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Lindsey Davis lives in London, England. (Publisher Provided) Lindsey Davis was born in Birmingham, England in 1949. She earned her English degree at Oxford. Her published works include The Course of Honour and The Silver Pigs, the first in the Falco series which won the Authors' Club Best First mostrar mais Novel award in 1989. In 1999 she received the Sherlock Award for Best Comic Detective for her creation, Marcus Didius Falco. (Publisher Provided) mostrar menos
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Obras por Lindsey Davis

Os Porcos de Prata (1989) 2,375 exemplares
Shadows in Bronze (1990) 1,416 exemplares
Venus in Copper (1990) 1,238 exemplares
The Iron Hand of Mars (1989) 1,181 exemplares
Last Act in Palmyra (1994) 1,053 exemplares
A Dying Light in Corduba (1996) 1,030 exemplares
Poseidon's Gold (1992) 1,024 exemplares
Two for the Lions (1998) 1,023 exemplares
Three Hands in the Fountain (1997) 1,004 exemplares
Time to Depart (1995) 1,002 exemplares
A Body in the Bath House (2001) 944 exemplares
One Virgin Too Many (1999) 932 exemplares
The Jupiter Myth (2002) 898 exemplares
Scandal Takes a Holiday (2004) 888 exemplares
See Delphi and Die (2006) 879 exemplares
Ode to a Banker (2000) 875 exemplares
Saturnalia (2007) 829 exemplares
The Accusers (2003) 806 exemplares
Alexandria (2009) 686 exemplares
The Course of Honour (1997) 627 exemplares
Nemesis (2010) 527 exemplares
The Ides of April (2013) 438 exemplares
Enemies at Home (2014) 264 exemplares
Deadly Election (2015) 228 exemplares
Rebels and Traitors (2009) 224 exemplares
Master and God (2012) 200 exemplares
The Graveyard of the Hesperides (2016) 190 exemplares
The Third Nero (2017) 165 exemplares
Pandora's Boy (2018) 154 exemplares
A Capitol Death (2019) — Autor — 121 exemplares
The Grove of the Caesars (2020) — Autor — 105 exemplares
A Comedy of Terrors (2021) — Autor — 95 exemplares
Falco: The Official Companion (2010) 91 exemplares
Desperate Undertaking (2022) — Autor — 76 exemplares
Falco on His Metal (1999) 69 exemplares
The Spook Who Spoke Again (2015) 53 exemplares
Fatal Legacy (2023) — Autor — 52 exemplares
Falco on the Loose (2003) 29 exemplares
Invitation to Die (2019) 28 exemplares
A Cruel Fate (2014) 26 exemplares
Vesuvius by Night (2017) 25 exemplares
The Silver Pigs [BBC Drama] (2005) 16 exemplares
Venus in Copper [BBC Drama] (2006) 9 exemplares
Poseidon's Gold [BBC Drama] (2009) 8 exemplares
Shadows in Bronze [BBC Drama] (2005) — Original author — 4 exemplares
Death on the Tiber (2024) 3 exemplares

Associated Works

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (1759) — Prefácio, algumas edições7,602 exemplares
Count Belisarius (1938) — Introdução, algumas edições1,017 exemplares
Classical Whodunits (1996) — Contribuidor, algumas edições188 exemplares
The Best British Mysteries 2005 (2005) — Contribuidor — 127 exemplares
Past Poisons (2005) — Contribuidor — 110 exemplares
Malice Domestic 6 (1997) — Contribuidor — 92 exemplares
The Detection Collection (2005) — Contribuidor — 76 exemplares
The Mysterious Press Anniversary Anthology: Celebrating 25 Years (2001) — Contribuidor — 68 exemplares
Murder Through the Ages (2000) — Contribuidor — 54 exemplares
Mysterious Pleasures (2003) — Contribuidor — 34 exemplares
Perfectly Criminal (1996) — Contribuidor — 23 exemplares
Deadly Pleasures (2013) — Contribuidor — 19 exemplares
Crime in the City (2004) — Prefácio — 9 exemplares
A Love Letter to Europe: An Outpouring of Sadness and Hope (2019) — Contribuidor — 5 exemplares


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Lindsay Davis em Historical Mysteries (Dezembro 2015)


Roman informer Marcus Didius Falco’s latest investigation keeps him close to home since it revolves around secrets that his soldier brother, Festus, might have been hiding on his last visit to Rome before his death. Falco teams up with is estranged father, Geminus, to search for the truth. Helena Justina once again provides loyal support. Davis gives a new twist to the wise-cracking private eye novel by setting the series in ancient Rome, and by the fifth book in the series I think she’s found a balance that will appeal to fans of either mystery subgenre.… (mais)
cbl_tn | 20 outras críticas | Feb 11, 2024 |
A Falco lo mandan a investigar una maniobra de cartelización del aceite de oliva, y allí se mezcla todo, hasta un asesinato y conjuras entre dos influyentes en la corte. Helena sigue con su embarazo
gneoflavio | 16 outras críticas | Feb 7, 2024 |
When the Emperor's son Titus makes a move on Helena, Falco goes off in a tiff and finds she's left Rome. Needing money and hoping to search for her, he accepts the Emperor's mission to Germany. There are mystery elements, but this is and reads like a somewhat sarcastically viewed adventure story. The history of Roman military (mis)adventures along the Rhine in the early Imperial era is where the data load is thickest in this episode.
quondame | 27 outras críticas | Dec 29, 2023 |
Neat little critique of the publishing world. Some things haven't changed in 2000 years. Loved the sly humor. Falco took his time solving this case though, which I found a little unbelievable. But the ending was solid.
1 vote
cmbohn | 16 outras críticas | Dec 21, 2023 |



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