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Douglas Crockford is a senior JavaScript architect at Yahoo! who is well known for introducing and maintaining the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. He speaks regularly at conferences about advanced JavaScript topics, and he also serves on the ECMAScript committee
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Nuggets of solid information (on integers, JSON, Unicode, etc.) pretending to be a seminal computer science read.
eatonphil | May 8, 2022 |
An essential reference by Douglas Crockford, the programmer who has worked to popularise both the JSON data format and the JavaScript language. With that kind of background Crockford has become an authoritative voice on "the good parts" of the specification and his writing delivers on the promise of providing a programmer with exactly what he needs to know about JavaScript, which has rapidly become the lingua franca of the Web. This book is a handy desk reference at work, if you're still accustomed to dead tree manuals.… (mais)
wyclif | 17 outras críticas | Sep 22, 2021 |
I'm afraid I must have read this book too late to recognize it as the great new approach to writing about JavaScript that it likely represented for readers when it was new, judging by the remarkably high regard in which readers have held it for years. I know that the world of JavaScript has undergone great upheaval, and evolved very quickly since this book was first published, and have had the interesting experience of working with JavaScript during some of the fastest-changing times it has yet seen, and this book probably rates better than several other books about JavaScript published before it that I have seen.

It is not, however, a great book when considered in a vacuum, without being graded on a curve with other JavaScript books published as contemporaries to JavaScript: The Good Parts. Taken by itself, solely on its own merits, this book suffers many failings. It is ponderous, overly technical to the extent that it focuses on technical detail to the exclusion of imparting much real meaning all too often, and plagued by a merciless drought in the dryness of its prose. Many interesting trends in programming techniques and tools have crept into the JavaScript world since this book's publication, and one might argue that Crockford should not be blamed for the lack of any reference to these things in this book, but the terrible fact that many of those techniques and tools existed in abundance in what one might call "neighboring" programming language communities, from which he could have drawn inspiration for writing a much better book, leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth upon finally reading JavaScript: The Good Parts. I find that reading a combination of Eloquent JavaScript, Understanding Computation (and employing its ideas in writing JavaScript with the knowledge gained from Eloquent JavaScript), a small number of decent practical online howtos, and learning about software testing from books written for other programming languages would stand you in much better stead than struggling through this short, but arduous, book -- and probably take about the same amount of time to accomplish. Things get worse when considering this book in full awareness of today's resources, where its usefulness is pretty thoroughly eclipsed by better writings published since JavaScript: The Good Parts.

I would not go quite so far in my distaste for this book as to give it only one star, or to warn everyone to avoid it, as I would for Practical OCaml (an unfortunate, gigantic error of authorship and publication that, if anything, probably turned people away from OCaml). It does, after all, actually offer some amount of information not easily found in one place elsewhere -- even if that information is often abstruse to the point of marginal utility (economics pun only subconsciously intended) at best. That is certainly not enough for me to recommend it as worth reading, or to claim I derived any enjoyment from it, though.
… (mais)
apotheon | 17 outras críticas | Dec 14, 2020 |
A must read for any programmer using JavaScript.
jzacsh | 17 outras críticas | Sep 9, 2020 |


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