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Wooden Heart (2007) 353 exemplares
The Discontinuity Guide (1995) 223 exemplares
The Hollow Men (1998) — Autor — 165 exemplares
The Menagerie (1995) — Autor — 146 exemplares
The Sleep of Reason (2004) — Autor — 136 exemplares
Bunker Soldiers (2001) — Autor — 132 exemplares
Another Girl, Another Planet (1998) — Autor — 64 exemplares
The New Trek Program Guide (1995) 36 exemplares
The Jade Pyramid (2011) 33 exemplares
No Man's Land (2006) — Autor — 23 exemplares
The Companion Chronicles: The First Doctor, Volume One (2015) — Autor — 15 exemplares
Lancelot and Guinevere (2010) 7 exemplares

Associated Works

The Devil Goblins from Neptune (1997) — Autor, algumas edições175 exemplares
Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury (2004) — Contribuidor — 60 exemplares
Life During Wartime (2003) — Contribuidor — 45 exemplares
Perfect Timing 2 (1999) — Contribuidor — 11 exemplares
Bernice Summerfield: Missing Persons (2013) — Contribuidor — 6 exemplares
Not-Radio Times Dr Who Special — Contribuidor — 1 exemplar


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Yeovil, Somerset, England



When the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe materialize at their latest destination, they find themselves on a stagnant world ruled by a group of armored warriors dedicated to holding their society to a medieval level of technology. Arrested soon after their arrival, they soon set out to decipher the mysteries of the place, particularly the lingering presence of an earlier, more advanced civilization of humans upon the ruins of which the existing society was but. As they investigate further they discover that underlying it all is a danger that threatens to wipe out all life on the planet, one for which the inhabitants of the world are singularly ill suited to stop.

Martin Day's novel is a book that is more successful than it has any right to be. The premise and setting draw upon elements from over a half-dozen Doctor who stories, all of which executed them in more refreshingly entertaining ways. The level of bloodshed is almost shockingly high, thanks to a threat that is very atonal for the Doctor Who universe. That Day pulls it off as well as he does is thanks in equal parts to his plotting (which keeps things moving at a decent enough pace and introduces enough elements to engage the reader) and the way in which he layers his antagonists, many of which display a degree of nuance that makes them different form the one-dimensional baddies that they might otherwise have been. While the end result may not rank among the best of the Missing Adventures series, it is one that makes for an enjoyable, if occasionally graphic, read for fans of the franchise.
… (mais)
MacDad | 1 outra crítica | Mar 27, 2020 |
Fun, short audiobook based on the Sarah Jane Adventures TV series.
infjsarah | 1 outra crítica | Jan 8, 2020 |
I really enjoyed this close up view of X-Files episodes and found explanations for some things I never understood. A little clarity on the subject. The book ends with the movie and is missing the final seasons. I would have like to see the author's take on the immaculate conception of a barren woman and an indepth look at Krycek and his motivations.
Karen74Leigh | Sep 4, 2019 |
I really liked this story. I just finished catching up on all the newer Doctor Whos and I really wanted to hear more stories from them. This one is quick, but well worth it. I love Amy Pond and she is a real fighter in this story.
LVStrongPuff | 1 outra crítica | Nov 29, 2018 |


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