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Davis, Henry T.
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Benham, Kentucky, USA



The exploration of space is a dangerous thing, it really doesn't want man there. The second biggest enemy is man himself. Some classic stories included.
bgknighton | Jun 5, 2020 |
"A Single Samurai" by Steve Diamond, short story nominee. 3 stars. Interesting premise, that of a kaiju so old it had become a mountain, so vast the man upon it could not see the whole of it. The story had a good rhythm, though at times it felt forced. Not sure about the samurai stuff.
tldegray | 1 outra crítica | Sep 21, 2018 |
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Title: Worst Contact
Series: ----------
Author: Hank Davis - Editor
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 384
Format: Digital Edition


A collection of short stories about First Contact between Humanity and Aliens. Ranging from the humorous to the droll to threatening to the downright ironically twisted, this collection just about covers it all.

My Thoughts:

Overall, this was a good collection of short stories. I do like collections like this because you can read one or two, walk away for a day, come back the next day and not need to have remembered anything. Each story is self-contained.

The reason this didn't get 4 stars from me is because the Editor, Hank Davis, has his own little blurb before each story. Mainly a ultra-mini biography or bibliography about the author of the story. I found they interrupted the flow of my reading and I really didn't enjoy them. Also, there were 2 or 3 where he talks about the authors political leanings and without fail they were very liberal to the outright Communist. I felt like he was singling them out for special attention as no other political affiliation was mentioned for other authors. If I want to hear the praises of the Left sung, I'll go read something about Barack Obama. Keep that stuff OUT of my SF please and thank you.

The humor, both wacky, ironic and menacing, all worked for me. Vaguely threatening is fantastic when it is pulled off correctly. Things get a little dated with some of the stories when ever “tech” is used. I remember one story talking about translating video being the easiest because pictures are “universal.” Anyone who uses digital video today and has to encode their own bluray/dvd's and runs into different codex compatibility issues knows that “universal” is a crock of rotten milk. 50 years is a long time in terms of technology * wink *

I definitely would have enjoyed this more if the Editor hadn't stuck his oar in on each story, but then, if he doesn't, how is anyone supposed to know how great and smart he is? So depending on how you feel about editorial things, that might not be an issue at all for you.

… (mais)
1 vote
BookstoogeLT | Aug 13, 2018 |
Murphy never dies, he just finds new ways to manifest.
bgknighton | Sep 5, 2017 |

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