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Monsters: A Fan's Dilemma (2023) 331 exemplares

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Dederer, Claire
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Seattle, Washington, USA
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Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA
film critic
Barcott, Bruce (husband)
New York Times



Liked that it was local and amusing but not attracted to yoga or motherhood so not enthralled; also, I listed to it which always takes away a bit.
featherbooks | 34 outras críticas | May 7, 2024 |
This is a book I wanted to share with so many girlfriends. She was endearing to me, that "pirate slut of a girl" who was the teenaged author. She writes on p. 120; "The sexual revolution appeared to be really great for everyone. (Until AIDS.) Who's not in favor of sex? Only retrograde fools are against sex. The sexual revolution appeared to be a victimless revolution. Except it sort of...wasn't. Once sex was set free, it ran like a fire and consumed everything in its path, especially girls. Girls found themselves in a new landscape. In this landscape, girls wandered without parental supervision much of the time; and girls were acceptable objects of desire."

Later in her life, now in her fifties: "I put a damper on the scene at the bar simply by showing up. The sun streamed across the pool to the little table where I nursed my martini and looked lonesome, even though I was not especially. Middle-aged women in bars always look lonesome. I was discovering that there's really no dignified way to go to seed as a woman. Even if you feel happy, full to the brim with that mysterious interior majesty that an sometimes come with drinking alone, you don't look replete. You look like a saddo....There was nothing mysterious or alluring or Jeanne Moreau-like about my sadness. I, with my sadness, was lowering the tone. I was a wet blanket on a hot bed."
… (mais)
featherbooks | 2 outras críticas | May 7, 2024 |
i want to quote basically every sentence of this book. her writing and analysis and thoughtfulness are all so beautifully done and insightful and interesting and so worth reading. i live under a pop culture rock so am not really familiar with the work of basically any of the people she's talking about (from an artistic standpoint), and i still found this incredible. i can only imagine how much more impactful it could be if i was wresting with the work of these people like she is. amazing work.
overlycriticalelisa | 15 outras críticas | May 7, 2024 |
Should we stop engaging with the art of bad people, monsters? Claire Dederer, like many of us, has wrestled with this question, whether with respect to her love for the films of Roman Polanski and Woody Allen (her discussion of the cringefest that is Manhattan is fantastic) and the writing of Raymond Carver, regard for Picasso, Wagner, Doris Lessing and others. Dederer brings us the answer to the quandary. The answer is, "it is up to you" Whether we do or don't consume the work of bad people is our choice, a choice guided by our unique life experiences. This is not one-sided, she takes down the people who attack people for not separating the art from the artist, for not just looking at form, she does that really well, and she illustrates how gendered that perspective is. Nearly all girls and women have felt the impact of bad men like Allen and Polanski, if not raped at least groped or made to feel insecure through verbal abuse or physical threat. It is easy to only look at the camera work in Manhattan if you were never sexualized by a man twice your age. If you want an answer more cut and dried than that you came to the wrong place.

Dederer, who is delightful, brilliant and funny, provides a framework for our personal consumption considerations (and a reminder that consumption or non-consumption is less important than we like to pretend.) Perhaps most important is the reminder that we all contain monstrosity and we all contain goodness. The thought journey is seeded with her own experiences, which she uses very well. The discussion is rooted in feminism and feminist critical theory, but in the way those things are deployed in conversation by smart people, not in academic papers. Though I agree with a lot of what Dederer presents here, there are points on which we diverge and that is great. I don't have to be the choir to be challenged and energized by the take on the liturgy.

So yeah, big fan, huge.
… (mais)
Narshkite | 15 outras críticas | May 1, 2024 |



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