024 |
Humanity has finally gone through a gate and settled on the first world in another solar system, but the settlers are being classed as illegal squatters by the corporation that believes the planet to be legally there's.   So when the corporation ship turns up with the intention of taking everything away from the settlers, the settlers have a surprise waiting for them and all hell breaks loose.

Avasaralla thinks it'll be a great idea to send Holden to mediate and sort things out, because she thinks Holden will make such a disaster of it that it'll scare everyone back in Sol system away from leaving for other new worlds.

And on top of all this, or maybe because of all this, the planet is waking up from its billion year slumber.

While that all sounds really good, which it is, the telling of this story just drags on and on and on and on.   This book would have been way, way better if it had lost a few hundred pages.   And on top of all that, it's a really depressing story from beginning to end, showing up Homo sapiens at their very worse.

It was so tedious i kept on having to take breaks and read three whole books just to break this up into manageable chunks of depressive dragging on.

Let's hope the next one, Nemesis Games, is better, eh?
… (mais)
5t4n5 | 118 outras críticas | Apr 4, 2024 |



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