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Autor(a) de Blackadder: The Whole Damn Dynasty (1485-1917)

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Richard Curtis's screenwriting credits include Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, and Mr. Bean. (Bowker Author Biography)
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Love Actually [2003 film] (2003) — Director; Writer — 765 exemplares
About Time [2013 film] (2013) — Director — 173 exemplares
Pirate Radio [2009 film] (2009) — Director — 139 exemplares
Yesterday [2019 film] (2019) — Screenwriter — 131 exemplares
Notting Hill [film novelization] (1999) 113 exemplares
Mr. Bean [Penguin Readers] (2000) 77 exemplares
Love Actually (2003) — Autor — 77 exemplares
Future Tense (1968) 70 exemplares
Black Adder I [1983 TV series] (1983) — Screenwriter — 60 exemplares
Who's Had Who (1987) 60 exemplares
Blackadder the Third [1987 TV series] (1987) — Screenwriter — 56 exemplares
Love Actually [Penguin Readers] (2004) 52 exemplares
Black Adder II [1986 TV series] (1986) — Screenwriter — 44 exemplares
Black Adder Goes Forth [1989 TV series] (2001) — Screenwriter — 35 exemplares
The Girl In The Café [2005 TV movie] (2005) — Writer — 30 exemplares
Blackadder: Back and Forth [1999 TV special] (2001) — Director — 28 exemplares
Blackadder Goes Forth (BBC Radio Collection) (1995) — Autor — 25 exemplares
Bean: the script book (1997) 22 exemplares
The Tall Guy [1989 film] (2002) — Screenwriter — 20 exemplares
The Vicar of Dibley: 10th Anniversary Specials (2005) — Creator — 20 exemplares
Tatsächlich... Liebe [film tie-in] (2003) — Autor — 19 exemplares
Blackadder - Back and Forth (2000) 17 exemplares
Love Actually: Film Script (2003) 15 exemplares
Black Adder II: Parte the Firste (1992) 13 exemplares
Blackadder II (BBC Radio Collection) (1995) — Autor — 12 exemplares
Black Adder II: Parte the Second (1992) 11 exemplares
Bean: The Movie / Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007) — Writer — 10 exemplares
Four potatoes and a recipe (2007) 3 exemplares
Romantic Favorites Collection: (2010) — Director — 3 exemplares
Love Actually: [reader: intermediate] (2011) — Autor — 3 exemplares
Mary and Martha [2013 film] (2013) — Screenwriter — 3 exemplares
Blackadder Rides Again [2008 documentary] — Creator — 2 exemplares

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Bridget Jones's Diary [2001 film] (2001) — Screenwriter — 530 exemplares
Notting Hill [1999 film] (1999) — Screenwriter — 463 exemplares
Four Weddings and a Funeral [1994 film] (1994) — Screenwriter — 354 exemplares
War Horse [2011 film] (2012) — Screenwriter — 307 exemplares
Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series (2010) — Writer — 191 exemplares
The No. 1 Ladies's Detective Agency: The Complete First Season (2009) — Screenwriter — 69 exemplares
Utterly Utterly Merry Comic Relief Christmas Book (1986) — Contribuidor — 46 exemplares


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freixas | 16 outras críticas | Mar 31, 2023 |
A wonderful film, with great acting, good chemistry, a clever script, and an unusual theme involving time travel alongside a feel-good romantic comedy. It manages to combine some humour, quite a bit of poignancy, and some lessons in living.

We were totally drawn into the story, and had no problem suspending belief (and ignoring the inevitable plot holes) while watching. Definitely recommended if you like this kind of thing.

There's a lot of implied nudity and intimacy, albeit without anything too overt, and quite a bit of 'strong' language, so I'd have rated it 15 rather than 12.

Longer review here: https://suesdvdreviews.blogspot.com/2023/02/about-time-domhnall-geeson.html
… (mais)
SueinCyprus | 2 outras críticas | Feb 10, 2023 |
It's rude in places, entirely unsuitable for children, and pokes fun at the established church and its congregation. But Dawn French is wonderful as the harassed but essentially kind-hearted Geraldine, and her supporting cast provide a lot of humour in one-liners, and both predictable comments and unexpected scenes.

We'd seen it before, although not for many years, and enjoyed it very much seeing just one or two episodes per week over several months.
SueinCyprus | 1 outra crítica | Dec 22, 2022 |
I worried the cute premise would be delivered without invention, essentially beating a joke to its death. The script actually was clever in both the overall plot and in small details: the fact that not only The Beatles were forgotten, a simple example.

A more impressive example: the scene in which Jack plays "Let It Be" to his parents, "the first people in the world to hear it!" There's room for small jokes, including the running joke of listeners mis-remembering the line as "Leave It Be" or "Let Him Be". But also a very clever creation of what it must feel like for anyone creating something and ensuing frustration when the wonder and satisfaction of the resulting efforts aren't perceived or shared by others. The film assumes the viewer brings in personal appreciation of the song, a safe assumption since it's widely admired as a great pop song and likely that many if not most viewers are Beatles fans. It follows the viewer shares Jack's frustration when his audience doesn't immediately react to the genius of the song, something not immediately true if the song were original to the movie, no matter how good it might be. This scene contrasts with an earlier, in which Jack's first-time singing of another Beatles classic is immediately appreciated by his audience. The viewer effectively merges into Jack's viewpoint in a powerful way, for which films (and novels) are justly celebrated.

While the romance is predictable and indeed, a tired trope ("You've had ten years to make your move", says the Girl to the Boy), the casting and acting breathe life into the characters.
… (mais)
ubique_media_daemon | 1 outra crítica | Feb 5, 2021 |


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